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72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport Product Specifications

72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport Product Specifications

Electric scooters have taken the world by storm. The world needs a better way for humans to move around. Transport using fossil fuels is not an option anymore. Sooner or later we will not be able to live on our planet unless we take action.

So, without any delay, we present our product of the day, “72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport”. This electric scooter is the flagship product in our line up and will woo even the highest-profile customers; the customers seriously into performance and build quality.

The 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport has all the features one would look for when buying an electric scooter. A very high torque motor, bright headlights, excellent range, sturdy build quality, and really cool tech is just part of what the 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport has to offer.

72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport Product Specifications
Table of Contents

    Power Source?

    bronx xtrem 11 sport edition electric scooter air suspension

    The 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport has an 8400W BLDC Hub Motor which has a capacity of 72V. It also sports a 35Ah LG MJ1 3500mAh (20S 10P) battery which has XT90-S Anti-Spark Connectors pumping out up to 100A maximum constant discharge (10A max per cell). This power source will supply this scooter with tons of smooth reliable power

    Also, the battery pack is an 18650 Li-ion type; much more capable in real-world than what the specifications hint at.

    How Fast This Thing can Go?

    bronx xtrem 11 sport edition electric scooter front suspesion

    The 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport will achieve a speed of 70mph (113 kph)! This is an industry best. This means the rider can reach their destination in record time.

    Note: out of the box scooter will reach 15.53 mph (25 kph). Advanced riders can enhance the speed by removing a yellow SM (Limiting) wire from the controller.

    There are multiple modes available if someone wishes to try a different pace. There is a switch on the handlebar with differing modes – Single, Dual mode, Eco & Turbo.

    How Far It Can Go?

    bronx xtrem 11 sport edition electric scooter rear

    This is a serious commuting machine with a range of up to 80 miles on one full charge.

    Please understand that PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) rangers are generally calculated using a payload (rider weight with Gear) of 75 kg (165 LBS) travelling at a standardized speed of 15.53 Mph (25 kph) on a dry flat road.

    The BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport can support up to max load of 120kg (264 LBS). Interestingly the BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport itself weighs only 48kgs (105 LBS).

    How long does it take to charge?

    bronx xtrem 11 sport edition electric scooter

    The 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport battery charges in about 7 hours with a 5A charger (sold separately). The BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport has comes with a charger with a 1.5A charger which is more than adequate but may take around 20 hours to be fully charge this to its 80 mile range.

    How Big is 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport?

    The BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport can be folded easily and only measures 1340mm x 580mm x 310mm / (53in x 23in x 12in) (Length x Height x Width) when folded. Unfolded and ready to ride, the dimensions are 1340mm x 1330mm x 680mm (53in x 52in x 27in) (Length x Height x Width).

    Is This Scooter Truly Cutting Edge?

    It is safe to say anyone riding 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport, will be on the cutting edge of electric scooters. Utilizing the most modern LCD display throttle, The display is capable of showing Battery level, TRIP, ODOMETER, Time of the trip, Speed display and Mode display).

    How much Safe it is When Riding?

    72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport never compromises on the safety of its riders. Safety is Job #1. It is equipped with  gold-standard security features, including but not limited to, ABS E-braking system (switchable), NUTT Hydraulic Brakes with extended brake levers for enhanced grip, Cooling fins om the brake pads with 160mm rotors (48mm PCD). It there is a safety feature, the 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport has got it.

    What About the Other Features?

    The BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport electric scooter world class-leading Front Suspension using a 125mm DNM 2000LBS Adjustable Coil Suspension (Made in Taiwan) and fitted with an adjustable lock-out to adjust hard/soft re-bounce of suspension.

    The Rear Suspension is a 165mm DNM AOY-36RC Adjustable Air unit (Made in Taiwan) and also fitted with a lock-out and fully adjustable high-pressure system (GIYO Air Shock Pump included in unit price).

    Bronco uses tires of the highest quality, 11″ CST Tube Wide Profile Tube Urban Tires with Side Panel & Mudguards of Polypropylene (PP) Material.

    Anyone looking for an urban mobility device should be looking at the 72V BRONCO Xtreme 11 Sport. Efficient and reliable transportation that is inexpensive and Environmentally friendly. Please contact us for any further queries or if you want to check out our electric scooter in-person.

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    Gotway Monster Pro – The Zenith of Electric Unicycle

    Gotway Monster Pro – The Zenith of Electric Unicycles

    What a century of electric mobility that has arrived with all sorts of electric modes of transportation. We have seen the body of conventional scooters having electric motors, electric cars, motorbikes, even buses and now aeroplanes.

    All these types of vehicles have been turned into electric means but we have to see that one of a kind personal Transporter i.e. unicycles to be able to provide complete travelling freedom.

    Gotway Monster Pro – The Zenith of Electric Unicycles

    Although electric unicycles have been around for so long, now after putting the electric motor into them their scope has extended much more than ever.

    If you are that one person, who has an open mind tendency towards personal mobility with a bit of adventure in your heart, you are looking at a great piece of tech for your everyday commute.

    This would be the ultimate personal commuter you can have with that advanced technology backup and to know more about that, let’s get started with our product of the day – The GOTWAY MONSTER PRO ELECTRIC UNICYCLE!

    Table of Contents

      Gotway Monster Pro – How it Looks?

      Gotway monster pro can be suggested to anyone looking out for that pro unicycle having it all. The monster pro unicycle does have that bulky but rather sleek overall footprint. It stands tall at 680mm while the length is 610mm.

      While if the footrests are unfolded, it would take 500mm of space and a mere 260mm when the footrests are inside. However, one needs to be extra cautious while lifting Monster pro as it is around 45kg (99 Pound).

      Gotway Monster Pro - How it Looks?

      What’s the Performance?

      If you ask anyone with a decent commuting pattern it will not require more than a speed of 25 km/hr. That’s more than enough if one also considers the safety of the rider but let me tell you, without any load, this thing can zoom past at 106 km/hr too!

      Yes, the load limit is much better at 286 Lbs (130 kg) and not to forget its never-ending range Up to 187 Miles (300 km)! That’s a lot of range on a unicycle, and you may do a week full of up-down to your office and downtowns.

      Coming to the heart of the motor is the battery, which is an LG M50T 21700 battery unit that produces a very good amount of power i.e. 36000wh at 100V, and you can charge it by a 100V/3A charger in ~12 hours.

      So, is there any rider protection tech?

      The Gotway Monster Pro does have a beep sounding alert mechanism to protect the unicycle and the rider. There are some beep patterns which goes like this:-

      When the unicycle crosses certain speed limits such as 30km/h – 2beeps/sec or 3beeps/sec for 45km/h

      When the unicycle goes into low battery mode:

      low voltage, <7.2km/h – 2 beeps/sec

      low voltage – >14.4km/h – 3 beeps/2 sec

      extreme low voltage – 1 beep/sec with a total 5 beeps

      Miscellaneous alarms: PCB overheat – 2 beeps(short)

      hall malfunction – 2 beeps/0.5 sec

      Also, the Gotway Monster Pro will automatically shut if the unicycle leans more than 45 degrees on either side or at 35 degrees when tilted forward or backwards.

      So, you got an idea, how Gotway Monster Pro reacts when it gets into some sort of error or it senses that the rider may get injured.

      Are there some add-on features to watch out for?

      #1 Absolutely Yes! Gotway Monster Pro does have those standout features to attain its cult status in the electric unicycle industry.

      #2 Gotway Monster Pro also has a dedicated mobile app for angle set up for that perfect riding experience.

      #3 If you’re going to ride in night condition, then there is no worry as the Gotway Monster Pro offers the best in class headlights for a safe night ride with light reaching up to 6000 lumens starting from 10 lumens.

      #4 And such an exciting feature to dance upon!! Yes, Gotway Monster Pro also has Bluetooth speakers integrated within to soothe your music craving.

      Final Words!

      So, we have concluded almost everything about our pick of the day – Gotway Monster Pro, which is by far the best electric unicycle out there in the market which the money can buy. We are here to resolve all your queries related to Monster Pro anytime any day, Just contact us at our email and let our executives assist you!

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      How To Maximize Electric Scooters And Electric Unicycles Lithium-ion Battery Lifespan?

      how to maximize electric scooters and electric unicycles lithium ion battery

      Riding an e scooter or an electric unicycle is a great experience especially for adults, but maintaining it is also important. Here we have discussed all the basics about how to maximize electric scooters and electric unicycles lithium-ion battery lifespan to sustain it for a longer period of time.

      Table of Contents

        Understanding Lithium-ion


        1. What is a Lithium-ion battery?

        A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery (abbreviated as LIB) is a type of rechargeable battery. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for portable electronics and electric vehicles and are growing in popularity for military and aerospace applications.

        2.How Does a Lithium-ion Battery Work?

        A battery is made up largely of four main components: the cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator.

        • “Cathode” determines the capacity and voltage of a Li-ion battery
        • The cathode is the positive or oxidizing electrode which acquires electrons from the external circuit and is reduced during the electrochemical reaction
        • “Anode” sends electrons through a wire
        • The anode is the negative or reducing electrode which releases electrons to the external circuit and oxidizes during an electrochemical reaction.
        • “Electrolyte” allows movement of ions only
        • The electrolyte carries positively charged lithium ions from the anode to the cathode and vice versa through the separator
        • “Separator”, the absolute barrier between the cathode and the anode battery separators provide a barrier between the anode (negative) and the cathode (positive) while allowing the lithium-ion exchange from one side to the other.

        3. Battery life

        The life of a lithium-ion battery is generally defined as the number of complete charge-discharge cycles to reach a failure threshold in terms of loss of capacity or increase in impedance.

        The typical estimated lifespan of a lithium-ion battery is approximately two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever occurs first. A charge cycle is a period of use from full charge to full discharge and full recharge.

        4.Battery Cost

        Even after all the efforts being made by top manufacturers, such as Tesla and Samsung to reduce its cost; Lithium-ion batteries are still expensive. In the PEV industry, the battery alone easily cost 35 to 55% of the total manufacturing cost of electric scooters or electric unicycles.

        Industry analysis reports suggest that the cost of lithium-ion batteries will decline as Li-ion batteries find extensive use in powering electric vehicles and provide flexibility to power grids following large renewable generation capacity addition.

        Proper maintenance extends the life of the Li-Ion battery

        We believe that a lithium-ion battery is like a human. It has a dead life but if we take care of it and use it properly we can extend its lifespan, here is a list of best practices to preserve the life of lithium-ion batteries as long as possible.

        • Room temperature

        Lithium-ion batteries hate extreme temperatures, always avoid exposing your battery to high and low temperatures, especially while charging, as this can cause degradation of your battery components. If your PEV, electric scooter, or electric unicycle is hot on the charger, please remove it. Likewise, avoid charging it in very cold conditions.

        Try not to charge if the temperature is outside the range of 50 to 95 ° F (10 to 35 ° C).

        • Batteries hate being too full or too empty

        We don’t recommend charging more than 80% or discharging less than 20%, consider using partial charge which restores the battery to 80% instead of 100%. If you need the endurance of a fully charged battery or cannot limit the charge to 80%, unplug the device as soon as it reaches 100% as it is outside the 80-20% range on each side, puts stress and degrades a lithium-ion battery.

        • Avoid fast charging and discharging

        We recommend using a certified standard charger instead of a quick charger for these high currents will heat and degrade the battery faster than normal standard load.

        The same goes for high discharge rate, the discharge of the battery will result in degradation of the battery and will reduce its life.

        • Storing an e-scooter or e-unicycle

        if you plan to store an electric scooter or electric unicycle for a short or a long time, be sure to discharge the battery to approximately 40% and avoid storing it in high humidity environments

        In short, Freemotion believes that not all batteries pack made equal, so if you are looking to buy an electric scooter or electric unicycle (EUC) and you want to benefit from it for a long time make sure to watch the temperature, charge, and discharge, don’t leave the batteries on the charger, and try not to exceed 80% or less than 20% unless having no choice.

        In short, As a leading Electric Vehicle online store, Freemotion believes that not all battery-packs are made equally, and there are many aspects that affect the life-cycle of Lithium-ion batteries. So if you are planning to buy a Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) whether it is an electric Scooter or electric unicycle (EUC) and you want to keep it riding for a long time, you need to take care of temperature and charge and discharge time. Additionally, Due to lithium-ion battery technology, we would also like to suggest that the batteries must not be fully charged i.e. above 80% and also not be undercharged (overused) below 20% to maintain a stable battery cycle across the lifespan.

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        12 Things You Should Know Before You Buy an Electric Scooter (e-scooter)

        Things you should know before you buy an e scooter
        Table of Contents


          Electric Scooters are new in our society. Laws and regulations about them are different from place to place. We suggest a quick check with local authorities about the legality of Electric Scooters in your area. Contact your city or county’s legal office. Here are some suggested questions: 

          • Is it legal to ride an electric scooter in my city?
          • Do I need a driver’s license or permit to ride an electric scooter?
          • Do I need insurance or a plate number?
          • Do I need to register my e-scooter?
          • What is the authorized speed limit and motor power (PEV)?


          • Usage

          Consider the uses you will have for your new e-scooter. Will you be commuting or off-roading? What do you do now?

          • Cost

          Consider the cost of your current method of transportation. There may be gas, maintenance, Bus and train tickets, parking, etc. Uber fees?

          • Time

          Time is the most valuable thing we have. Do you wait on the Bus? Do you have to find a parking spot? Do you get stuck in Traffic.

          • Contentment

          Are you happy with your present method of travel? Is it Fun? Because e-scooters are really fun. 


          Like above, this question is predicated on your usage model.

          • If only for recreation, you may decide on a standard e-scooter that can cost between 600$-1000$

          • If used for commuting to school or work, or for everyday rides, you should consider an e-scooter with the higher build quality and solid reliability. Failure of a commuting e-scooter can become a real problem. We would recommended an e-scooter in the 1500-3000$ Range

          • If used for frequent group rides of long distance or off-road activity, consider a powerful e-scooter with a strong support frame. Expect a cost between 2000-4000$

          WEIGHT LIMIT

          Rider weight is one of the most important factors in the choice of a e-scooter.

          Weight of the rider will affect every facet of riding from the top speed of the e-scooter to its ultimate range.

          Safety too, is important as a heavy rider on a small wheel is taking a big risk.

          Evaluate the upper limits of rider weight when considering an e-scooter and understand that speeds and ranges are given with the average rider weight in mind. Your personal values might be different. If you have questions, reach out to us. 


          An incredibly important part of the e-scooter is the battery. This is the ultimate power source for your vehicle.

          Batteries will affect every part of the vehicle. Look for a e-scooter with an adequate battery to fulfill your needs. Again, reach out to us for more information. 


          The support frame of the e-scooter is the thing that will support you. It is important that the frame be both well made and solid. The frame and the wheels stand between you and the pavement.  

          Cheaper e-scooters can skimp on the metal of the frame resulting in problems later. Or worse, a fall.


          Suspended e-scooters have many advantages. While they tend to be more expensive, they are also easier and safer. The suspension will smooth out the ride and relieve the riders’ knees and ankles. The stress on the feet will be much lower resulting in a more enjoyable ride.

          However, the safety aspect is the real reason to look at suspended wheels. The suspension takes the shock out of hitting bumps in the road so the wheels are more stable. Much more than this, when the e-scooter moves over bumps at speeds of 15 – 25 mph, the wheels can shortly lift off the road. While in the air, the wheels have no turning or braking friction with the road. A suspension system actively pushes the wheels downward minimizing this effect. On an uneven road surface, a suspended e-scooter will have better turning traction and stopping traction than a non-suspended e-scooter. 


          It is obvious that brakes are a highly important part of any transportation system.

          Electric scooters can come with disc brakes and ABS systems. Cheaper scooters can skimp on the braking systems. (Not a good thing). Again feel free to ask us.


          e-scooters are electric vehicles controlled and supported by electronics in the form of a circuit board. There can be much variance in the quality of such boards. FreeMotion has experience in many of these types of e-scooters and can give you guidance on which ones have been the most reliable. 


          Visibility is another important consideration. The headlight illuminates your path and lets you see obstacles before they affect you. Sidelights are fun but they also increase the visibility of the e-scooter.

          Lights can be both built in or added after purchase. Ask FreeMotion for more information. 

          Protective (Safety) Gear

          While the PEV is both useful and fun, it also transports humans faster than they can run. In some cases faster than a bike can travel.

          There are some pieces of gear that are absolutely essential and no one should ride a PEV without. These include:

          • A helmet (Preferably full face)
          • Wrist guards

          In addition, FreeMotion recommends adding

          • Elbow guards
          • Knee guards
          • Hip and tailbone guards
          • We can help you select this gear, ask us


          The choice of a brand name in the e-scooter market can be both important and confusing. Many people feel real allegiance to the manufacture of their e-scooters and give apologies for shortcomings.

          FreeMotion sells most major e-scooter brands and sees the day to day issues that arise and how the various manufacturers respond to these issues. FreeMotion stands behind our customers. 


          e-scooters are useful and are powerful. But they too can fail. Be sure your e-scooter is covered by at least a one year warranty. Also be aware that many e-scooter venders depend on the dealer to be their warranty contact. That means your choice of dealer can be more important than the choice of brands. 
          FreeMotion is happy to provide the names of existing FreeMotion customers who will vouch for the quality of our warranty support. 
           FreeMotion’s advice 
          Do your homework. If you know real world riders ask them. Google e-scooters and their reviews but be aware that there are many paid reviews of these devices. Many of these guys get kickbacks for a sale. 

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          The Best Electric Scooters in Canada For Adults in 2020

          best electric scooters in canada for adults in 2020
          best electric scooters in canada for adults in 2020

          Are you looking for the Best Electric Scooters in Canada? You have come to the right place

          Electric scooters are personal electric vehicles that are meant to be used for short-distance trips and commuting, such as home to office and back. With the cities getting crowded and the number of vehicles on the roads increasing, electric scooters can be a life-saver for those looking to beat the city traffic and reach their destinations on time.

          Besides that, riding an e-scooter is fun and quite convenient, thanks to the latest innovative solutions being introduced by electric mobility manufacturers around the world.

          If you are in Canada and looking for the best options for advanced electric scooters for adults, you’ll find everything you need here.

          Table of Contents

            Things to Know When Buying An Electric Scooter in Canada

            Almost all the major brands sell their electric scooters in Canada either directly or through authorized resellers.

            Buying an electric scooter is a big investment, so you should be very careful about the kind of scooter you buy. Make sure that you understand your requirements and have a clear idea of the specifications you want in your adult e-scooter. Also, do in-depth research and shop around before you decide to buy an e-scooter.

            Think long-term when exploring your electric scooter options. There are so many options out there that one can get easily confused, which is why it’s important that you have your scooter requirements and budget sorted out.

            Speed, of course, is going to be a major factor in selecting the right e-scooter. As an adult, you would probably want to purchase an e-scooter that can race up to at least 20-30 miles per hour. Besides that, it must have a large enough battery to keep the device going for at least a few miles without needing to charge.

            When buying a fast electric scooter in Canada, safety must also be a major concern.

            Depending on the purpose for which you’re buying an electric scooter, you can go with a portable option that is easy to fold and carry or a more performance-focused variant that may be bulky but has a larger battery and is ideal for long-routes.

            The Top Electric Scooters for Adults You Can Buy In Canada

            Based on the above factors and some others, I recommend the following e-scooters for adults to buy in Canada.

            Currus NF – High Performance & Safety Features

            If you are looking for a performance-centric scooter that can offer the best mileage and speed capabilities, the Currus NF is probably the best option for you.

            Thanks to a 3600W Max dual hub motor, the scooter can deliver a top speed of up to 40 mph (65 kph). The large 28Ah Samsung battery of the Currus NF offers a maximum mileage of up to 74 miles (120 km). Other notable features include Approx.

            47% climbing angle, 37kg weight, and 120kg load capacity, Front/Rear wheel hydraulic disc brakes with suspension, 10 x 3.0 road tires, Multi-EYE LCD dashboard, etc.

            Inmotion L8F – Outstanding Performance On A Budget

            The Inmotion L8F is an entry-level scooter that is light in weight (12kg/26lbs total weight) and meant to be portable.

            Even though it costs less, the scooter has many advanced features, including 100kg (220lbs) max load capacity and a dual (electronic + physical) braking system. The 250 Watt motor of the L8F can provide a top speed of up to 18.8 mph (30 kph).

            Speedway Leger – Perfect Combination of Power And Style

            In the mid-range category, the Speedway Leger gives a run for money to almost all other options. This is one of the best Adult Electric Scooters that you can purchase for under $1500.

            The most significant features of the scooter include 8.5″ pneumatic tires, MAX 1,360 watt BLDC hub motor with 28 mph (45 kph) top speed, a 15.6Ah battery offering up to 34 miles (54.71 km) of range, 27% climbing angle, 45 lbs weight, and 265 lbs max load capacity, Regenerative Electric Rear Drum Brake with ABS, and Aluminum Alloy Frame.

            Other options you can consider for the best electric scooter for adults include Dualtron Compact, Gotway Dten, Minimotors Speedway 5, among others. Explore the full range at and buy your favorite electric scooter at the best price with free delivery across Canada.

            Do you want to read more about the best electric scooters and unicycles in Canada 2020? Check out these articles.

            Did you find this article helpful? Let us know by joining us on Facebook.
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            3 Next-Gen Gotway Electric Unicycles For 2020

            next gen gotway electric unicycles
            next gen gotway electric unicycles

            As a trusted dealer of GotWay brand’s electric unicycles in Canada and the USA, FreeMotion is excited to announce that three more Gotway Unicycles have been launched and added to the FreeMotion online store.

            These three Unicycles are namely Gotway EX, Gotway RS, and Gotway Monster Pro Electric Unicycle. GotWay is a manufacturer of electric unicycles (EUCs), best known for providing safe-long distance rides and robust portable design.

            Table of Contents

              3 Next-Gen Gotway Electric Unicycles For 2020

              As all three self balancing one wheel electric scooters are listed on the official FreeMotion website, their complete specification and promising features are now available there.

              Gotway EX

              Thus as per the official website, Gotway EX Electric Unicycle features a 20-Inch wheel, 100V/1800Wh LG M50T 21700 battery, 2500W Hollow motor, 100~6000 lumen headlight, 2 stereo Speakers and dedicated app.

              gotway ex electric unicycle with head light and large pedals

              Gotway EX can easily reach at speed Up to 40 Mph or 64 Km H and can handle the weight of around 130 Kg (286 Lbs). As per details available on the website, the max climb angle is 25-degree. Gotway EX weighs 38 Kg (83.6 Lbs) and measures 615X510X60mm (HxLxW) when the footrests are unfolded.

              Gotway EX takes 9hrs of charging time if input is 100V/3A however it also features a 2A output USB to charge other devices. It not only has a bigger battery but it also has 20A short circuit protection that will keep the battery alive for a longer time period.

              This electric scooter can go up to 130 km 80 miles after a single full charge, thus it is a reliable eco-friendly product that will convert your normal ride into an adventure one.

              This electric unicycle also has Air-spring suspension to make the ride smooth and well balanced. And powerful headlight and Brake lights will make things clear and secure even in low light.

              With all these cool features and hardware specs the Gotway EX seems solid, safe, and reliable modern-day electric unicycle.

              Gotway RS

              black gotway rs e-unicycle with headlights and speakers

              Coming up to next, Gotway RS is the good looking and lighter electric unicycle from Gotway, RS weighs just 27 kg (59.5Lbs) and houses extra-wide 19-inch wheels with a built-in hollow 2600W motor. Additional specs are 100V/1800Wh Battery, Handy Customization, Under-handle Lift Button, Dual-input Charge Ports, and powerful 6000Lm headlamp.

              Recently added, Gotway RS Electric Unicycle is capable of handling a Max Load of 147 Kg (325 Lbs) and can reach at speed Up to 40 Mph (64 km/h) very easily. With sufficient hill-climbing power, the Gotway RS takes <1.5 hrs to 80% charge. Also, a full charge can take riders on this modern electric unicycle Up to 60 Miles equal to 96 Kms.

              It is the fastest electric unicycle compared to other 19-inch unicycles. It is perfectly designed for casual riders who want a compact but powerful electric unicycle. Gotway RS is slim and has almost half weight compared to others in the segment.

              Gotway Monster Pro

              As per the name suggest the Gotway Monster Pro electric Unicycle is truly a monster of the road. It is powerful, robust, having a lot of exciting features and goes up to 50 Mph, Up to 80 Kph very easily.

              Gotway Monster Pro electric Unicycle features 24-Inch Wheel, 3500W Hollow motor, 100~6000 lumen extra-bright headlight, 3600wh/100V LG M50T 21700 battery, Dual charging ports, brake, and sidelight.

              This electric Unicycle also comes with some cool features such as an Anti-spin function, 20A short circuit protection,2 Stereo Speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a dedicated app.

              There are a few unicycles with an Anti-spin function in it, with it the motor will stop when you hold the handle and lift the wheel. The Monster Pro’s measures as follows: 680mm x 610mm x 500mm (HxLxW) when unfolded and 680mm x 610mm x 260mm (HxLxW) when the footrests are folded in.

              The Monster Pro weighs around 39 Kg (85.8 Lbs) and the max load it can handle is 130 Kg (286 Lbs). The Max Climb Angle of this electric unicycle is 20-degree and it has been tested and proved to be accurate with a 90kg rider.

              It takes 12hrs to get fully charged With 100V/3A supply and it also features 2A output through USB. Additionally, Using the APP, horizontal level or any footrest angle can be adjusted at your choice. It has 2 Stereo speakers and Bluetooth connectivity thus you can also enjoy your favorite tracks while riding.

              Finally, the max range of this electric unicycle is 120 miles or 200 km. It is not just a girthy one it is a performance-oriented power-house.

              The Monster Pro comes with various top-level safety features that not only keep the rider informed and safe but also protect the electric unicycle itself. The Gotway Monster Pro houses a very effective beep-system to alert riders about any problem.

              Along with the beep-system, this unicycle will automatically shut off to keep the rider safe when the wheel is leaning at a 35-degree angle from a forward to backward direction, or even a 45-degree tilt from the left or right.


              SPEEDUp to 40 Mph, Up to 64 KmhUp to 50 Mph, Up to 80 KmpUp to 40 Mph, Up to 64 Kmh
              RANGEUp to 60 miles, Up to 96 Km120 miles, 200 km130 km, 80 miles
              WHEEL SIZE19-inch24-Inch20-Inch
              CHARGING TIME6 h12h With 100V/3A9h With 100V/3A
              MAX LOAD147.7 Kg, 325 lbs130 Kg, 286 Lbs130 Kg, 286 Lbs
              BATTERY100V/1800Wh LG M50T 217003600wh/100V LG M50T 21700100V/1800Wh LG M50T 21700

              The specification and features of all three electric unicycles from GotWay gives the perfect idea about the targeted user base. The Gotway RS will target the casual rider with slim, light-weight powerful form-factor, whereas the Gotway Monster Pro Electric Unicycle is clearly for the hardcore passionate Unicycle User who wants something that fulfils all the requirements.

              The first one Gotway EX electric unicycle is for almost everyone. It is a mid-weight powerful electric unicycle that is ready to impress almost everyone.

              All three unicycles namely Gotway EX, Gotway RS, and Gotway Monster Pro Electric Unicycles are available at FreeMotion online store at a very reasonable cost and some additional benefits such as warranty, discounts, gifts and support services. People who are willing to buy performance-oriented reliable electric unicycles can get more information and link to place orders at

              Do you want to read more about next-gen electric unicycles and scooters? Check out these articles.

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              Best Self Balancing One Wheel Scooters(e-Unicycles) of the Year

              best self balancing one wheel e scooter (eunicycle) of the year
              best self balancing one wheel e scooter (eunicycle) of the year

              Planning to buy a self balancing one wheel scooter? Here you can read about the top electric unicycles of the year in terms of speed, performance and the overall value for money.

              An electric unicycle (EUC) is a self-balancing personal transporter with a single wheel. Thanks to electric power, these personal commuters are faster and more fun to ride compared to traditional unicycles. Electric unicycles have gained immense popularity in the last few years, especially in Europe and the USA.

              Whether you’re looking for a way to beat the traffic while traveling to the office or just want an eco-friendly option for daily commuting, an e-Unicycle is perfect for you. Also, it’s the best personal transporter for group ride activities as well as for people who ride unicycles for fun.

              If you are planning to buy a self-balancing one wheel scooter and looking for the best options available to you, here you go.

              Best of Gotway in 2020

              Gotway is a Guangdong, China-based manufacturer of advanced, research-backed electricity solutions. The parent company Dongguan Begode Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and now deals in a series of modern electric vehicles, including e-Unicycles, electric skateboards, electric scooters and so on.

              Gotway unicycles and products are used all over the world. In the USA and Canada, FreeMotionShop is the authorized online reseller for Gotway products. Here are the best electric unicycles (EUC) in 2020 by Gotway.

              GOTWAY RS

              black gotway rs electric scooter with red taillights and speakers

              Gotway RS is the latest version of the most popular unicycle by the Gotway brand, that is MSP (MSuper Pro). This is the unicycle we had all been waiting for. The ultimate “RS” unicycle offers a lot of improvements over its predecessor, including bigger pedals, new double T6 LED lights, two USB ports, new 35W Bluetooth speakers, among others.

              The Gotway RS unicycle will be initially available in two motor variants – High Torque Motor, and High Speed Motor. As it sounds, the high torque motor offers more torque, while the high speed motor gives out a higher maximum speed (60+ km/h or 37+ mph). Both the variants will have the same 1800Wh 100V 21700 LG M50T battery with a maximum range of 110 km (62 miles).

              GOTWAY EX

              black gotway ex electric unicycle with headlight and integrated suspension

              Gotway’s EX has been launched as a direct competitor to the likes of Kingsong S18 and InMotion V11. No need to mention that it’s a performance-centric wheel designed for those looking to do more than just commute with their electric unicycle.

              Thanks to the 3500W huge motor, the Gotway Ex can deliver a top speed of up to 68km/h (42mph). The large 2700Wh battery can keep the vehicle running for up to 150km (93 miles) without needing a charge. Other top features include built-in dual suspension, high load capacity, 20-inch airtube tire, dual (front + rear) electronic brakes, LED front & rear lights, and app connectivity.

              GOTWAY MONSTER PRO

              The unicycle with the biggest battery of 2020 is here. The Gotway Monster Pro features an ultra-large 3600Wh battery capable of delivering a maximum range of up to 250km (155 miles) per charge.

              The unicycle overcomes the competition in almost every field. It has a 3500W category-best motor with up to 68km/h (42mph) top speed, a 24-inch large wheel ideal for off-road conditions and built-in suspension, among other things.

              Best of Kingsong

              Kingsong is another popular manufacturer of one-wheel/ two-wheel electric vehicles, including unicycles, scooters and others. It’s a subsidiary of Kingsong Intell Tech Co., LTD and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company reportedly exports advanced electric vehicles to over 50 countries.

              KS-S18 (Released Last Month)


              The KS-S18 is the best electric unicycle created so far by the Kingsong brand. It’s a performance-centric vehicle, giving direct competition to InMotion V11 and similar options in the market.

              The KS-S18 unicycle features a 2200W motor that can deliver a peak torque of 140Nm. The motor is designed to offer the highest acceleration and a top speed of up to 50km/h (31mph). It can support a max climbing angle of 40°. The 18-inch 1 wheel of the unicycle ensures a smooth ride experience in both road and off-road conditions.

              It has been fixed with a 1110Wh battery with BMS that can deliver a maximum range of 44.5 miles (71.2 km). The unicycle also comes with a built-in Variable Linkage Air Dampening Suspension System with 200-57 suspension.

              The sporty design of the KS-S18 features intelligent headlights with automatic sensors, large pedals, and more.

              Other popular e-Unicycle options from the Kingsong brand that you can consider are: KS-18XL, 14S, KS-16S, and KS-16X.

              Best of InMotion

              INMOTION is a leading manufacturer of robots, sensor-controlled vehicles, and electric vehicles. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company is involved in the research & development of the most technologically-advanced mobility solutions based on electric power.

              INMOTION V11 (Released Last Month)

              inmotion v11 electric unicycle

              The InMotion V11 is the latest in the series of high-end, performance-driven electric vehicles by the Chinese manufacturer. Touted as the King of Offroad, this is a powerful 1 wheel scooter that comes with a 2200W motor, a 1500Wh battery, and many other category-best features, including a built-in adjustable air suspension.

              The unicycle has been designed with performance in mind and can deliver a top speed of 31.25 mph (50 km) and offers a maximum range of up to 120 km (75 miles) to the rider.

              In addition, it provides 35° climbing angle support, has an 18-inch off-road tire with best-in-class suspension, anti-spinning design, extra large anti-slippery pedals, built-in stand, trolley handle, dual charging ports for quick charging, cooling system, daylight coupled with a bright central headlight and a brighter taillight.

              INMOTION V10F

              inmotion v10f electric unicycle

              In a slightly lower price range, you can consider buying the V10F electric unicycle that has almost similar features as the V11, along with customizable LED lights all over the body.

              Where to Buy?

              For the best, lowest price of any electric unicycle (EUC) in the market, check the website. We sell all the latest models of all major electric unicycle brands and provide free delivery across the USA and Canada.

              To explore the range of best one wheel scooters in 2020, visit the website.

              Do you want to read more about best electric unicycles and scooters of the year? Check out these articles.

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              Why Purchase An Electric Scooter or e-Unicycle From FreeMotion

              why purchase an e scooter or an electric unicycle from freemotion
              why purchase an e scooter or an electric unicycle from freemotion

              Tired of wandering here and there in search of the best electric scooters and unicycle of top brands? Welcome to FreeMotion! We are the most trusted online shopping venue since 2014, delivering the latest and most loved electric mobility products from the top brands.

              You can purchase from a wide range of cutting-edge electric mobility solutions whether it is electronic hoverboards, electric unicycles, electric scooters, or even electric skateboards, we have all.

              Table of Contents

                Unmatched Experience and long-lasting Trust

                Now if you are thinking about buying your electric scooter or even electric unicycle from let us tell you the reasons to choose us one by one, and we are starting with the experience and customer trust.

                We have been in business since 2014, and in these 6 years, we have become the most trusted online shopping destination for enthusiastic and technology-savvy customers from around the world.

                They trusted us, and the products from our store, and we are keeping our “promise to be authentic and ethical” and keep everything “affordable and reliable” for our customers.

                Top-Notch Brands and Products On-Board

                FreeMotion ( has been a highly trusted vendor of mobility solutions and the best part is that these solutions are electrically powered, so no pollution, very clean, and can bring a new sense of fun and adventure to your daily life. We are, for years, contributing to the revolution in urban and suburban mobility, making life a bit easier and tension free.

                At FreeMotion you will find smart electric mobility devices from the top and highly rated brands such as Currus, InMotion, Minimotors, Kingsong, Ninebot by Segway, Gotway, Weped, Sherman Veteran, and Spirit Beast.

                These brands are industry leaders and leading the electric mobility products industry from the front. And we are proud to be the official distributor for all these best brands in the market.

                We have a wide range of products such as electronic hoverboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric skateboards, and even their spare parts, available on at very reliable costs.

                Customer and After-Sale Support with Goodies You Like

                You should purchase your electric scooter or electric unicycle from because we understood at a very early stage that without a well functioning and reliable customer support facility we can’t earn the trust we required to survive in this field and that’s why we managed to build a very responsive team of customer support executive and each of them is dedicated to answer all your queries and provide you with the quickest and the best possible customer support experience.

                We are just a call away, so whether you want more details about products or have a query, feel free to ring our phones and we will be there to help you in no time.

                However, calling us is not the only way to reach us, you ensured that we stay as close as possible to our customers and that’s why you can contact us through any of the modes of connection such as email, text message, through the website, or even through social media profiles (i.e. Facebook Messenger and Twitter).

                On each of our electric mobility products, we offer a full 12 months warranty. Hence, at FreeMotion you are not just purchasing a reliable product but also ensuring that the first year with the product will be completely tension-free.

                Free Fastest Shipping and No Import Duties

                As a reputed online shopping venue and a well-known distributor, we also take care of the shipping to the USA and Canada.

                We offer free shipping to the USA and Canada and we kept our products free from import duties for Canadian customers.

                So If you are from the USA and Canada, what are you waiting for? Place your order today and enjoy an unmatched experience.

                Additionally, We are integrated with some of the fastest courier service providers and they will make sure that your purchased product gets delivered to you through the fastest mode available in the minimum time. 

                Unbreakable Relation

                Without customer’s trust, no business can survive in this fast-moving world, that’s why we also focused on maintaining a good relationship with our existing and new clients.

                We also offer spare parts at the lowest possible cost after the warranty expires. So again, you don’t have to wander here and there, you just have to either order the required spare part or inform us about your requirement and we will make sure that that particular spare part reaches your door in no time. 

                Additionally, not just spare parts but with new offers, discounts, and our blog we will keep you connected as well as up-to-date with everything that is going on in the electric mobility products world.

                Reasonable Pricing 

                We, FreeMotion deal directly with manufacturers, thus it helps us to deliver the most authentic products at a reasonable cost.

                There are no hidden costs and shipping to the USA and Canada is free for other parts of the world there will be very minor charges.

                One thing we would like to mention here is that when a customer places their order at FreeMotion we thank them with a small gift with each purchase. Along with the reasonable price, support, and 12-month warranty, a gift is like a cherry on the cake, and our clients love it.

                More Reasons

                In all these years we earned the trust of your customers, and ratings and reviews are the proof of it. As a reputed online shopping destination and official distributor for all the best brands in the market for electric unicycles and scooters, we are committed to delivering the best services before and after the sale.

                We kept the prices of products very reasonable and there are no hidden costs. We are keeping everything authentic and clear. FreeMotion needs to be your first choice if you are planning to purchase your electric scooter or electric unicycle. 

                If You want more reason or have any doubt, always Feel Free to Contact us, we will not just answer you but also help you to buy the best at the most amazing cost.

                Do you want to read more about why purchase electric scooters or e-unicycles from freeMotion? Check out these articles.

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                Coming Soon: Currus NF+ Electric Scooter With 4 Link Suspension Structure

                Currus NF plus Electric Scooter

                The market for performance-focused electric scooters is expanding gradually. The motorized two-wheelers that were originally launched as a personal transportation vehicle are now being extensively used for daily commuting as well as for tricks.

                Modern e-scooters are faster, stronger, and offer greater range.

                If performance is what you’re looking for in an electric scooter, the Currus NF+ electric scooter will perfectly fit your needs.

                Currus NF+ Electric Scooter

                The next-gen, Korea-made electric vehicle features a bold design and some of the best-in-class specifications, including 1,680 Wh Li-ion battery, Max Dual 1,800 W (total 3600W) motor, 43 mph (70 km/h) top speed, hydraulic brakes, anti-lock braking system, 150mm built-in suspension, and up to 120 km of range.

                It can take up to 120 kg of load and is super easy to fold & carry.

                If you’re planning to buy the Currus NF/NF+ and want to know more about the e-scooter, you’re in the right place.

                Table of Contents

                  CURRUS NF+ : A Powerful Riding Companion for All Kinds of Roads

                  CURRUS NF+ Specifications

                  The Currus NF+ has been launched as a successor to the Currus NF, with some minor improvements.

                  It’s more powerful, stylish, and reliable than most other electric scooters out there.

                  Performance (Max Dual Motor)

                  Currus NF+ Performance (Max Dual Motor)

                  To start with, the Currus NF+ electric scooter integrates a powerful 3600W Dual Max Motor that is capable of offering a top speed of up to 43 mph (70 km/h) in specific conditions.

                  The 60V 28Ah Samsung SDI H35E Li-ion battery of the Currus NF+ comes with a large capacity of 1,680 Wh.

                  Having gone through multiple tests, including the KCL battery safety test and Samsung SDI customer experience test, the Currus battery is certified safe and passed for high-performance.

                  It’s 100% genuine and made in Korea.

                  The Currus NF+ battery can easily last for a range of 62-75 miles (100-120 km) on a single charge.

                  In addition, the Currus scooter battery also features best-in-class BMS (Battery Management System) to protect it against situations like overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, and high-low temperature as well as to ensure the long life of the battery.

                  Also, it features Dual Charge technology that enables users to charge the vehicle simultaneously with two charging terminals, thereby reducing the charging time to almost half.

                  It also comes with the most advanced 4 Link Suspension Structure with 150mm suspension optimized for 10-inch tires.

                  Currus NF Plus 4 Link Suspension

                  It keeps the ride smooth and stable even on the bad roads filled with potholes and breakers.

                  Thanks to the 4 Link Suspension Structure, the Currus NF is able to allow free movement of the axles during a ride, resulting in a better grip on the road, especially in the mud.


                  Keeping in mind the increasing demand for high-load scooters, the Currus NF+ is designed to have a super-strong structure.

                  Also, it integrates Thrust Bearing to keep the ride smooth and flexible even with the extra load.

                  In ideal conditions, the Currus NF+ e-scooter can carry a maximum load of 265 lb (120 kg).

                  Stability & Safety

                  Currus NF Stability & Safety Anti Unlock Nut

                  For improved grip, the electric scooter handles feature soft & high-quality rubber cushion that will keep your hands steady and stable during the ride.

                  Using the right and genuine parts in an electric vehicle is the key to higher safety.

                  The Currus NF+ uses Hard Rock Genuine high-safety anti-unlock nuts that are made to last and provide added stability to the vehicle.

                  The scooter features a High Luminance, adjustable LED Light at the front that will keep your path illuminated up to a long distance.

                  The light can be easily adjusted to different angles as and when needed.

                  There are also LEDs provided on the side cover, both front and back, of the deck to help you drive more safely in low-light conditions.

                  The upgraded model includes a better, stronger combination of ABS & Hydraulic brakes for improved ride safety.

                  The newer brake set is wider & more expensive and capable of offering a better speed control.

                  The ABS braking system prevents the rider from falling in the event of an emergency braking.


                  Currus NF Plus Design and Size

                  The Currus NF+ scooter comes with a bold and powerful design that looks stylish and is robust enough to take you to the most strange of rides without failing.

                  Besides the front and side LEDs for all-round lighting, the vehicle also features a taillight that can double as a brake (warning) light to warn the riders behind you.

                  Another thing that you’ll notice in the Currus NF+ is the unusually large deck that can easily and comfortably fit both feet in parallel and ensures a stable, comfortable posture for the adult rider.

                  The Currus NF+ comes with 10×3.0 inch on-road tires designed to easily tackle all kinds of road conditions and maintain a good grip on the road.

                  Both the front and rear tires come with dedicated mud covers that protect the tires as well as the rider from getting dirty on muddy roads.

                  The Currus angle rear mud cover features open calipers and rotors to the left, which makes it convenient to maintain/clean.

                  It also features a first-of-its-kind Smart EYE Throttle with an intuitive GUI (LCD display) and easy to use 3 button throttle.

                  The throttle integrates the instrument cluster & accelerator, enabling the rider to easily access and use the power button (to start the vehicle), the mode button (to change the riding mode), and the multifunction button to change the setting value.

                  The accelerator plug can be used to control the speed. The main LCD display shows a number of details, including the ride speed, battery percentage, miles covered, etc.

                  There are dedicated switches for light and horn on the right handlebar. It features a simple and compact design. The switches are easily accessible and usable.


                  Most users want their electric scooters to be portable. If you also want that, the Currus NF+ won’t disappoint you.

                  The Currus NF+ is a foldable personal vehicle that is very easy to fold and carry. With folding pins, the Currus scooter can be easily extended and/or folded. It weighs only 81.4 lb (37 kg).

                  If you are impressed by the features and power of the Currus NF+ and want to buy the electric scooter, feel free to visit feel free to visit for the best deals!

                  Do you want to read more on the latest electric scooters brands like Currus? Check out these articles.

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                  Electric Scooter Battery Life (What You Should Know)

                  know about electric scooters battery life

                  Electric scooters are two-wheelers that are designed to run with the power of electricity. Since these vehicles do not use traditional fuels like petrol or diesel and have zero carbon emission, they are friendly to the environment.

                  The motor used in an e-scooter is a DC motor that gets its power from the battery attached to the vehicle. Besides the motor, your scooter battery also powers the lights, controller, etc. when in use.

                  Electric Scooters Battery Life

                  It helps to know about the e-scooter battery to be able to better maintain and protect it and ensure its maximum life.

                  In this guide, we will discuss a number of things about electric scooter batteries, including the tips for maintaining electric batteries and how to protect them to ensure a long life.

                  Table of Contents

                    Electric Scooter Battery Basics

                    Though there are multiple types of batteries that can be used in electric scooters, most of the vehicles will use a lithium-ion battery pack because of its high energy density and long life. However, depending on the scooter price, some low-price variants may still be using lead-acid batteries that cost less.

                    The power/capacity of a battery is measured in watt-hours (Wh). The more the battery power, the longer it can let an electric scooter run. However, the weight and size of the battery also increase as you increase the capacity, which can make the vehicle not so easily portable.

                    The battery capacity has a direct impact on the maximum range/mileage of an electric scooter.

                    Electric Scooter Battery Basics

                    To check the battery capacity of an e-scooter, just look for the Wh rating. For example, the Currus Panther scooter has a 2,100 Wh (60V 35Ah) battery, which is capable of offering a maximum mileage of 100-120km.

                    Depending on your specific mileage and portability requirements, you can buy an electric scooter with a bigger or portable battery.

                    What is a Battery Management System?

                    A Battery Management System or BMS is an electronic circuit that is attached with modern battery packs in order to control their chagrin and discharging mechanisms. The main goal of a BMS is to prevent the battery from overheating too much due to overcharging or overuse. Some advanced battery management systems can even cut off the power when overheating occurs.

                    Tips for Maintaining Electric Scooter Battery Life

                    Now that you know what your electric scooter’s battery is made of and how it gets its power, let’s discuss some effective ways to take care of our scooter battery to ensure its good, healthy life.

                    Tips for Maintaining Electric Scooter Battery Life

                    Check the Battery Before Every Ride

                    Make sure to keep your e-scooter battery fully charged, especially if you are planning to go out soon. Check the battery level before starting a ride to ensure it has sufficient power for the ride. Avoid over-discharging the battery, as it will decrease its life.

                    Respect the Recommended Weight Limit

                    The ideal conditions for your scooter battery to perform at its best are usually mentioned in the scooter brochure. It may also mention the ideal weight limit to improve battery life.

                    In the case of the Currus Panther e-scooter, the ideal weight limit to get the best battery mileage (up to 120 km) is 75 kg. The more weight or load on the scooter will cause the battery to deplete quickly.

                    Charge with Care

                    Charge your e-scooter battery only with the CURRUS original charger or with a Certified charger. Avoid using a duplicate charger to charge the battery. Do not overcharge, and do not let the battery run out completely before you charge it again.

                    Regularly charge your electric scooter battery even if you are not using the vehicle or have it stored.

                    Store in Dry/Cool Place

                    Always store your scooter battery (with or without scooter) in a dry and cool place to avoid overheating. Avoid parking your e-scooter in the open or in direct sunlight, as it might heat up the battery.

                    Also, avoid taking your e-scooter out when it’s raining, as the battery can get damaged due to water.

                    How to Protect Electric Scooter Battery

                    Besides taking good care of your e-scooter battery in order to increase its life, it’s also important to protect it from dangers and damages such as too much sunlight, overheating, overcharging & discharging, water damage, fire damage, etc.

                    How to Protect Electric Scooter Battery

                    The best way to protect your scooter battery from these seen & unseen dangers is to keep it away from them. For instance, by parking your electric scooter under a shed and away from sunlight, you can protect the battery from overheating. Also, try & store your scooter inside the home rather than in a garage to keep safe from temperature/weather changes.

                    Avoid using your e-scooter in the rain, as it can cause serious damage to the battery if the water gets in. Also, avoid storing in a place that is too cold or where water can get in, such as a basement.

                    For maximum battery life, keep the charging level between 20 and 95 percent, i.e. do not charge it more than 95 percent and charge immediately once the battery level reaches 20 percent.

                    Hope this guide to the electric scooter batteries helps you get the maximum performance out of your e-scooter battery. For questions, feel free to contact us. Explore our wide range of ultra-modern and feature-rich electric scooters with huge battery life at

                    Do you want to read more about electric scooters and their accessories? Check out these articles.