Extreme Bull

Extreme Bull is a Chinese e-mobility brand that has entered the EUC realm with a bang. The company has built a cult following among EUC enthusiasts with its top-quality, high-performing electric unicycles that are truly in a class of their own.

Based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, the manufacturer specializes in high-class personal mobility devices that combine daily-life usability with blistering performance. All of the company's products are crafted with unrelenting attention to detail and provide an unrivaled riding experience to the users.

Extreme Bull never shies away from accepting new challenges and consistently creates EUCs that are a marvel of trailblazing technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and groundbreaking innovation.

Why do Extreme Bull EUCs rule the high-performance segment?

You might wonder how a relatively new manufacturer can challenge the hegemony of EUC giants like InMotion and KingSong. First off, Extreme Bull is a subsidiary of Begode, a globally recognized Chinese manufacturer with the most extensive collection of electric unicycles. Secondly, Extreme Bull has figured out how to create well-rounded electric unicycles with all the necessary attributes to dominate the high-performance segment. Some of these characteristics are discussed below:

Extreme Power:

With their massively powerful motors, Extreme Bull electric unicycles can reach astonishing top speeds and are ideal for adrenaline junkies who are always seeking extra power.

Splendid Range:

Equipped with enormous batteries, the top-of-the-line EUCs are range anxiety killers and can drive up to miles without recharging.

Supreme Ride Comfort:

The Extreme Bull unicycles absorb all the jolts and judders effectively and offer exceptional ride quality regardless of the terrain.

Robust Build Quality:

Extreme Bull uses highly advanced materials to enhance the strength and sturdiness of its ewheels. The solid build quality makes the unicycles more durable and keeps them safe in case of an accident.

Class-leading off-road capabilities:

The e-unicycles boast extraordinary climbing capabilities and can easily traverse challenging terrains, thanks to their terrific maneuverability.

Elegant designs:

When it comes to aesthetics, Extreme Bull adopts a simple yet compelling design language. Its electric unicycles have a commanding road presence and will undoubtedly turn some heads no matter where you take them.

Extreme Bull & FreeMotion:

FreeMotion is the most trusted and sought-after supplier of top-class personal transporters in the United States and Canada. As part of our efforts to accelerate the widespread adoption of personal electric vehicles, we gladly present you with the Extreme Bull Commander—an incredibly potent electric unicycle that is on the wish lists of countless e-mobility aficionados. Click here for an extensive overview of this fantastic e-unicycle.

For any further information on Extreme Bull products, contact us at FreeMotion. You can also visit our blog to enlighten yourself on personal transportation devices.


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