INMOTION: Leading E-Mobility's Charge with FreeMotion

Originating from the technological hub of Shenzhen, China, InMotion quickly emerged as a global powerhouse in the e-mobility landscape since its inception in 2012. A triumphant win at the 2007 RoboCup served as the catalyst for a team of robotics aficionados to redefine the future of personal electric vehicles.

As the official North American distributor, FreeMotion proudly represents InMotion's innovative range, extending top-tier e-mobility solutions to the entire USA and Canada.

InMotion's Impressive Catalogue Encompasses:

Having solidified their mark in over 50 countries, their global influence is clear and undeniable.

Milestones & Innovations:

  • 2013: The world met the R1N, a sensation with its sensor-controlled, self-balancing prowess.
  • 2014: With the V3, InMotion showcased its electric unicycle expertise.
  • 2015: The L6 scooter reinforced the onset of an e-mobility wave.
  • 2018: The X1 hover shoes and V10 unicycle expanded horizons.
  • 2020: The V11, with its innovative adjustable suspension system, became a trendsetter.
  • 2021: The V12, boasting an LCD display, redefined e-wheel standards.

Why Choose InMotion?: A beacon of quality and groundbreaking progress, InMotion stands as an e-mobility paragon. With robust motors, state-of-the-art cooling systems, rapid charging, and superior suspensions, their offerings marry futuristic designs with efficient functionalities.

Recognition & Honors: From accolades like the "2014 Technology Innovation Award" to the design accolades for the V11, InMotion's legacy of excellence is well-recognized.

Vision for the Future: InMotion aspires to shape the narrative of green, efficient urban mobility for years to come.

Discover InMotion with FreeMotion: Immerse in InMotion's best through FreeMotion:

Together, FreeMotion and InMotion are sculpting North America's electric future!

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  • inmotion rs high performance electric scooter in black and gold
    0 out of 5

    InMotion RS Electric Scooter: Elevate Urban Mobility

    Add to Compare Sale! Original price was: C$5,499.00.Current price is: C$5,199.00.
  • inmotion v11 electric unicycle
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    InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle

    Add to Compare Sale! Original price was: C$2,699.00.Current price is: C$2,299.00.
  • inmotion v13 challenger electric unicycle with headlight and pedals
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    InMotion V13 Challenger – The Revolutionary Electric Unicycle

    Add to Compare Sale! Original price was: C$5,999.00.Current price is: C$4,499.00.
  • inmotion v14 adventure electric unicycle
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    Inmotion V14 Adventure Electric Unicycle

    Add to Compare Sale! Original price was: C$4,499.00.Current price is: C$4,199.00.
  • inmotion v8f 16-inch electric unicycle with rgb lights-min
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    InMotion V8F Electric Unicycle

    Add to Compare Sale! Original price was: C$1,499.00.Current price is: C$1,299.00.
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