Vee Rubber

Vee Rubber is a world-famous tire manufacturer from Thailand. The company produces high-grade tires and tubes for a variety of vehicles, including bicycles, motorcycles, pickup trucks, go-carts, and personal electric vehicles.

Vee Rubber began operations in 1977 and soon expanded its business to the United States, Asia, Western Europe, and Canada. Today, the company produces 25 million tires annually and sells its products in more than 100 countries worldwide. It runs ten production facilities with over 4000 employees and has a yearly revenue of 75 million U.S. dollars. Furthermore, Vee Rubber is an ISO 9000-certified company with a team of competent engineers overseeing all its global operations. The company has numerous accolades to its name and has won Prime Minister's Export Awards (the Thai government's highest official award) in 1995 and 1998 in recognition of its first-class products and industry-leading services.

Vee Rubber tires are expertly manufactured using the finest raw materials and innovative production techniques. They meet the highest quality standards and are known for their remarkable strength, extraordinary grip, and competitive prices.

The tires offer excellent traction, improved handling, and a smooth ride, thanks to their thicker treads and durable sidewalls. All in all, Vee Rubber tires are a hallmark of ingenuity and robustness and are designed to surpass every consumer's expectations.

Vee Rubber & FreeMotion:

As personal electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among the general public, Vee Rubber is now making a vast collection of street and race tires for e-scooters and other e-mobility devices. So, for those who are seeking top-quality, longest-wearing e-scooter tires in the USA and Canada, FreeMotion is your go-to shop. Our website features a wide variety of Vee Rubber tires available in various sizes and patterns.

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