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Electric Scooter Battery Life (What You Should Know)

know about electric scooters battery life

Electric scooters are two-wheelers that are designed to run with the power of electricity. Since these vehicles do not use traditional fuels like petrol or diesel and have zero carbon emission, they are friendly to the environment.

The motor used in an e-scooter is a DC motor that gets its power from the battery attached to the vehicle. Besides the motor, your scooter battery also powers the lights, controller, etc. when in use.

Electric Scooters Battery Life

It helps to know about the e-scooter battery to be able to better maintain and protect it and ensure its maximum life.

In this guide, we will discuss a number of things about electric scooter batteries, including the tips for maintaining electric batteries and how to protect them to ensure a long life.

Electric Scooter Battery Basics

Though there are multiple types of batteries that can be used in electric scooters, most of the vehicles will use a lithium-ion battery pack because of its high energy density and long life. However, depending on the scooter price, some low-price variants may still be using lead-acid batteries that cost less.

The power/capacity of a battery is measured in watt-hours (Wh). The more the battery power, the longer it can let an electric scooter run. However, the weight and size of the battery also increase as you increase the capacity, which can make the vehicle not so easily portable.

The battery capacity has a direct impact on the maximum range/mileage of an electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Battery Basics

To check the battery capacity of an e-scooter, just look for the Wh rating. For example, the Currus Panther scooter has a 2,100 Wh (60V 35Ah) battery, which is capable of offering a maximum mileage of 100-120km.

Depending on your specific mileage and portability requirements, you can buy an electric scooter with a bigger or portable battery.

What is a Battery Management System?

A Battery Management System or BMS is an electronic circuit that is attached with modern battery packs in order to control their chagrin and discharging mechanisms. The main goal of a BMS is to prevent the battery from overheating too much due to overcharging or overuse. Some advanced battery management systems can even cut off the power when overheating occurs.

Tips for Maintaining Electric Scooter Battery Life

Now that you know what your electric scooter’s battery is made of and how it gets its power, let’s discuss some effective ways to take care of our scooter battery to ensure its good, healthy life.

Tips for Maintaining Electric Scooter Battery Life

Check the Battery Before Every Ride

Make sure to keep your e-scooter battery fully charged, especially if you are planning to go out soon. Check the battery level before starting a ride to ensure it has sufficient power for the ride. Avoid over-discharging the battery, as it will decrease its life.

Respect the Recommended Weight Limit

The ideal conditions for your scooter battery to perform at its best are usually mentioned in the scooter brochure. It may also mention the ideal weight limit to improve battery life.

In the case of the Currus Panther e-scooter, the ideal weight limit to get the best battery mileage (up to 120 km) is 75 kg. The more weight or load on the scooter will cause the battery to deplete quickly.

Charge with Care

Charge your e-scooter battery only with the CURRUS original charger or with a Certified charger. Avoid using a duplicate charger to charge the battery. Do not overcharge, and do not let the battery run out completely before you charge it again.

Regularly charge your electric scooter battery even if you are not using the vehicle or have it stored.

Store in Dry/Cool Place

Always store your scooter battery (with or without scooter) in a dry and cool place to avoid overheating. Avoid parking your e-scooter in the open or in direct sunlight, as it might heat up the battery.

Also, avoid taking your e-scooter out when it’s raining, as the battery can get damaged due to water.

How to Protect Electric Scooter Battery

Besides taking good care of your e-scooter battery in order to increase its life, it’s also important to protect it from dangers and damages such as too much sunlight, overheating, overcharging & discharging, water damage, fire damage, etc.

How to Protect Electric Scooter Battery

The best way to protect your scooter battery from these seen & unseen dangers is to keep it away from them. For instance, by parking your electric scooter under a shed and away from sunlight, you can protect the battery from overheating. Also, try & store your scooter inside the home rather than in a garage to keep safe from temperature/weather changes.

Avoid using your e-scooter in the rain, as it can cause serious damage to the battery if the water gets in. Also, avoid storing in a place that is too cold or where water can get in, such as a basement.

For maximum battery life, keep the charging level between 20 and 95 percent, i.e. do not charge it more than 95 percent and charge immediately once the battery level reaches 20 percent.

Hope this guide to the electric scooter batteries helps you get the maximum performance out of your e-scooter battery. For questions, feel free to contact us. Explore our wide range of ultra-modern and feature-rich electric scooters with huge battery life at

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Segway Ends Production of its Self-Balancing Two-Wheeler. What’s Next?

segway ends production of self balancing two wheeler

Segway Ends Production of its Self-balancing Two-wheeler. What’s Next?

It’s official. Segway is all set to end the production of its much-hyped electric two-wheeler Segway PT (earlier Segway HT).

The Segway two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter was launched in 2001 by the inventor Dean Kamen. At the time, it was no less than a next-gen mobility solution that would change the way people commute.

But not all good things have a happy ending. The much-innovative yet often criticized electric two-wheeler is about to see an end to its journey, as the Segway owner brand Ninebot has recently announced its decision to stop the production of the Segway.

The last factory (based in Bedford, New Hampshire) where the Segway PT is produced will reportedly shut down on July 15, putting an end to the story for good.

The high-end price tag ($5,000 US and higher), relatively low speed, and the difficult to learn balance thing of the Segway, which has reportedly led to multiple accidents, are some of the factors contributing to this long-due decision by the company.

When launched about 20 years back, the self-balancing two-wheeler was no less than a revolution and an inspiration for companies working on the future of mobility.

The Segway technology was hyped as something the world had never seen before and that would effectively transform the way we commute.

But eventually, it ended up being just a commuting tool used only by security guards, tourists, and some kids. Electric scooters have now taken their place as a means for personal transportation.

The failure of the Segway vehicles had come long before today. The company was even not able to reach its initial milestone of selling 100,000 two-wheelers in the first year of launch and ended up taking more than a decade for the same.

Why Shouldn’t You Be Disappointed?

Irrespective of how much we will miss the Segway vehicles, we can all accept that the departure was long overdue.

There are now better and more innovative options for anyone looking to enjoy the convenience of an affordable personal transporter, the eco-friendly factor of electric mobility and the thrill of speed.

The Segway two-wheelers were not famous for their speed. In fact, a number of modern electric vehicles in use today are much faster, convenient and comfortable.

And the options are truly unlimited. Whether you’re a fan of hoverboards, unicycles, or kick scooters, you can find an electric variant to be more accomodating and faster.

Here are the best Segway Alternatives you can buy right now:

Electric Unicycle (Inmotion V8/V8F)

If you’re looking for a self-balancing and equally fun alternative to the Segway, the Inmotion V8F unicycle won’t disappoint you.

An electric unicycle is a personal electric vehicle that has only one wheel and uses sensors to achieve self-balancing.

In terms of design and functionality, it may be similar to the Segway, but the performance is definitely better.

Modern e-unicycles can achieve an average speed of 35-40 km/hr, almost double the speed of the best Segway variant and they are far more secure and stable.

The Inmotion V8F, with its top speed of 35 km/h, a huge riding range of 55 km, and a low net weight of around 14.5 kg, is the best option in the category. It’s fast, reliable, and super portable.

And you can own this awesome electricity unicycle at almost 1/5th of the price of a Segway.

Ninebot Drift W1 by Segway

A fan of roller skates? What can be better than roller skates combined with auto-riding and self-balancing features? Nothing, I guess.

The Ninebot Drift W1 is the latest example of the revolutionary electric mobility solutions by Ninebot, the parent company of Segway.

These electric hover shoes, with their smooth riding and ultra safety features, will make you feel like you are drifting in the air, just above the surface.

Top features include safety bumpers, up to 45 mins battery backup, RGB LED lights, portability, 10% gradeability, splash proof and lightweight (3.5 kg) design, up to 12 km/h top speed, among others.

If you want a Segway that has improved safety, better control and is more fun to ride, this is the one you should buy. And you can own it for just 499 CAD (365 USD)


Saved the best for the last!

Kick scooters have always been a trend among kids and teens. But, what if you could have a kick-scooter with the auto-riding feature, i.e. a kick-scooter that you no longer have to kick in order to ride and can reach a speed of up to 50 km/hr or more?

That’s what an electric scooter is. It’s a kick scooter with an electric motor.

The Currus NF is one of the best electric kick scooters you can buy today. It’s the most advanced of electric mobility solutions in terms of speed, performance and overall riding experience.

Compared to Segway, the Currus NF is better looking, more stable, safer and designed to deliver a better performance. In ideal conditions, it can easily reach up to a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h), more than double the Segway speed.

It is portable and easy to carry around, comes with a powerful battery with up to 120 km (75 miles) of range, and has a higher load capacity and better safety features. And it looks awesome.

It took us years, but we have finally realized that the Segway was never meant for personal transportation. At best, it could be used to roam around or inside a big building like an airport or a mall.

If you actually need an electric vehicle that you can use for personal commuting and is more powerful than the Segway PT, the above alternatives should perfectly fit your needs.

To explore more of the modern electrical mobility solutions, feel free to visit

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E-scooter Rules of the Road: Know Before You Ride

E-scooter‌ ‌RULES‌ ‌OF‌ ‌THE‌ ‌ROAD

Electric scooters are a safe and fun way to ride. They do not weigh much and can easily get you wherever you need to go within a particular area.

E-scooter Rules of the Road

However, there are usually some local or state rules associated with riding an e-scooter. So, make sure that you know your local e-scooter rules before buying or riding one.

The rules of the road for e-scooters may differ from one area/city to another. In this article, we will discuss some of these rules and local laws related to riding an e-scooter.

Why are there Laws for E-scooters?

Whereas the e-scooters were originally launched as a new and innovative means for transportation around the city, they ended up disrupting the people’s lives in more ways than one.

Mostly, there are no fixed docks or designated parking spaces for these vehicles, and users park them on sidewalks or in bicycle parking, causing accidents and unwanted disputes. Also, many riders are illegally taking their e-scooters on sidewalks, causing inconvenience for pedestrians.

In the light of these events, some state governments outright outlawed electric scooters while others devised rules to ensure the safety of the riders and those around them. These laws include rules related to vehicle conditions, driving license requirements, safety gear to use, where to ride, how to ride, etc.

Things to Keep in Mind When Riding an E-scooter

definitive guide of electric scooter for adults

Where can you ride an e-scooter?

Well, in most cities & states across the US, you are allowed to ride an e-scooter on the road or in a bike lane, not on sidewalks. Sidewalks are for pedestrians and therefore should be avoided while riding an e-scooter.

In some cities, riding an e-scooter in public places like parks, school campuses, etc. might be prohibited. For instance, Tucson (AZ) doesn’t allow e-scooter riders to ride in the Arizona University campus or across the Pima County Loop Trail.

How to Ride An E-Scooter

Riding an e-scooter is another thing that you learn before buying one. It’s important because some states/cities may need you to have a license to ride an electric scooter. Some may also have specific riding rules for e-scooters.

Some of the e-scooter riding rules are common everywhere. These include:

  • Ride one person per scooter. Electric scooters are personal transportation devices that are designed to carry only one person at a time. Also, keep in mind the max weight limit of an e-scooter when riding it.
  • Never drink when or before riding an e-scooter. That goes for any kind of riding or driving. By drinking while riding, you’re not just breaking the law but also putting many people’s lives in danger.

E-scooters As Public Transit

E-scooters are originally meant as a tool for personal transportation, and many states still prefer that they are used only for personal use and not as a public transit system.

Depending on which state or city you live in, there might be some flexibility in whether or not you can ride your e-scooter on public transit. In most places, however, shared scooters are not allowed on public transit.

Make sure to check with your local transit authorities about the rules related to the use of e-scooter as and on public transit.

Age Restrictions for E-scooters

In most places, there will be an age restriction for riding an e-scooter. Since these are automated vehicles, children below a specific age may not be allowed to ride them.

Though there is a dispute in different States over the minimum age qualification to ride an electric or motorized scooter, the standard age limit recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and others is – 16 years, which is the same as required to have a driver’s license in most States.

However, in some places, only those who are 18 or older and possess a valid driver’s license can ride an electric scooter or two-wheeler.

Safety Gear to Use While Riding An E-scooter

Well, this is something obvious. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re riding, it’s recommended to use proper safety gear to ensure the safety of yourself and the others around you.

In the case of e-scooters, however, it’s more than recommended. Most States and Cities would need you to use a helmet when riding an e-scooter. And it’s compulsory. You may even be fined if found riding an e-scooter without wearing a helmet.

Besides a helmet, you should also seriously consider wearing gloves, mouthguard, body armor, etc., especially if you’re riding a performance-centric scooter like the Currus NF or Inmotion L8F.

How and Where to Park

This is another important thing to know for e-scooter owners and riders.

Parking an e-scooter on the road or in a public place can be really frustrating, as the laws in most places don’t allow that. However, the governments are coming to terms with it and devising rules for e-scooter owners to carefully and responsibly park their vehicles in the right place.

In some urban cities, you are allowed to park your scooter on the sidewalks and close to the street in such a way that it doesn’t bother the pedestrians using the sidewalk. E-scooters must always be parked in an upright position and must not block driveways or entrances.

In other areas, you can park an electric scooter near public bike racks. But, they must never be left on handicap ramps or parked in automobile parking areas.

It is recommended that the scooter companies have designated docks or areas where their customers can park e-scooters.

Explore the widest and best range of performance-focused electric scooters at Place your order today to get free delivery across the U.S. and Canada.

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KS-S18 vs Inmotion V11: The Best Electric Unicycle to Buy Today

KS-S18 vs Inmotion V11: The Best Electric Unicycle to Buy Today

Electric Unicycles are one of the trendiest and most stylish means of personal transportation today. They are compact, lightweight, and super fun to ride.

When buying an electric unicycle, you have to consider a number of things, including the design, power/motor, battery life, control & stability, cost, among others. Your focus should be on choosing a unicycle that can offer optimum power and mileage and still fit your budget.

Today, as the demand for and competition in the electric vehicle industry is increasing, brands have to regularly introduce newer, more innovative options to keep meeting customers’ expectations. Electric Unicycles are one of the latest trends in the electric vehicle industry.

KS-S18 vs Inmotion V11: The Best Electric Unicycle to Buy Today

When it comes to buying an electric unicycle, you only want the best. Keeping that in mind, today we talk about two of the newest and most advanced electric unicycles in the market and compare them in terms of features, design, and power, among other things, so as to make it easy for you to choose and buy the right one.

  1. KingSong
  2. Inmotion

Inmotion V11: An Introduction

Touted as the “King of Off road” because of its extraordinary off-road capabilities, the Inmotion V11 is the latest offering in the EUC segment by the China-based electric mobility brand Inmotion.

Inmotion V11 Unicycle

The Inmotion V11 features a more stylish (yet simplistic) design, a high-powered motor, and better security features than its predecessors (V10 and V10F).

The design is the most outstanding part of this electric vehicle. It ensures the rider’s safety when lifting up the wheel. It also comes with one press cutoff feature that will cut the power off with one simple press.

To further strengthen the security factor, the device is equipped with extra-large, anti-slippery sandpaper pedals to ensure improved handling and control in poor road conditions and more steady riding experience for you.

The unicycle also comes with its own built-in stand for support when standing still. It features the next-gen styling features, including an aluminum alloy stick to tie the trolley handle with the main body, a rubble handheld blanket, dual charging ports, and an ultra-bright taillight on the backside. On the front, it has a bright central headlight with customizable range for low light roads.

The power to the V11 unicycle comes from a 2000 W motor that is capable of taking it up to a top speed of 50km/h (31.25 mph). To give it ultimate off-road riding capabilities, there has been attached an 18-inch x 3-inch wide tire that ensures steadiness even on the bumpiest terrains.

The innovative cooling system keeps the device cool even through the most intense rides, thanks to its three-way heat-sinking technology.

To ensure an overall comfortable riding experience, there has been added an adjustable 70mm air-spring suspension that keeps the ride smooth and safe on bumps.

The Inmotion V11 integrates a dual 84V 1500WH battery pack that can give a maximum range of up to 120 km (75 miles) in ideal conditions. It has collaborative LG batteries on both sides to keep the vehicle running even if one battery fails during the ride. The battery can be easily and quickly charged with any 5V / 2.1A USB port through the integrated dual charging ports.

KS-S18: Brief Summary

KS-S18 is the latest offering from the China-based King Song Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd. It’s a high-performance, safety-focused electric unicycle that features an aggressive sports bike design with an air intake system for efficient cooling. The ergonomic design ensures high safety and comfort for the rider.

KS-S18: Brief Summary

Among other things, the best part of the KS-S18 unicycle is the variable linkage dampening air suspension system that uses 200-57 suspension and can be adjusted depending on the road conditions and ride style.

Other notable features include 12 MOS design, aluminium body frame, stronger headlights with automatic sensors, ergonomic handle for pushing and lifting, three-in-one rear light to display battery level, braking, and turning signals.

It integrates a 2200W motor that is capable of managing a top speed of 50km/h (31mph) in preferred conditions. The maximum mileage that can be achieved with the KS-S18 is around 100km (62 miles), thanks to integrated DC 74V 1110WH battery.

KS-S18 vs Inmotion V11: Features Comparison

ProductInmotion V11KS-S18
Weight~27kg (59.5 lbs)~22kg (48.5 lbs)
Mileage/Range75 miles (120km)100km (62 miles)
Max. Speed31.25 mph (50km/h)50km/h (31mph)
Climbing Angle (Gradability)35°~40°
Max. Payload120kg (264 lbs)120kg (264 lbs)
Battery84V 1500WHDC 74V 1110WH
Charging Time10 h (5h with dual chargers)~6h with 2.5A charger
Motor Power2000W2200W
Tire18-inch x 3-inch18-inch x 3-inch
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0 BLEBluetooth 4.0
Size26.6×19.7×7.87in (675.64×500.38×199.89mm)557x530x200mm
Ground-Footboard distance3.55-6.30 in (90.17-160.02mm)210-110mm

KS-S18 vs Inmotion V11 – Which to Buy

Well, in terms of features, the KS-S18 and the Inmotion V11 are more or less alike. Both have an equally powerful motor and both can go to a max speed of 50km/h (31 mph). The maximum range for both the unicycles is over 100km (62 miles).

While both the devices integrate respectively powerful battery packs, the one in the Inmotion V11 has more power and thus slightly better output performance.

The battery pack in the V11 consists of two separate batteries on either side of the device to ensure the device keeps running even if one battery fails. Both the vehicles integrate smart BMS and allow the battery conditions to be monitored via the official mobile apps.

There are some basic differences in terms of design. While the KS-S18 features a more sporty (naked) look with better safety features like lift sensor, roll protection, low battery indicator, speed limit protection, high-temperature protection, etc., the Inmotion V11 design is more stylish and attractive.

It has extra-large anti-slippery pedals, built-in stand, off-road tires, extra bright headlight, and a uniquely designed taillight. The KS-S18 also has a rear-light that integrates battery level, braking, and turning signals all within one singular unit.

You can now buy the KS-S18 and the Inmotion V11 latest electric unicycles at the FreeMotionShop website. Read the details, compare the features, and buy the best unicycle for your needs.

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A Peek Into The Fastest Electric Scooters of 2020

A peek into the Fastest Electric Scooter 2020

When buying an electric scooter, speed is one of the major requirements of the users. Most users want to buy an e-scooter that is fast and has a top-class weight capacity. With such a large number of modern electric vehicles in the market and new ones coming every day, finding the fastest electric scooters can be confusing.

A peek into the Fastest Electric Scooter 2020

But, don’t worry. We make the job easier for you by comparing and reviewing all the top-performing and fastest e-scooters of 2020 in terms of speed, acceleration, and overall power capacity.

But first, we will discuss a number of things and get to know about the various parts of an electric scooter that contribute to its performance. Let’s get started.


Like the heart is the hub to live for a human body, in the same way, the motor is the real heart of the vehicle. It gives the strength and power factor to the wheels of the electric scooter.

The engine can be mounted to the exterior side of the wheels or inside a rim called the hub motor. The hub motors are held in greater demand in terms of time, power, and torque. It is more durable than any other alternative as it is protected from splashes.


To coordinate with the functional parts of the electric scooter, you need the motherboard. It is the center of connection for all such transfers and functionality. It serves to be the center of all actions that you are going to operate with.


Like the muscles in your body, the battery acts as a muscle in the electric scooter. Your vehicle will take the required amount of energy from the battery to regulate. The batteries of electric scooters are lithium-based and that makes them more compact and powerful.


The frame of the electric scooter is like a skeleton that can withstand the weight. The frame is foldable, and this makes it portable to take it in a metro or train or bus. This ensures easy storage too.


The throttle is the connective medium that sends and speeds up the signal to the motherboard. If you want to speed up the scooter, you can open the throttle and pull it towards you gradually.


The brakes are attached and wired to the wheels so that when the brakes are applied, the wires will generate friction to decelerate, giving you the option to slow down.

The fastest Electric Scooters of 2020

An electric scooter is a compact, lightweight and eco-friendly two-wheeler that you can take anywhere with you for a safe and fun ride experience. They make a better and environment-friendly alternative to fuel-based bikes and can be used by people of all ages.

Earlier, these electric scooters were limited in power and were capable of offering a speed of not more than 10-15 miles per hour, but now with the technology evolution in the automobile industry, we have some modern models offering up to 56 mph top speed.

Today, we will talk about the best e-scooters of 2020 in terms of speed and power capacity.

Currus Panther Electric Scooter (50 mph)

Currus Panther - The Fastest Electric Schooter in 2020Currus Panther is a performance-centric electric scooter designed for those who love the thrill of a bike but prefer the unique and eco-friendly style of electric vehicles.

With Currus Panther, you can enjoy one of the fastest electric scooters out there without compromising the safety of our environment.

Featured with a stylish and super-cool design, exceptional ride comfort and extraordinary power, the Currus Panther is the answer to all your prayers for a fast and good looking e-scooter.

It integrates a massive Max 5400 watt BLDC dual hub motor capable of taking it to a top speed of 50 miles per hour in ideal conditions.

The addition of 60V 35Ah H35E Samsung Li-ion batteries keeps the vehicle running for straight up to 75 miles on a single charge. And it takes only about 5.3 hours to fully charge with a quick charger.

When you’re riding such a powerful and fast e-scooter, safety is of course a major concern. Keeping that in mind, the company has attached Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 150mm Front Pressure Suspension to give you the maximum control and stability during a ride.

Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter (50 mph)

dualtron ultra - The fastest electric scooter 2020Dualtron Ultra is the second in line when it comes to the most powerful and fastest electric scooters of 2020. Same as the Dualtron Thunder, the Dualtron Ultra e-scooter also comes with a MAX 5,400 watt BLDC dual hub motor that can offer a top speed of up to 50 miles per hour in best conditions.

It also has the same, yet slightly low-powered, 60 volt – 32 Ah – 1,920Wh – LG 3200 battery that can still offer a whopping mileage of 75 miles and takes about 5.3 hours to fully charge with the quick charger.

The Dualtron Ultra e-scooter comes with front and rear disk brakes along with ABS as standard for improved safety and stability. It weighs around 81 lbs and has a weight carrying capacity of 265 lbs.

Currus NF Electric Scooter (43 mph)

Currus NF - The Fastest Electric Schooter in 2020With a powerful 3600 W BLDC dual-hub motor and a top speed of 43 miles per hour, the Currus NF continues to remain one of the fastest electric scooters in the market.

When it comes to design, the Currus NF has a slightly different and more aerodynamic structure than most other electric scooters. This makes it easier for the scooter to pick up acceleration and ride faster.

The integrated 60 V – 28 Ah H35E Samsung battery can keep the vehicle running for up to 100-120 km on a single charge.

The super-strong Spring 150mm suspension, the Multi-EYE LCD screen with power to control acceleration, braking and ABS, waterproof IP54, and Hydraulic disk brakes are some of the things that make the Currus NF a truly revolutionary, fast and advanced electric scooter of the year.

I hope this list positively helps you find a good and fast enough electric scooter for your next travel adventure. To buy the fastest e-scooters online from FreeMotionShop, just log on to our website

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Electric Scooter for Adults – A Definitive Guide

definitive guide of electric scooter for adults

Electric Scooters are one of those rare vehicles that can be used by people of all ages. They are easy and fun to ride and probably the best way to commute in and around a city.

If you are an adult and planning to buy an e-scooter for personal use, here’s your complete guide to finding and buying the best electric scooters in line with your needs and budget.

definitive guide of electric scooter for adults

A Guide to Buying Electric Scooters for Adults

1. Fastest Electric Scooter for Adults

When planning to buy an e-scooter, most adults will look for options that are the fastest and performance-focused. If that’s what you are after, here is the best option for you.
currus panther adult off-road 11-inchelectric scooter
Currus Panther is a performance-driven electric scooter designed specifically for adults looking for the thrill of an ultrafast ride while having the fun of an e-scooter. It comes integrated with a herculean 5400 W dual hub motor that enables the scooter to achieve a top speed of 80 km per hour with a maximum load capacity of 120 kg.

Normally an electric scooter will have a max speed of not more than 32-40kmph. But, the Currus Panther, being the powerhouse it is, can easily go up to 2-3 times faster than normal.

It comes with an ergonomic, foldable design and a powerful battery that can offer a range of up to 120 kilometers on a single charge.

If speed is what you want in your electric scooter, Currus Panther is the one for you.

2. Things To Consider For Searching an Electric Scooter for Adults

Now comes the most important part. How do you search for an electric scooter? Where can you buy one? What are the things you should consider when purchasing an e-scooter? If these are the questions you’re struggling with, you are your answers.

When it comes to the location (where), you can go for a local e-scooter manufacturer/distributor, which is a more trustworthy and convenient option, or you can import an electric scooter from a Chinese company, which is certainly the cheapest option but maybe not the best in terms of quality and service.

search online for freemotionshopNowadays, most electric scooter manufacturers and brands also sell online, so you can use the internet to research and buy the best scooter from a reputable brand.

As for the things/factors to consider when buying an electric scooter, the most important ones are speed, cost, range, weight, durability, design (folding), suspension, and extra features like headlight, etc. Consider your own purpose and goals for buying an e-scooter.

3. What are the top Stunt and Foldable Electric Scooters available in the Market

When buying an e-scooter, convenience is an important factor for most people. This is the reason why electric scooters with folding capacity are getting more popular these days. Being foldable, these scooters are easy to carry and have a compact design.

The best options for foldable electric scooters are the following:

  • Currus NF Electric Scooter – The next-gen, foldable e-scooter by Currus Motors is the best electric scooter with a powerful Max 3600W BLDC dual hub motor, 60V 28Ah battery with up to 74 miles range, and a stylish yet lightweight overall design.
  • Dualtron Raptor Electric Scooter – Though small, this is a powerhouse of scooter that comes with a 2600W electric motor and can offer a top speed of 48kmph.
  • Dualtron Spider Limited Electric Scooter – It’s made of highly durable material and can take a maximum load of 87kg. Other features include a disk brake, ABS system, LCD panel, and a top mileage of 85 km.

4. Things You Should Know about the Best Adult Electric Kick-Scooter

An electric kick scooter is a next-gen scooter that comes with an electric motor so that you no longer have to manually operate it. It has the same deck, handlebar, wheels and all, but looks more stylish and is definitely more powerful.

So, if you are looking to buy an adult electric kick scooter, the best option in terms of performance and cost is the Inmotion L8F Electric Scooter. Here’s why this is the best e-scooter for beginners.

The Inmotion L8F e-scooter has been designed for adults looking for a kick-scooter for daily commuting. The electric two-wheeler comes with all the advanced features that you may want in your kick scooter, including end and rear brakes, lightweight design, 100kg load capacity, superb quality, and affordable price.

The e-scooter is fitted with a 250W motor and has a top speed of 30 km/hour with a maximum range of 35 kilometres. It also features a suspension system along with shock absorption to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

5. Which Lightweight Kick Scooter is Easiest to Use?

On the other hand, if you are looking for a lightweight and powerful kick electric scooter, then this detailed guide to buying the best lightweight kick scooters will certainly help you.

If you are going to use your electric scooter for daily commuting, portability should be an important factor for you. A lightweight e-scooter is easy to fold and carry when you’re not riding it. The InMotion L8F Kick Scooter is the best lightweight scooter you can buy with the most advanced features and affordable price.

Among the various factors to consider when buying a lightweight kick-scooter, the most important one is convenience. You do not want to buy an e-scooter that’s too bulky and not easy to move around. At the same time, you should consider buying a scooter that is fast enough to take you to your destination on time and smooth enough for troubled roads. The ride quality is another important thing to look for in an electric scooter.

You can check out and compare different types of electric scooters on our website to find out the best one for your specific needs. Some of the best electric scooters for adults include InMotion L8F Kick Scooter, Currus NF electric scooter, Minimotors Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter, etc. You can find a lot more options on the website and can compare them by features like speed, durability, power, range, foldability, and more to select the one that best fits your purpose for buying an electric scooter.

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A Comprehensive List of the Top Foldable Electric Scooters

Folding scooters are now getting popular amongst all. These are just amazing when it comes to reaching the destination in an efficient way. Just imagine, traveling at a 20 or 30 miles per hour (32-48kmph) without using any pedal! This sounds amazing. With all the fantastic features, they are now attracting more crowds. But not all the scooters are best. For maximum comfort and a brilliant riding experience, you need to find the best scooter. However, don’t worry much about it as here we bring you some of the best electric scooters to buy.

The Best Foldable Electric Scootersto Buy

  1. Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter

This powerful foldable electric scooter is designed and developed by Mini Motors. Apart from all its features and specs, Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter has off-road riding capabilities. Wider tires, powerful suspension system, aluminum chassis, etc. all these things have made it a perfect choice for all. Its motor can produce 5400 W power and make it travel at around 49miles (80 km) of maximum speed. You will definitely enjoy the rides with its 3-step driving option.

  • Dualtron Raptor Electric Scooter

It may look small, but its power can blow your mind. In fact, it is one of the most potent foldable electronic scooters in this segment. Its motor offers 2600W output and helps it to reach a top speed of 30 miles/h(48kmph). Dualtron Raptor Electric Scooter supports 25 degrees of incline and provides better stability. Its powerful battery, 1077Wh battery from LG, lets the scooter cover about 45 miles(72kms). So, this a perfect scooter if you are going to use it within the city.

  • Dualtron Spider Limited Electric Scooter

Dualtron Spider Limited Electric Scooter comes with the BLDC dual hub motor, having a capacity of 3000W. It has a battery of 59.2V. Charging time with 2A 12 hours. With 4A, the battery will take around 6 hours to get fully charged. Talking about the maximum mileage, it can travel up to 52 miles (85 km) once fully charged.

It is made of durable material and can support a maximum load of 176lbs(87kg). It has a disk brake and ABS system too. The electric scooter comes with an LCD panel. It shows speed, TRIP, battery level, mode change, and more.

  • Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

This scooter is from the Mini Motors. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter is marked as a high-performing electric scooter. Some main features of the Thunder have a sleek and stylish look, off-road driving ability, superior comfort, and more. The dual hub motor system products 5400 W power and helps it to attain a maximum speed of 49mph (80km per hour) with 264lbs (120kg) of maximum load.

It has 11-inch wide tires that are tubeless and offer a better grip. It provides better control during a sharp turn. Coming to its lighting section, it has dual LED lights, brake lights, and rear lights. Besides, the lights of the handlebar can be customized using the dashboard. So, now you can ride with style.

These are some of the best foldable scooters that you can buy within your budget. If you want the best buying deals on these scooters, then FreeMotion will be the perfect destination for you!

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Best Electric Scooter for Commuting Every day!

With time, electric scooters have emerged as a perfect and fun way to travel one place to another within the town. They offer impressive performance and also come within the budget. They are compact and easy to drive. You don’t even need to get trained for the electric scooter. Just stand on it and keep driving.

Well, when it comes to buying the perfect one for you, you will get a lot of options. But selecting one of them can be really confusing. To help you out, we have listed down some of the best and most affordable electric scooters for commuting purposes. Read on and choose the perfect one for you.

Some of the most popular electric scooters

  • Dualtron Raptor Electric Scooter

It is quite powerful than the regular electric scooters. Dualtron Raptor Electric Scooteris small in size but offers outstanding performance. It comes equipped with 1300 watts of dual motors, which produce 2600 watts of output. With this, it offers a top speed of 35 miles per hour(56kmph). Besides, it has a 1077Wh battery. Once fully charged, it can easily cover around 45 miles(72kms). With suspension on both the side, it offers a comfortable riding experience. For smooth riding, it has large tires and ABS System brakes.

  • Dualtron Spider Limited Electric Scooter

Dualtron Spider Limited Electric Scootercombines durability, range, speed, and weight brilliantly. It weighs around 46lbs (21 kg), and if required, you can fold to make it smaller. With its dual motor setup, it can produce around 3000 watts of power. This is enough to offer you a maximin speed of 40mph (65km per hour). Besides, it has three different driving modes, i.e., turbo, dual, and mode 3. Its 24.5amp battery can cover 54 miles(86kms) with a single charge. You will definitely enjoy a smooth ride with this one.

  • Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooters

Looking for a high-performing electric scooter for yourself? If yes, then Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooteris the ideal scooter for you. Its dual motor configuration produces 5400 W power and offers49mph (80km per hour) of maximum speed. It supports a high load capacity of around 260lbs (120 kg). For better comfort, it has a 15-step adjustable suspension. No matter what the surface is, you will enjoy the ride with it. For safety, the electric scooter comes with a hydraulic braking system. Furthermore, it has speed alerts, brake light, and high-quality tubeless tires. All these make it a powerful scooter.

These are some of the best scooters that you can go for. However, if you are looking for more options and best deals, then visit FreeMotion online store now. Check out the products and buy the best one.

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InmotionV8 – What to Expect from It!

There is no doubt that we all want to have a stylish looking and cost-effective electric unicycle. But which one is the best? You will find a lot of options, and choosing the best one can be a little confusing. But not anymore. When it comes to a budget-friendly unicycle that can offer supper performance as well style, you can always go for Inmotion’sInmotion V8. It is a small package with unbelievable performance. If you love speed, you will find it to be a perfect mate. Grab this and make your daily commute experience more amazing. Now, let’s explore the unique features and specs of this tiny vehicle.

Features and Specs of Inmotion V8

Before getting deep into this, here are the top 6 features of Inmotion V8.

  • I6-inch superior quality inflatable rubber tire.
  • Perfect for warming people.
  • Single wheel and stylish unicycle at affordable price.
  • 800W powerful motor.
  • 474Wh Li-ion battery.
  • 100-220V input voltage.

This ride is super portable

We all know that it is very hectic to carry the unicycle along with you while traveling through public transportation. But not anymore with the new Inmotion V8. This is a super portable unicycle and you can easily keep it between your legs while traveling by train or other public transportations. You can carry it anywhere you want and ride it whenever you want.

The motor of Inmotion V8

It comes equipped with a powerful 800W motor to offer a superior level of performance. It can reach a top speed of 20 mph(32kmph) and can compete with the speed of a regular bicycle. With such speed, you can reach your office or to your destination on time without putting much effort. Try it out now.

The LED lighting and water resistance features

Driving under moderate rain? Well, keep driving as the Inmotion V8 Electric Unicyclecan perform great under such weather conditions. However, it will be better for you if you don’t submerge it in water. It is designed to resist water splashes. Now coming to its lighting section, it comes with bright LED lights that can be customized. All you need is to use the app, and you can customize the lighting with just one click. Go on and set your own signature lighting style and show off to the world.

What about off-road driving?

It is not designed to do off-road stunts, but it can work perfectly on bumps in your pavement. It will even offer a smooth riding experience on the rocky surface. However, while driving, remember to be very careful.

The stability of Inmotion V8

As per the official announcement, this tiny electric unicycle can support a weigh up to 264lbs (120 kg). Its maximum climb angle is 25 degrees. So, you will enjoy better stability while riding your Inmotion V8.

Useful mobile app

It has its own unique mobile app. Using this, you can control a lot of options. For example, you can set your speed limit, lighting effect, and can even play music. It also lets you know about your performance.

Want to bring home the new Inmotion V8? You can find some of the best deals for this at FreeMotion online store.

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Inmotion V10 – Specs, Features and much more!

Are you looking for an advanced and well-designed electric unicycle to ride with style? If yes, then Inmotion V10 is a perfect option for you. It is designed and developed in such a way that it will offer a maximum level of performance. The unicycle is developed by Inmotion and comes with some fantastic features which are missing in its previous version.

When it comes to riding comfort, motor power, and battery capacity, this little unicycle has all the things to offer. So, don’t think much now,just grab one and ride your own unique style. However, let’s have a look at some amazing features and specifications of the new Inmotion V10. 

Exploring the features of the unicycle

  • A powerful motor

As per the company, this time, it has offered a powerful motor with the new Inmotion V10. In fact, it is quite powerful than the Inmotion V8 model. Taking about the power, it has a herculean 1800 W motor. So, now you can travel faster. Besides, the engine offers a top speed of 25 MPH(40kmph). Talking about the load capacity, it can easily support a load capacity of 260lbs(118 kg). 

  • An overpowered battery

For a seamless and unique riding experience, along with a 1800 W powerful motor, the Inmotion V10 has a 650 WH battery. It takes less than 6 hours to get fully charged. Once fully charged, it can cover around 43miles(70 kilometers). So, ride it with pride and forget about the charging. 

  • Inmotion V10 brakes and handling

This time the company has offered all the things with it to let the rider enjoy a comfortable ride. It is carefully designed to provide users with better handling. There is no doubt that you will enjoy a safe riding experience. Take it to the hills, rocky surface, and other places without much hiccups. 

One of the best things about this fantastic electric unicycle is, it comes with the cooling system. That means you can now enjoy a continuous ride without worrying about the overheating of its motor and other parts. Throughout your journey with the Inmotion V10, you will enjoy a better performance. 

  • Lighting

When it comes to Inmotion V10’s lighting, well, you will find it quite unique. It has lights on the rear, side, and front. Now coming to the amazing part, the lights can be customized with the app that you will get with the unicycle. Besides, the app will also show your daily performance. The advanced statistics and features let you analyze your usage habits. 

  • Music and connectivity

If you are a music lover and love to listen to music while riding, then you will enjoy your journey with the Inmotion V10. It has an in-built premium speaker and Bluetooth connectivity features. Connect your device with the unicycle and play your favorite song and keep riding. 

It can be said that it is a small package with an impressive power. So, go on and order it today online at the best price. 

If you want to buy the new Inmotion V10 now and looking for the best deal, you can check out freemotionshop online store now, the best site to buy an electric unicycle