Motor: C38 High Torque 3500W • Voltage: 134.4 V • Battery: 134V, 2400WH • Range: 120-180KM • Max Free Spin Speed: 112 KMH

Begode has consistently raised the bar for high-performance electric unicycles and is once again ready to smash the competition with its latest offering, the Master. It is the first 134.4-Volt EUC with a monstrous 3500W motor, posing a direct threat to other big names of the electric unicycle world like Kingsong S20, Veteran Sherman Max, Extreme Bull Commander, and Inmotion V12.

The best-in-class ewheel is setting new performance standards with its 2400 Wh 134V battery capable of delivering up to 120-180KM of range. An ultramodern suspension system is also fitted to the feature-packed Begode Master, offering 80mm of vertical travel and adjustable damping. Simply put, Begode Master is the crown jewel of high-performance EUCs, representing the pinnacle of contemporary engineering and ingenuity.

Prominent features of the Begode Mater:

begode master electric unicycle with integrated suspension and kickstand
Begode Master
  • Motor: C38 High Torque 3500W Motor
  • Voltage: 134.4 V
  • Battery: 134V, 2400WH
  • Range: 120-180KM
  • Max Free Spin Speed: 112 KMH
  • High-Performance Motherboard: 24 units MOSFET
  • Suspension Travel: 80mm
  • Adjustable Damping
  • Adjustable Air Spring
  • Product Size: 20″
  • Dimensions: 567mm 496mm 628mm
  • Anti-Spin Button: Yes
  • Net weight: 36kg
  • Rough weight: 41kg
  • LED: No
  • Taillights: No
  • BT Speakers: No
  • Headlights: 7000 lumen
  • Charging port: GX20 4P
  • Charger: 134.4V 3/A
  • LCD: Yes
  • Pedal height: 220mm
  • Trolley height: 1000mm
  • The position of the controller: On top
  • Tire Size: 2.75-14 inches


Without any doubt, the Begode Master is the king of performance and straight-line speed. The super-powerful EUC is driven by a C38 High Torque motor, producing an overwhelming output of 3500W. Such scorching power allows the ewheel to attain a free spin speed of 112km/h, making it the fastest electric unicycle ever built.

Climbing steep hills also becomes a walk in the park with an incredibly potent motor onboard. The Begode Master can climb up to 40 degrees of slope and carry a maximum weight of 265 pounds without breaking a sweat.

Battery and Range:

The Begode Master comes with a mighty impressive, high-grade 2400Wh battery pack that delivers a jaw-dropping range of around 120-180 kilometers. The inclusion of this highly advanced battery takes the riding pleasure to a whole new level, enabling the riders to count on their EUCs for longer city commutes and extended road trips. In addition, the battery system operates at an astonishing 134V, the highest voltage ever introduced to the EUC world. While the realm of 134V batteries has yet to be explored, it is unquestionably a step in the right direction.


The Begode Master offers the smoothest ride and best possible comfort thanks to a highly advanced suspension system. Only a few electric unicycles are fitted with such high-tech suspension that seamlessly absorbs the impacts of bumpy terrains and uneven surfaces.

The suspension travel of 80mm is good enough for rugged off-road conditions and allows you to glide past the obstacles with incredible ease. Adjustable damping is also available, enabling the riders to adjust the ride height according to their preferences.

Design and Build:

With the Master, Begode has taken the Hero’s design a step further, making it even more futuristic and sleek. The EUC’s captivating design is a sight to behold, offering a perfect blend of optimum functionality and breathtaking looks.

The Master’s build quality outperforms most of its competitors. A solid and sturdy frame made from high-class materials ensures riders’ safety and stability even at higher speeds. The robust structure also protects the wheel in case of an accident or a fall.

Additional features:

The Begode Mater comes with a high-quality 2.75*14 tire that offers unmatched road grip and supreme control. The tire provides ample traction on city roads as well as off-road terrains. The EUC is equipped with a large, vibrant LCD screen that displays all the essential information such as speed, battery life, and temperature. A 134.4V/3A charger comes as standard along with GX20 4P charging ports.

Begode has also installed CNC machined spiked pedals to the Master, offering better grip to the riders. The ewheel can navigate through the tightest corners and bends, thanks to the footrest clearance of 220mm. A 7000-lumen headlight is also added to the front of the EUC for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

The Begode Mater has a net weight of 39kg, and its dimensions are as follows:

  • Dimension(pedals folded): 567mm*330mm*628mm
  • Dimension: 567mm*496mm*628mm

Safety Features:

Begode has always prioritized safety in all its products, and the Master is no exception. The ewheel has a slew of class-leading safety features to ensure rider protection at all times. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • The first class speed alarm rings at 30km/h.
  • At 45 km/h, the second class speed alarm sets off.
  • The cooling fans turn on when the temperature reaches 50°C.
  • The maximum current limit is set at 240A.
  • The overvoltage Alarm sounds at 136V.
  • The overheating alarm triggers at 79℃.
  • The low-power tilt-back warning is set at 104V.
  • The low-power alarm rings at 106V.

The Begode Master is a leading-edge unicycle that takes performance and straight-line speed to new heights. With the biggest and most powerful motor onboard, it holds the crown for the fastest ewheel ever built. The Master is a thrill seeker’s dream and is not made for the faint-hearted. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to experience breakneck top speeds, lightning-quick acceleration, overwhelming range, and unparalleled comfort all in one package.

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