FOBOS is a famous electric mobility brand that creates innovative, durable, and high-end electric scooters at the most affordable prices. The leading e-scooter manufacturer puts a strong focus on quality, safety, and design and has always sculpted scooters that exceed customers' expectations.

Fobos believes climate change is seriously impacting the planet, and eco-friendly urban transportation solutions should be widely adopted to prevent any further repercussions. Therefore, to bring e-mobility to the masses, the company is committed to producing state-of-the-art electric scooters that are safe for the environment and make city travel fun and convenient.

Why Choose FOBOS Electric Scooters?

FOBOS electric scooters are thoughtfully designed to offer outstanding daily-life usability. They are supremely comfortable to ride, have low maintenance costs, and you can easily transport them from one location to another, owing to their unmatched portability. Moreover, their jaw-dropping designs look pleasing to the eye and enable riders to stand out from the crowd.

The solid and robust build quality of FOBOS electric scooters sets them apart from the competition. They can easily navigate rough and rugged terrains, giving you the confidence that they won't break down no matter where you take them.

In terms of performance, FOBOS e-scooters are beyond impressive. In fact, these e-scooters are the most robust, high-tech, and feature-rich personal electric vehicles in the extreme performance category. FOBOS X electric scooter affirms that claim with its thunderous power and a bevy of high-class features. The top-tier e-scooter is equipped with a super powerful 10,080 Watts BLDC motor that instantly pushes it to a peak speed of 110 km/h. Such insane peak speed is a dream for thrill-seekers who love to maximize their riding pleasure. The 3000Wh Li-Ion 21700 (Samsung/LG/LS) battery pack delivers an incredible range of 140-160km, which is enough to carry out extended road trips, intercity commutes, and outdoor adventures. In addition to all these class-leading features, the FOBOS X comes with GPS, a pre-installed horn, a steering damper, a display panel, and Nutt hydraulic brakes.

FOBOS also incorporates the latest and most advanced tech into their electric scooters. The pre-installed FOBOS APP helps you locate your scooter with the help of a "beep" sound and allows you to check your rides statistics and set your rides goals.

FOBOS & FreeMotion:

FreeMotion is your go-to source for high-end e-mobility devices in the USA and Canada. We are a huge admirer of FOBOS products, and the Model X listed on our website is the best e-scooter money can buy. Click here for a detailed description of this extraordinary e-scooter.

If you are interested in electric personal transportation devices, you can also visit our blog section. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order NOW!


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