Currus is a manufacturer of electric scooters. As Currus says on their website, “the CURRUS brand e-scooter was created in 2005 by a young team of engineers and designers who were driven to be at the forefront of the mobility device industry. CURRUS electric power scooters are an easy and fun way to get around your neighborhood or parks and require no fuel, thus leaving no carbon footprint!” Their Currus NF e-scooter has a box-style steering column, which provides greater aerodynamic capabilities resulting in better energy efficiency and less air resistance. The NF e-scooter has a dual hub motor, providing power to both the front and the back wheels. With a maximum speed of 43 mph/70kph, and it has a maximum range of almost 75 miles/120 Kilometers! The Currus NF has disc brakes on both the front and the back wheels, and optional ABS. Disc brakes are reliable and effective and last for years.Currus scooter are high end professional commuting devices.
The suspension on the Currus scooters is hydraulic. This suspension dampens sharp movements giving the rider more control and more safety. The Currus comes with the latest EYE LCD technology, showing any motor, as well as remaining battery percentage, and brake actuations.

The Currus scooters are fantastic electric scooters for those who are in the market for electric mobility and who are eager to obtain a great value.

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    Currus NF Plus Electric Scooter


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