veternan sherman max 20 inch electric unicycle with headlight
veternan sherman max 20 inch electric unicycle with headlight
veternan sherman max 20 inch electric unicycle with headlight and handlebar
veternan sherman max 20 inch electric unicycle with taillights and handlebar
veternan sherman max 20 inch electric unicycle with headlight and handlebar
veternan sherman max20 inch electric unicycle with rear lights and handlebar




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    The newest addition to the electric unicycle market is the Veteran Sherman. This absolute hunk of an electric unicycle is one of the most powerful unicycles available, with a wide range of awesome features and quality of life improvements that make it a great purchase. But what exactly are these great features? Well…

    Appearance, Weight, and Dimensions:

    To understand just how hefty the Sherman is, we need to get technical, so let’s delve into the measurements.

    Overall, the unicycle’s dimensions are as follows: 21.65″ Length x 7.67″ Width x 23.3″ Height (when folded up), with the tire itself coming in at 20” x 4”. It’s clear to see that the Sherman is a giant of an electric unicycle. The super-wide tire allows for easy balancing and sturdiness that is essential for heavy off-road travel or speeding along a path with a lot of ditches and potholes. The veteran’s pedals measure at 9.85” long with a comfortable ground clearance of 6.9” when on flat ground, giving you plenty of space, perfect for added balance.

    As for the weight of the feisty piece of machinery, the veteran comes in at about 77lbs (35kg). It’s not the lightest unicycle by any stretch of the imagination, but its weight is fair given its size and range of features.

    Performance and Hardware

    The veteran comes with everything you’ll ever need out of an electric unicycle, including:

    Incredible range and speed – Without its load, the veteran can zoom along at a max speed of roughly 61mph (100 kph), and an average speed of 45mph with load, making it one of the fastest electric unicycles available. This is thanks to its extremely powerful 2500W motor; a chunky motor for a chunky unicycle. On top of this, the veteran has a maximum range of up to 130miles!

    Carrying limit – The veteran can certainly tank a pretty large amount of weight and pressure placed upon it. The veteran has a maximum carrying the weight of about 330lbs (150kg)! Just be warned, that with all-electric unicycles, a large load will decrease performance, especially over prolonged periods of time.

    Hill climbing – The veteran can climb hills and inclines under 30°. Given its sheer size, this is pretty good. Besides, the chances of you climbing hills with inclines steeper than 30 degrees are pretty unlikely if you’re mainly riding around in an urban area.

    Battery – The unicycle comes installed with a 3200WH, 100.8V battery, which includes updated Panasonic NCR 18650GA’s.    This gives the veteran nearly twice the capacity of some other electric unicycle models on the market!  The battery supports dual charging with the two USB charging ports located on the backside of the unicycle and supports up to an 8A charge current. The veteran’s battery also has overcharged, over-discharge, and input short-circuit protection, making it safe from any possible faults.

    Control board – The veteran is fitted with 12x HY MOSFETS to maximize peak power output.

    The veteran also has dual cooling fans that kick in when the veteran’s internals reach over 45 degrees Celsius.

    Additional Features/Quality of Life Improvements

    The veteran comes with a wide range of awesome features as well as safety precautions and additional parts built-in. Let’s go over all of these amazing add-ons.

    The veteran comes with a built-in retractable, push handle which can appear and disappear within a second. But due to its enormous weight, you’re not likely to use it very much.

    The veteran has an incredibly in-depth, pre-installed safety system that can be configured and changed within the settings of the unicycle’s unique heads-up display. The display is incredibly convenient, with an improved transparent plastic layer over the LCD interface.

    The display can be used to adjust parts of the veteran’s functionality, such as the riding modes, pedal angle, max speed limits, lighting (including backlight) & calibration.

    Finally, let’s discuss the veteran’s powerful headlight and taillight. The headlight is comprised of 2x 750lm lights, creating a total output of 1500lm. This is great for dark winter nights or a bit of night-time cycling. The taillights act as braking and turning signals, perfect for traveling along busy roads.

    Well, that was a quick overview of the Veteran Sherman! All of this comes together to create one of the best electric unicycles which is an absolute must-buy for any electric unicycle fanatic!

    *Keep in mind that performance can vary with load weight, road conditions, battery status, and temperature.

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    Veteran Sherman 20″ Electric Unicycle (Used)

    20 Inch | 100V | 3200Wh | 2500W EUC
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