Weped is a premier Korean brand that has revolutionized electric mobility with its high-quality, feature-rich electric scooters. Founded in 2014, the company creates the safest and most advanced electric two-wheelers that offer the perfect balance between reliability and performance.

Weped has made massive strides in e-scooter design and has incorporated the most radical and striking layouts into its product range. Furthermore, the company has a team of highly skilled professionals who handcraft these scooters with ultimate precision to enhance their exclusivity and aesthetic appeal.

Why was Weped established, and where is it now?

Eight years back, when Weped started its operation, it had a clear vision—to reshape the 100-year-old scooter market and accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs in major urban areas. The founders of Weped wanted to create products that would allow people to move around town fast and freely without relying on conventional modes of transportation. Fortunately, their concept of a cutting-edge electric two-wheeler became a reality with the recent advancements in electric drive trains and batteries. Today, Weped is the only Korean manufacturer that develops, markets and sells electric scooters across the globe. The company is committed to making a lasting impact on urban transportation by providing its customers with industry-leading e-scooters that ensure lifestyle convenience and tremendous functionality.

What distinguishes Weped from its competitors?

Instead of sticking to the conventional scooter design and replacing the drivetrain, Weped has adopted an entirely new approach and created a brand-new vehicle category that provides the optimum fusion of bicycle and motorcycle. The resulting scooters are lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, they have low maintenance costs and provide an enthralling riding experience whenever you use them.

What is next for Weped?

Weped aims to maintain its stature as a leading e-mobility brand by propelling personal transportation forward with its top-tier e-scooters. The company aspires to play its part in creating a sustainable and cleaner future for our planet and intends to provide freedom of movement to riders from all walks of life. Weped considers its electric two-wheelers more than just a mode of transportation and strives to create a holistic riding culture that you can relish with your family, friends, and children.

Weped & FreeMotion:

FreeMotion is a reputed supplier of Weped electric scooters in the United States and Canada. The Weped SST featured on our website is a high-performance electric kick scooter with a commanding road presence, stand-out looks, and trailblazing technology. The e-scooter delivers an impressive range of 80+ miles and has a top speed of 75 MPH. Click here to go through the detailed description of this incredibly potent electric scooter.

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