LeaperKim, also known as Guangzhou Veteran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., is a fairly new entrant to the e-mobility industry but has already made a name for itself as a top EUC brand. Established by a team of ex-Gotway engineers, the company is causing a stir in the electric mobility world with its first-class, high-performing electric unicycles.

The game-changing EUCs from LeaperKim are a benchmark for safety, reliability, and performance. They are named after famous American tanks, the "Sherman" and "Abrams," and certainly live up to their titles with solid and robust structures.

LeaperKim equips its ewheels with mighty powerful motors, massive batteries, vivid displays, and top-class tires to elevate the riding experience. Moreover, these EUCs have industry-leading safety features and offer incredible range and straight-line speed. The Abrams can reach a top speed of 80 km/h and delivers a remarkable range of 230 km, while the Sherman Max has a top speed of 72 km/h and gives 130 km of range. The ewheels have an IP65 rating and also support fast charging. The other top-notch features on LeaperKim's EUCs include ultrabright headlights, brake warning lights, turn signals, central mounted foldable trolley handles, and spiked pedals.

LeaperKim & FreeMotion:

For people living in the United States and Canada, FreeMotion is a one-stop shop for all LeaperKim products. Currently, there are three LeaperKim electric unicycles listed on our website—Veteran Abrams, Veteran Sherman 20″, and Veteran Sherman Max 20″.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about these exceptional ewheels. You can also contact us at FreeMotion for further details about these products.

Veteran Abrams         Veteran Sherman 20″     Veteran Sherman Max 20″

  • veteran abrams electric unicycle with headlight
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    Veteran Abrams Electric Unicycle (updated version)


    Sale! $2,399.00
  • veternan sherman max 20 inch electric unicycle with headlight and handlebar
    5.00 out of 5

    Veteran Sherman Max 20″ Electric Unicycle


    Sale! $3,199.00
  • sherman s 20-inch electric unicyle with integrated suspension
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    Veteran Sherman S Electric Unicycle


    Sale! $4,099.00
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