Weped offers electric scooters. Their Mini-R e-scooter reaches a maximum speed of 31mph, which is fantastic. Its driving range is approximately 37 miles, more than far enough for any commute or adventure, and it comes with a 4-link damping suspension system which will keep the shakes and wiggles away. It also features a two-stage adjustable braking system on the front and rear wheels, as well as regenerative braking capabilities. Its tires are 8 inches and are extra-wide for increased maneuverability. Additionally, it comes with dual LED headlights, rear lights, and taillights for fantastic visibility while out and about. The Mini-R e-scooter can be folded for easy carrying or for storage. As far as electric scooters go, the Mini-R is a great option for even the most discerning individual.

  • weped sst 72v electric scooter with led lights
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    Weped SST electric scooter

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