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begode master electric unicycle with integrated suspension

Begode has consistently raised the bar for high-performance electric unicycles and is once again ready to smash the competition with its latest offering, the Master. It is the first 134.4-Volt EUC with a monstrous 3500W motor, posing a direct threat to other big names of the electric unicycle world like Kingsong S20, Veteran Sherman Max, Extreme Bull Commander, and Inmotion V12.

The best-in-class ewheel is setting new performance standards with its 2400 Wh 134V battery capable of delivering up to 120-180KM of range. An ultramodern suspension system is also fitted to the feature-packed Begode Master, offering 80mm of vertical travel and adjustable damping. Simply put, Begode Master is the crown jewel of high-performance EUCs, representing the pinnacle of contemporary engineering and ingenuity.

Prominent features of the Begode Mater:

begode master electric unicycle with integrated suspension and kickstand
Begode Master
  • Motor: C38 High Torque 3500W Motor
  • Voltage: 134.4 V
  • Battery: 134V, 2400WH
  • Range: 120-180KM
  • Max Free Spin Speed: 112 KMH
  • High-Performance Motherboard: 24 units MOSFET
  • Suspension Travel: 80mm
  • Adjustable Damping
  • Adjustable Air Spring
  • Product Size: 20″
  • Dimensions: 567mm 496mm 628mm
  • Anti Spin Button: Yes
  • Net weight: 36kg
  • Rough weight: 41kg
  • LED: No
  • Taillights: No
  • BT Speakers: No
  • Headlights: 7000 lumen
  • Charging port: GX20 4P
  • Charger: 134.4V 3/A
  • LCD: Yes
  • Pedal height: 220mm
  • Trolley height: 1000mm
  • The position of the controller: On top
  • Tire Size: 2.75-14 inches


Without any doubt, the Begode Master is the king of performance and straight-line speed. The super-powerful EUC is driven by a C38 High Torque motor, producing an overwhelming output of 3500W. Such scorching power allows the ewheel to attain a free spin speed of 112km/h, making it the fastest electric unicycle ever built.

Climbing steep hills also become a walk in the park with an incredibly potent motor onboard. The Begode Master can climb up to 40 degrees of slope and carry a maximum weight of 265 pounds without breaking a sweat.

Battery and Range:

The Begode Master comes with a mighty impressive, high-grade 2400Wh battery pack that delivers a jaw-dropping range of around 120-180 kilometers. The inclusion of this highly advanced battery takes the riding pleasure to a whole new level, enabling the riders to count on their EUCs for longer city commutes and extended road trips. In addition, the battery system operates at an astonishing 134V, the highest voltage ever introduced to the EUC world. While the realm of 134V batteries has yet to be explored, it is unquestionably a step in the right direction.


The Begode Master offers the smoothest ride and best possible comfort thanks to a highly advanced suspension system. Only a few electric unicycles are fitted with such high-tech suspension that seamlessly absorbs the impacts of bumpy terrains and uneven surfaces.

The suspension travel of 80mm is good enough for rugged off-road conditions and allows you to glide past the obstacles with incredible ease. Adjustable damping is also available, enabling the riders to adjust the ride height according to their preferences.

Design and Build:

With the Master, Begode has taken the Hero’s design a step further, making it even more futuristic and sleek. The EUC’s captivating design is a sight to behold, offering a perfect blend of optimum functionality and breathtaking looks.

The Master’s build quality outperforms most of its competitors. A solid and sturdy frame made from high-class materials ensures riders’ safety and stability even at higher speeds. The robust structure also protects the wheel in case of an accident or a fall.

Additional features:

The Begode Mater comes with a high-quality 2.75*14 tire that offers unmatched road grip and supreme control. The tire provides ample traction on city roads as well as off-road terrains. The EUC is equipped with a large, vibrant LCD screen that displays all the essential information such as speed, battery life, and temperature. A 134.4V/3A charger comes as standard along with GX20 4P charging ports.

Begode has also installed CNC machined spiked pedals to the Master, offering better grip to the riders. The ewheel can navigate through the tightest corners and bends, thanks to the footrest clearance of 220mm. A 7000-lumen headlight is also added to the front of the EUC for improved visibility in low light conditions.

The Begode Mater has a net weight of 39kg, and its dimensions are as follows:

  • Dimension(pedals folded): 567mm*330mm*628mm
  • Dimension: 567mm*496mm*628mm

Safety Features:

Begode has always prioritized safety in all its products, and the Master is no exception. The ewheel has a slew of class-leading safety features to ensure rider protection at all times. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • The first class speed alarm rings at 30km/h.
  • At 45 km/h, the second class speed alarm sets off.
  • The cooling fans turn on when the temperature reaches 50°C.
  • The maximum current limit is set at 240A.
  • The overvoltage Alarm sounds at 136V.
  • The overheat alarm triggers at 79℃.
  • The low power tilt-back warning is set at 104V.
  • The low power alarm rings at 106V.

The Begode Master is a leading-edge unicycle that takes performance and straight-line speed to new heights. With the biggest and most powerful motor onboard, it holds the crown for the fastest ewheel ever built. The Master is a thrill seeker’s dream and is not made for the faint-hearted. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to experience breakneck top speeds, lightning-quick acceleration, overwhelming range, and unparalleled comfort all in one package.

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FOBOS Model X — Bringing Electric Mobility To The Masses

fobos x 72v electric scooter with front head light-min

FOBOS is bringing electric mobility to the masses through its finest selection of leading-edge, durable, and inexpensive motorized electric scooters. With vast experience in the scooter industry, the leading manufacturer has never made a compromise on quality and has always designed its products to exceed expectations.

Fobos X, the latest offering from FOBOS, is a technologically advanced electric scooter with the perfect amalgam of mind-bending innovation, cutting-edge materials, and jaw-dropping design. The scooter is a chart-topper in terms of performance and comes with a slew of class-leading features that include a massive battery pack, state-of-the-art hydraulic brakes, a highly effective ABS, adjustable suspension, powerful LED, 5A charger, GPS, and an adjustable damper.

Prominent features of FOBOS X:

  • Motor: MAX 10080W BLDC MOTOR
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion 21700 Battery pack Samsung/LG/LS
  • Controller: 120A Sine-wave (sinus) controller 30 MOSFETs
  • Battery capacity: 72V 40Ah (Limited) 3000Wh
  • Charging time (5A): 6-8 hours – When using the standard 5A charger
  • Charging time (10A): 3-4 hours – When using a 10A official charger
  • Max mileage: 140-160km (87-100 miles)
  • Max Speed: Around 110 km/h (62 mph)  
  • Gradability: Around 35°
  • Max load: 160kg/350lbs
  • Product weight: Around 49kg 
  • Unfolded size: (L*H*W), mm 1260*1350*625
  • Folded size: (L*H*W), mm 1260*570*310      
  • Light: Dual LED headlight and taillight
  • Brakes: Hydraulic brakes+160 mm disk (Front and rear wheel)
  • Suspension: Adjustable rubber suspension        
  • Tire: 11-inch ultra-wide tire
  • APP: Pre-installed IoT with GPS and horn
  • Product material: Aluminum forging alloy        
  • Pre-installed hydraulic rotor damper
  • Pre-installed horn and front/rear turn signals
  • Self-designed display panel design and development


Due to underpowered motors, most electric scooters don’t offer the performance as well as the burst of acceleration you normally anticipate. The FOBOS X, on the other hand, is powered by an enormously powerful 10080W BLDC MOTOR that propels the scooter to a top speed of roughly 110 km/h (62 mph) as soon as you hit the throttle.

In most cases, even the most potent electric scooters find it challenging to conquer steep slopes because gravity, friction, and weight slow them down. However, Model X offers an astonishing climbing ability and can ascend a 35° slope with incredible ease. The scooter also flaunts a tremendous load-bearing capacity and can carry a maximum load of 160kg/350lbs.

Battery and Range:

The battery capacity and range are two critical factors that significantly influence the purchase decision of electric scooter enthusiasts. With that in mind, FOBOS has installed a high-capacity 3000Wh Li-Ion 21700 (Samsung/LG/LS) battery pack in the Model X.

The scooter’s extremely efficient battery technology is head and shoulders above the competition and offers an impressive range of 140-160km (87-100 miles). Thanks to such spectacular range figures, riders can now hop onto their Model Xs to cherish their intercity commutes and extended road trips.

Charging time:

Model X is a cut above others in terms of charging duration. When using the standard 5A charger, the battery can be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours, while the 10A official charger takes around 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

Suspension and Tire:

An efficacious suspension system is essential for an electric scooter to offer unparalleled handling and superior ride quality. FOBOS X is equipped with an ultramodern rubber suspension that effortlessly absorbs the riding impact of uneven terrains and bumpy roads, allowing the riders to seamlessly glide over the rugged surfaces. 

An 11-inch ultra-wide tire is fitted to the electric scooter to offer supreme maneuverability, enhanced road grip, and extraordinary stability. The tire is available with or without an inner tube.


The Fobos X is equipped with a high-end hydraulic braking system (160mm disk) that offers excellent modulation, exceptional stopping power, and better control than mechanical disc brakes. As there is no mechanical connection, this braking system is far superior in terms of performance and efficiency. Fobos X also features a highly effective anti-lock braking system that allows the riders to stop on a dime.

Design and Build:

Fobos X boasts a futuristic and captivating design that sets it apart from the competition. The sumptuous design also offers enhanced functionality and accentuates the riding pleasure of the users. The build quality is top-notch. FOBOS has used high-quality, innovative materials in the construction of Model X, giving it a solid and sturdy feel. The scooter’s frame and handle are made of forged aluminum alloy. The Model X weighs around 49kg, and its dimensions are as follows:

  • Unfolded size: (L*H*W), mm 1260*1350*625
  • Folded size: (L*H*W), mm 1260*570*310
Additional features:

The Fobos X is packed with a slew of class-leading features. Some of them are mentioned below:


The Fobos X features Dual LED headlights and taillight to offer better visibility in low light conditions.


An adjustable hydraulic rotor damper is also fitted to the electric scooter to control the ride effectively.


GPS theft protection is added to the scooter, and the option for installing a SIM card is also available.

Horn and turn signals:

A horn and front/rear turn signals are standard on the Fobos X.


Fobos Model X is a top-tier electric scooter that allows you to unleash your freedom through its best-in-class features. From a supercharged motor to a big battery capacity and adjustable suspension to GPS, Model X has everything you need for a matchless riding experience.

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Weped SST — A High-Performance Electric Scooter With Mind-Bending Technology

weped sst electric scooter with led lights

Weped is a leading Korean manufacturer that specializes in producing the most reliable and high-performing e-scooters on the market. Their electric scooters are designed and hand-built with meticulous attention to detail and are a work of art that combines gorgeous craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials. These e-scooters can also be easily tuned and customized to meet the customers’ individual needs.

Weped SST, the latest addition to the company’s exquisite e-scooter lineup, follows a similar pedigree and is widely regarded as one of the best-performing electric scooters available. The scooter exceeds the customers’ expectations with its spell-binding design, mind-bending technology, and class-leading features.

Prominent features of Weped SST:

weped sst electric scooter with tail lights
Weped SST
  • Max Speed: 75 MPH
  • Max Distance: 80+ miles
  • Battery: 3,240Wh 72 V 45Ah Samsung 21700 50E cells
  • Motors: Twin 80A/5KW motors
  • Controllers: 30KW 2x 100A 72 V controllers
  • Max Load: 136 Kg (300 lb)
  • Hill climb: 35 degrees
  • Tires: 10×4.5″ high-performance tubeless tires
  • Suspension: Front coil & rear spring shocks
  • Brakes: Double WEPED hydraulic brakes + regenerative braking
  • Lights: LED headlight + Brake lights
  • Weight: 52 Kg (115 lb)
  • Material: Aviation-grade alloy
  • Charge time: 3 hours ( 11A rapid charger), 6 hours (6A fast charger), 17 hours (1.7A standard charger)


Without a doubt, weped SST is the crown jewel of performance electric scooters. It is equipped with 80A dual hub motors that produce a phenomenal output of 5KW. With such overwhelming power, the scooter can reach a blistering top speed of 75 MPH in the blink of an eye. The SST can carry a maximum load of 300 lbs, and its hill climbing ability of 35 degrees is superior to many other scooters in this segment.

Battery and Range:

A high-capacity battery with splendid range figures is indispensable for the daily life usability of a kick scooter. Thankfully, the weped SST doesn’t disappoint the users in this regard. The e-scooter features a high-grade 3,240Wh 72 V, 45Ah Samsung 21700 50E battery pack that delivers up to 80 miles of range on a single charge. This kind of range allows the riders to perform longer city rides and extended road trips without having to worry about recharging the battery.

Charging time:

Longer charging times are a nagging issue for electric scooter enthusiasts. Fortunately, Weped has put an end to this dilemma with an 11A fast charger that can fully charge the battery in merely 3 hours. The standard 1.7 A charger takes around 18 to 20 hours to fully charge the battery.


The Weped SST is miles ahead of its competitors in terms of suspension performance and design. A coil spring is added to the front of the e-scooter, while the rear is equipped with spring shocks. The groundbreaking suspension system offers plenty of travel and keeps the kick scooter stable as it glides over bumpy roads and uneven surfaces.


The Weped SST’s folding handlebars and gold pin mechanism make the scooter more compact and portable. The gold pin mechanism makes it easy for the users to carry the electric scooter by locking the bars and wheels in place. You just have to remove the gold pin, fold the stem, and re-insert the gold pin to fold the scooter.


The Weped SST boasts exceptional braking power, thanks to high-tech hydraulic brakes fitted to the front and rear tires. These brakes instantly decelerate the e-scooter without instigating any wobble or jerky feedback. A regenerative braking system is also installed that boosts efficiency by transforming kinetic energy into stored energy as the scooter slows down.

Design and Build:

The weped SST flaunts an aggressive and extraordinary design that is simply out of this world. The curved stem and super-wide tires give the electric scooter a distinctive and sporty look. In addition, the fancy-looking RGB lights accentuate the overall aesthetic appeal of the scooter.

The build quality is a cut above the competition. The whole frame is made from aviation-grade alloy that adds to the durability and sturdiness of the e-scooter.


The Weped SST comes with 10×4.5″ high-performance tubeless tires that provide a smooth and stable ride, even at high speeds. The tires’ large surface area enhances grip and ensures the complete power transfer to the road. Furthermore, these tires are significantly safer at higher speeds, which is a plus for rider safety.


The Weped SST checks all the boxes for a high-performance electric scooter, making it an excellent choice for e-mobility aficionados looking to up their game. The e-scooter is in a class by itself, courtesy of an insanely powerful motor, mind-boggling top speed, massive battery capacity, super-solid structure, and eye-catching design.

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How Would You Choose The Best Electric Scooter For Commuting?


If you are looking for the best electric scooter for commuting, then Dualtron Electric Scooters can be a very good option. Considering the robust design, safety, comfort and longevity of the bikes, it is quite understandable that the average rider would find comfort after using these vehicles. There are certain factors which make the Dualtron Electric Scooters stand out from the rest of the league. These electric scooters have come off age to beat the other competitors in the market with feature rich customer friendly products. The shelf life of these electro powered scooters is high. Some of the major reasons for choosing an electric scooter over a different vehicle are:


In terms of range, these scooters provide an average of 35 miles under normal operating conditions. This range is calculated from the point where the vehicle is fully charged at a charging point. During this range coverage, the vehicle also provides utmost driving comfort owing to the ergonomic design and rich interface.


Top Speed


The top speed achieved by a Dualtron scooter is close to 40 miles per hour. This is a phenomenally high speed considering the fact that the device in concern is an electrically charged vehicle.

Support rider weight

People as heavy as 220 lbs. or 100 kgs can ride this scooter. Along with a high weight bearing capacity, they also ensure that the riders do not face difficulties in turning the vehicle.


Great suspension


The frontal and rear suspension of the tires makes this scooter comfortable to ride in all road conditions. It is also a very good companion for riders who wish to save on energy costs. This is a great technique to prevent the vehicle from running out of power during the course of a single journey. Most electric scooter experts recommend the single motor operation for greater fuel efficiency.


The tires are made of pneumatic air tubes. These are robust air filled tires which completely minimize the discomfort level of the rider. Theseare also one of the most powerful tires available for electric scooters. The dual rubber cartridge suspension is responsible for keeping the tire’s performance at its peak making this device as one of the most powerful electric scooter suspensions. Riders do not get a chance to complain about the products.


Choosing the best electric scooter is not an easy task until you know the features or the brand which will make the difference. A good electric scooter brand will always take care of the basics which would make it an ideal device to drive around the city roads. The energy efficient modern electric scooters are making commuting easy. Plus, the modern electric scooters can be folded for easy locomotion. The ergonomic designs and the robust construction material make them a preferred choice for many electric scooter enthusiasts. They are equally environment friendly and user friendly. With such amazing features behind their design, they have become a preferred vehicle for many.

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