KingSong is a globally recognized and coveted Chinese brand that is famous for making the safest, most advanced, and highest-quality electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric unicycles. With a vision to change how people see and use transportation, the company started its journey in Shenzhen, China, in 2012 and soon established itself as a top e-mobility manufacturer. Today, King Song focuses on the R&D, production, marketing, sales, and services of intelligent personal electric vehicles.

The company manufactures 30,000 e-mobility devices annually, which are distributed to more than 50 countries worldwide. These products have earned a special place in consumers' hearts and have a cult following amongst EUC enthusiasts.

The R&D team at King Song comprises thirty talented individuals, and the company's automated production workshop can produce 10,000 products monthly. Furthermore, the company runs its own SMT (surface-mount technology) plant, where it makes highly advanced power bank protection boards. To give you some background, the company had ten years of experience in SMT and OEM PCB development prior to the launch of King Song. This gathered knowledge, skills, and expertise allowed King Song to steal a march on its rivals and create products that were in a class by themselves.

What Makes King Song A Desirable EUC Brand?

  1. Customer-Focus & Strong Emphasis On Quality:

King Song puts a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the eleven different departments of the company's production facility ensure that all products are developed per the highest quality standards (ISO 9001) and with customers in mind.

  1. Green & Eco-Friendly Products:

The company strives to exceed customers' expectations by offering all-electric, eco-friendly transportation solutions that not only improve city commutes but also make a positive impact on the planet.

  1. Innovative Transportation Solutions That Are Accessible To All:

King Song is committed to creating innovative and affordable electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric unicycles that can eliminate growing urban congestion issues and make outdoor excursions pleasant and stirring.

  1. Continuous Improvement & Customer Feedback

King Song recognizes the importance of continuous improvement and goes above and beyond to bring ingenuity to their products. The company constantly collects customer feedback and sees it as a way to improve its products and services.

King Song's Development Timeline:

July 2013:

The company started its journey by recruiting a competent R&D team that was in charge of project appraisal and market analysis.

September 2014:

King Song Company was formally registered and commenced operations with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

June 2015:

King Song launched and coordinated a global sales drive for electric unicycles.

Mar 2016:

The company reached a major tipping point in 2016 when it opened up its sales to a worldwide audience and unveiled the KS-16A. This EUC catapulted the King Song brand into the world of e-mobility.

August 2019:

The KS-N8 and KS-N10 electric scooters made their debut and became an instant success with their unmatched safety, performance, and reliability.

April 2020:

King Song introduced its first-ever suspension electric unicycle, the KS-18. The unicycle piqued the interest of EUC lovers across the globe and was a joy to ride. Due to its exceptional maneuverability and supreme comfort, the wheel opened the door to off-rood adventures for avid riders.

April 2022:

The company sent shock waves in the e-mobility world with the release of its latest, most capable wheel, the KS-S22. Equipped with all the innovative features, the S22 Eagle is a flagship device from Kingsong that pushes the boundaries of performance and takes riding pleasure to a whole new level.

King Song's Vision For The Future:

The company aims to deliver the most desirable, technologically advanced, and powerful personal electric vehicles that are safe for the planet and inspire people to transition to electric mobility and cherish their daily city commutes.

King Song & FreeMotion:

If you live in the USA or Canada, you might be wondering how to get your hands on these class-leading EUCs. There is no need to worry, as FreeMotion is here to help. We are a huge admirer of King Song products and have a wide selection of the company's electric unicycles available on our website. Please click on any of the links below to order these e-unicycles or to go over their detailed descriptions.

Kingsong KS-16X Electric Unicycle

KingSong KS-18XL Electric Unicycle

Kingsong KS-S18 Electric Unicycle

kingsong s22 Eagle Electric Unicycle

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    KingSong KS-S16 Pro Electric Unicycle: A Ride Like No Other

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  • kingsong s22 eagle electric unicycle with integrated suspension and kickstand
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    kingsong s22 Eagle | electric unicycle | IMPROVED VERSION

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