Choosing Two of the Best Electric Unicycles

Two of the best self balancing unicycles in the market

Unicycles are a fun way of moving around on a single wheel. Electric unicycles can be self-balanced easily on a singlewheel. The rider can control the unicycle with Bluetooth apps and also listen to music at the same time. Unlike manual unicycles, the electric unicycles have mechanisms that help the rider in balancing the vehicle easily. The assistance of the balancing mechanisms and wider tires make it easier for the rider to use the unicycle.

Various brands of electric unicycles are available in the market,such as Inmotion, Gotway, Kingsong, etc. These brands are easily available online. Gotway electric unicycle is among the best unicycles sold in the market. Let us discuss the models that are offered by Gotway.

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    GotwayMSuper X

    GotwayMSuperX is an electric unicycle with high performance and has modern features. The Gotway electric unicycle has a high powered motor and battery and is also light in weight. The MSuper X unicycle has motor power of 2000 W that is very powerful and can handle the weight of 264lbs (120 kg) without making any noise.

    With this powerful motor, the ride can go at the speed of 24mph (40 km/hr). This model also has a cooling system that keeps the motor and other parts of the unicycle cool and does not let it heat during its use. 

    The battery used in MSuper X unicycle is 1600 W lithium-ion. The battery gets charged fast,and with a single charged battery,the rider can ride to about 80miles (130 km). The tire is of 19 inches for a comfortable ride. The tire also has a good grip that protects the rider from slipping. The width of the pedals also helps in protecting the rider and increasing safety.

    The LED lights on the side of MSuper X are placed in unique style and are bright which helps in giving a good visibility to the rider. The electric unicycle also has a modern connectivity highlight. The rider can connect to the unicycle with the help of the MSuper X app available for both iOS and Androids.

    Gotway Nikola

    Gotway Nikola is an electric unicycle with a battery power of 1600 W. The unicycle is stylish in design and has great features. The unicycle operates on a single motor that has the capacity of 2000 W. The rider can ride the unicycle at 31 MPH (49km/hr) speed. With this powerful battery, the rider can go upto69miles (112 km) with a single charge. The battery gets charged easily and faster. This unicycle can take a load of maximum of330lbs (150 kg).

    Nikola unicycles have a tire of 16-inch wheel and a width of 3-inch. This gives the rider more stability and balance even on uneven roads or surfaces. Like other unicycles, Nikola also has LED lights. The rider can adjust the brightness of the light with the help of the power button. The LED lights are designed in such a manner that they have a futuristic look and is very appealing.

    This Gotway electric unicycle has Bluetooth 25W speakers that the rider can connect to, for listening to music. The rider can also connect USB wire through the USB port given in the unicycle.

    So go online and log in to Freemotion and place an order for any of these unicycles today!

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