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KingSong 14s Electric Unicycle 840WH

KingSong 14S Electric Unicycle

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Kingson 14S is the most practical and power-packed electric unicycle in the market. This electric unicycle offers outstanding performance and high power all thanks to its bigger 840 Wh battery that offers superior driving range. The ergonomic design, efficient power and safety features of this unicycle will allow you to enjoy every moment of your journey without any second thought.

Here are some top-quality features of this Kingsong Electric Unicycle, which makes it a no-brainer for those who love travel:


KingSong 14S electric unicycle comes with a bigger and powerful  840 Wh battery allowing you to carry a maximum payload of 200 pounds with the blazing fast speed of 18.6 MPH. With such a big battery, you can easily cover the 43-mile range (69 km) with zero speed delay or hiccups in a single battery boost.  The battery can be charged rapidly within just two hours from an empty state to 100 %.

Ride Comfort, Handling, and Brakes

This electric unicycle is an absolute joy to the ride as it offers superior ride comfort, strong handling, and responsive control, even in tricky ride situations with zero compromises in safety, The ergonomic design and incredible motor power further ensure a joyful journey. Kingsong 14S also comes with the regenerative braking facility,


Kingsong 14S is on top of the electric unicycle charts when it comes to ensuring safety during travel. Some of its powerful safety features include regenerative braking, upgraded control board, speed alert, battery drain alert, and tilt protection. While you take steep turns at more than 45 degrees from side to side, the tilt protection feature automatically stops the motor of this electric unicycle whereas when you get back to a vertically upright position, the engine automatically starts to ensure a safe ride.

For wet weather conditions, Kingsong 14S also offers a completely closed wheel and epoxy-coated control board to ensure that rain doesn’t mist your journey.


Kingsong electric unicycle offers sturdy 2.125” wider and sturdy tires for extreme comfort, good grip, and nimble steering during travel. To add more, you also get a retractable handle for simply carrying this super lightweight and compact unicycle when riding conditions are not adequate.


With Kingson 14S electric unicycle, you get a host of super cool lighting options. It comes with programmable LEDs at the front, rear, and sides, which you can customize using its mobile app easy to create a soothing atmosphere and stylish visibility as you move.

Connectivity and Music

As far as connectivity goes, you can easily control the Kingson 14S speed and driving mechanics via is wonderful Bluetooth-enable mobile app that allows you to track your driving speed, battery, and other details, including voltage, music playing level and mileage. You can set personalized alerts about maximum speed and journey stops. Other luxurious connectivity and music features include BlueTooth speakers and a USB port where you can plug in and charge your devices.

*Keep in mind that performance can vary with load weight, road conditions, battery status, and temperature.

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Weight -
Dimensions N/A
Max Load 120~150Kg (264-330lbs)
Max Speed -
Battery 840wh ( Original Top Quality Lithum battery )
Brakes -
Charging Time 4~5h
Motor 800WATT
Range -
Tyres -
Weight -
App Support YES
Max Climb Angle -
Max Range 70-80 km
Wheel Size 14inch, Diamete 360 mm