FOBOS Electric Scooters: Sustainable Mobility, Redefined

FOBOS is a renowned electric mobility brand, synonymous with crafting innovative, durable, and premium electric scooters at exceptionally competitive prices. As a trailblazer in the electric scooter industry, FOBOS emphasizes quality, safety, and design excellence, and consistently shapes products that surpass customer expectations.

Driven by a keen awareness of climate change's severe impacts on our planet, FOBOS champions eco-friendly urban transportation. Committed to propelling e-mobility forward, FOBOS produces top-notch electric scooters, which contribute to environmental preservation while injecting fun and convenience into urban commuting.

Why Opt for a FOBOS Electric Scooter?

Effortless Everyday Use:
FOBOS electric scooters are designed with daily-life practicality in mind. They promise supreme comfort, low maintenance costs, and unrivaled portability—making city commuting a breeze and transporting them effortlessly.

Distinctive and Robust Design:
With visually striking designs, FOBOS electric scooters let riders make a statement. Their robust and solid build quality uniquely positions them to navigate through tough terrains with ease, ensuring dependable and enduring performance.

Exceptional Performance, Unleashed:
FOBOS electric scooters are performance powerhouses. The flagship FOBOS X model stands testament to this, boasting a colossal 10,080 Watts BLDC motor that propels it to a breathtaking peak speed of 110 km/h. Paired with a 3000Wh Li-Ion 21700 battery pack from leading manufacturers (Samsung/LG/LS), riders can enjoy an astounding range of 140-160km—perfect for extensive road trips, intercity journeys, and outdoor escapades.

Smart Tech for the Modern Rider:
FOBOS seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into its scooters. The intuitive FOBOS APP, for instance, offers effortless scooter location via a "beep" feature and enables riders to monitor ride statistics and set travel goals.

FOBOS & FreeMotion: The Perfect Pairing

FreeMotion stands as a premier source for high-end e-mobility devices in the USA and Canada. As staunch advocates for FOBOS products, we proudly feature the Model X—a truly exceptional e-scooter that delivers unrivaled value. Dive into the details of this spectacular e-scooter here.

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