Currus is a manufacturer of electric scooters. Their Currus NF e-scooter has a box-style stem, which provides greater aerodynamic capabilities for your morning commute. It has a dual hub motor, providing power to both the front and the back wheels. Its maximum speed is 43mph, and it has a maximum range of almost 75 miles! The brakes on the Currus NF are disc brakes on both the front and the back wheels, which last for years, and optional ABS.

The suspension on the NF is hydraulic, meaning that with this e-scooter, you will not go flying forward if you have to brake suddenly. This electric scooter comes with the latest EYE LCD technology, which shows any problems with the motor as well as showing when you apply the brakes, as well as the percentage remaining on the battery.

The Currus NF is a fantastic electric scooter for those who are in the market and who are eager to obtain a great value.

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  • CURRUS NF 10 inch adult Eelectric scooter
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    Currus NF electric scooter

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  • Electric Scooter for Adults - A Definitive Guide
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