With over 20 years of experience making the most high-tech, reliable, and sought-after electric two-wheel vehicles, Yadea has established itself as a well-known and celebrated e-mobility brand.

The company produces high-grade electric bicycles, electric mopeds, electric kick scooters, and accessories. It has sold 60 million products to its users in more than 90 countries with a rapidly expanding network of 40,000 retailers worldwide. Committed to its mission: "Electrify Your Life," Yadea aims to build sustainable and greener electric transportation for people around the world.

Why Choose Yadea?

Yadea's products are powered by an intelligent and reliable TTFAR Extended Range System that provides users with a longer traveling range and a comfortable riding experience. TTFAR has five core components: Graphene Battery, High-Efficiency Motor, Energy Recycle System, Safe Charging System, and High Precision Meter.

  • Durable Graphene Battery:

Yadea's electric kick scooters are equipped with a TTFAR Graphene Battery that offers exceptional thermal conductivity and ultra-low resistance. The Graphene Battery is coupled with a state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) that supports 20A fast charging. It can charge 80% battery in just one hour and displays the remaining range with high accuracy.

  • High-Efficiency Convection Motor:

Yadea's electric scooters are driven by a highly advanced, super-powerful convection motor that intelligently balances power and mileage with high torque or long-range operations.

  • Intelligent Energy Recycle System:

Yadea offers the TTFAR Energy Recycle System in its e-scooters. With the help of this technology, Yadea scooters can convert kinetic energy into electricity while braking, kicking, and riding downhill.

  • High Precision Electric Energy Monitoring Meter:

Yadea's products have a highly precise Electric Energy Monitoring Meter showing real-time energy usage in different colors. The Meter displays a "Green" color for "Energy Recycling," a red" color for "High Performance," and a white" color for "Power Saving."

  • Safe Fast Charging System:

Yadea's electric scooters have embedded MCU unit that accurately controls current and voltage. MCU unit intelligently adjusts the temperature to minimize heating during the charging time.

Notable Milestones Achieved by Yadea:

Yadea has made some significant contributions toward the sustainable future of our planet and has won the hearts of countless e-mobility enthusiasts with its matchless innovation and cutting-edge technology. Let's shed some light on these remarkable achievements that demonstrate the company's dedication to creating a greener planet and best-in-class products.

  • Remarkable Contribution to Making Earth's Atmosphere Carbon-Free:

Yadea is a strong proponent of clean and green transportation. Yadea reports that its sales have helped reduce global petroleum consumption by 9.84 million tons and eliminate CO2 emissions by 34.3 million tons –equivalent to planting 1.72 billion trees.

  • Guinness Book World Record for Electric Scooters with Longest Riding Distance:

In 2020, Song Jiang, a Chinese adventurer, covered 25,547 kilometers on a Yadea C1S electric scooter. It was the longest journey on an electric scooter ever recorded in history. This record bears testimony to the built quality and durability of Yadea e-scooters.

  • Euromonitor Intl. Ranked Yadea First in the World in Electric Vehicle Brands:

Because of Yadea's remarkable sales in 2019, Euromonitor Intl. declared Yadea the world's No. 1 electric vehicle brand. Yadea secured this title by winning the hearts of its customers with top-notch designs, superior quality, futuristic technology, and quality services.

Yadea & FreeMotion:

If you are looking for a trusted supplier of Yadea's e-scooters in the USA and Canada, FreeMotion should be your preferred choice. We highly rate Yadea products and believe their passion for excellence and ingenuity is commendable.

The Yadea KS5 PRO listed on our website belongs to the upper echelon of electric scooters. It puts its competitors to shame thanks to an incredibly powerful motor, a high-capacity BMS battery, a multi-functional color LED display, fork shock absorbers, and an ECBS triple braking system. To study more details, please visit the product description page.

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