About Us

Who we are

FreeMotion is an online shopping venue delivering the latest electric mobility products. Since 2014, FreeMotion has been a highly trusted vendor of 21st century mobility solutions that do not contribute to the pollution of our earth. We supply all types of accessories to service all of our transportation solutions. 

Powered by our dream of being part of the revolution in urban and suburban mobility, FreeMotion delivers top branded, smart electric mobility devices to enthusiastic & technology-savvy customers worldwide. We have a wide range of cutting-edge electric mobility solutions ranging from electric unicycles (EUCs), electric scooters (escooters), to Accessories. All are electric powered; very clean, and all bring a sense of fun and adventure to your travels or commute. To add to the revolution, FreeMotion is determined to keep our prices affordable and within the reach of most consumers. 

Quality and Support 

Being an e-commerce website, we understand that every customer wants a convenient online purchase, quality product, quick delivery, a 24/7 access to customer service, and uncomplicated exchange policies. This is the goal of FreeMotion,  Everyone at FreeMotion believes in, and works toward that goal.  We assist customers through our interactive website and catalogs, our 24/7 available service and device experts, and our consumer-friendly exchange & return policies. FreeMotion believes that happy customers are repeat customers. As our products are cutting-edge, FreeMotion makes sure the customer has a resource to turn to for information and support. 

Our Values 

FreeMotion believes in the values of QualityTrust, and Transparency

Quality – Quality matters! FreeMotion believes in selling quality over quantity. We believe that providing our customers with a quality product will produce happy customers. A happy customer always lands back at FreeMotion. All our products are certified and abide by the regulations of North America Safety Standards. 

Trust – FreeMotion knows the reason behind the success of any company is its workforce.  FreeMotion believes in and takes care of its employees, partly because happy employees service customers efficiently and with a smile. We Solve Problems. And solving problems engenders TRUST. Trust between FreeMotion and its customers accounts for the many repeat customers we enjoy. 

Transparency – In a more and more online world,  FreeMotion wants to make you feel as if we are just one step away. We engage as much as possible with our clients. FreeMotion is open for genuine discussions and feedback from the customers. If you just feel like writing about your electric mobility, just drop us a line. 

FreeMotion is not just a shop, it is a new way to see and acquire local transportation. 

Our Goals

FreeMotion aims at becoming a leading e-commerce portal for 21st century mobility. We are well on our way towards this goal and we intend to remain here at the top.  FreeMotion wants to become the first choice of its customers for all electric mobility products and accessories. FreeMotion is your destination to assure a smooth purchase, fast delivery, and real support of high-quality mobility products at reasonable prices. Let us not forget, all our products are certified by and abide by the North America Safety Standards. FreeMotion should be first in mindshare when anyone is thinking about high quality electric personal transportation with long term durability and excellent end-to-end customer service and support. 

Start exploring the unseen, visit more of your world, find your FREEDOM, and make your journey count with FreeMotion’s latest Eco-friendly mobility solutions and world class service and support.