Ninebot By Segway

NineBot by Segway produces a variety of electric vehicles – a unicycle, a scooter, and a miniature Segway. The electric unicycle, the One Z10, can reach speeds up to 28mph. It is designed for stability on bumps that occur in urban settings. It has an approximately 50-mile range. Its tire is 4.1 inches wide.

It performs well on inclines and declines up to 25 degrees. Its LED lights are controlled via the mobile app. The ES2 Electric Scooter has a max speed of 15.5mph and a range of 15.5 miles. It possesses cruise control. It Weighs 27lbs for ease of carrying. It folds in one click for even greater ease.

It has an LED display and a Bluetooth connection to a Segway mobile app. Anti-theft locks, mechanical and electric brakes, and front and rear LEDs, plus programmable ambient lights complete this fantastic package. The Segway MiniPlus is hands-free. It has a 22-mile range. It weighs 36lbs – it can be carried but can be programmed to follow its rider home. It is knee-high, and has 11-inch tires.

Customizable ambient lights, a storage compartment, and a camera mount make this a great option. It too comes equipped with Segway’s mobile app. All three of these electric mobility options are fantastic for the modern commuter.

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