Max Speed 21.8 MPH | 37Miles range | Dual shock absorption

Electric scooters are becoming prevalent with each passing day as they are easy to use, have low operational costs, and are relatively simple to maintain. With zero greenhouse gas emissions, these kick scooters also play a pivotal role in saving our planet, making them ideal for commuting to offices, colleges, and universities.

Yadea is the most reliable, acclaimed, and sought-after two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturer globally. The company is renowned for making a range of powerful, efficient, and durable electric bikes, and with the launch of YEDEA KS5 PRO, it is poised to make its mark on the electric scooter market.

YEDEA KS5 PRO is meticulously designed to annihilate its competition with best-in-class performance, industry-leading features, and exceptional usability. The adult e-scooter is equipped with a high-capacity BMS battery, an enormously capable motor, a multi-functional color LED display, a fork shock absorber, and an ECBS triple braking system.

Prominent features of YEDEA KS 5 PRO electric scooter

black yadea ks5 pro 10-inch electric scooter in the show room
Yadea KS5 Pro
  • Battery – 36V15.6AH lithium battery
  • Motor Mower – Rated Power 500W, Max Power 700W
  • Max. speed – 21.8Mph
  • Max. range – 37.2Mile
  • Climbing ability – 11°
  • Lights – LED Headlight, Rear/brake light
  • Shock Absorber – Front
  • Speed mode – 3 modes (3.7Mph, 15.5Mph, 21.8Mph)
  • Display – Multifunctional LED display
  • Brakes – F: Drum brake R: Disc+Electric Brake
  • Tires – 10″ Solid Tires
  • Charge time – Approx 8h
  • Max. load – 110kg (242 lb)
  • Net weight – 17.19kg
  • Gross weight – 20.19kg
  • Frame – Aluminum


The YEDEA KS5 PRO electric scooter is driven by an all-powerful 500W rear wheel motor with a peak power rating of 700W. The motor bursts into life as soon as you hit the throttle, allowing the scooter to reach its top speed of 21.8 mph (35 kph) in no time. The portable kick scooter also comes with three driving modes, enabling its users to choose between Eco 3.7Mph, Standard 15.5Mph, and Sport 21.8Mph. The YADEA KS5 PRO can carry a maximum load of 110kg (242 lb) and has an incredible 11-degree climbing ability, allowing the riders to climb any hill without breaking a sweat.

Battery and range:

YEDEA KS5 PRO features a highly efficient 36V 15.6AH BMS lithium battery that automatically converts kinetic energy into electricity while braking, kicking, and going downhill. It also provides an impressive 37.2-mile range on a single charge, which is ample for shorter city commutes. The battery takes approximately eight hours for a full charge.

Suspension and tires:

Yadea has installed a new 0.98-inch front fork shock absorber on KS5 PRO that offers a silky-smooth ride by reducing jerks and vibrations when riding over obstacles and uneven surfaces. The kick scooter also has solid, maintenance-free tires that are 10 inches high and 2.4 inches wide, providing adequate dampening and suspension on bumpy roads. The state-of-the-art suspension and innovative tires ensure that riders have supreme comfort and utmost pleasure when using KS 5 PRO.

Brakes and safety:

KS5 PRO comes equipped with a novel triple braking system, comprising a front drum brake, a rear disc brake, and an electric brake.

The Electric Combination Braking System (ECBS) enhances the safety of riders by offering better control, improved responsiveness, and faster braking.

Design and build:

YEDEA KS 5 PRO lets you stand out from the rest of the crowd with its eye-catching design and staggering looks. A multi-layered, sturdy aluminum frame combined with a spacious standing deck (19.9″ L x 6.7″ W)  allows riders of all sizes to balance themselves effortlessly with quick and flexible movements. An LED headlight, a rear brake light, and four permanent reflectors are installed on the electric scooter for improved visibility.

The YEDEA KS 5 PRO offers matchless portability. You just have to fold and stow the scooter in the trunk of your car to move it from one place to another. The portable kick scooter has a net weight of 17.19kg, and the gross weight is around 20.19kg. The frame dimensions are mentioned below:

  • Unfolded size – 1185x485x1250mm
  • Folded size – 1185x485x550mm

The adult e-scooter has an IP54 rating, which implies the KS5 Pro is splash-proof; however, it is best not to use it in heavy rainfall. A kickstand is also added that allows the users to park the scooters with ease.

Smart App and multi-functional control

KS5 Pro features a multi-functional display that shows a speedometer, Bluetooth connection, headlight status, power mode, current status, and battery life, providing all the necessary information to the riders. This user-friendly interface also allows riders to choose between different driving modes.

Users can download the Yadea app on their smartphones, which offers over-the-air control and updates for the scooter, as well as a smart lock option.

Is YEDEA KS 5 PRO suitable for you?

YEDEA KS 5 PRO is a perfect solution for inner-city commutes. The kick scooter allows users to travel through diverse urban and natural terrains while maintaining a smooth and steady ride in all situations. Its lightweight chassis, powerful motor, new custom display, and attractive price tag make it an ideal adult e-scooter.

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