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Established in September 1999, AIMA Technology Group Co Ltd has set unparalleled standards in the electric mobility industry. Beginning its journey as a private enterprise with a keen focus on electric bikes, AIMA's trajectory is punctuated by relentless innovation and a commitment to superior quality.

With a commendable investment of 1.6 billion RMB (approximately 0.24 billion USD) fueling its endeavors, AIMA's market stature is nothing short of iconic. This is evident in its accolades: leading the industry for 12 successive years and securing the top rank in six consecutive years by C-BPI.

Beyond manufacturing, AIMA prides itself as a National Five Stars service unit, underscoring its dedication to impeccable customer service. Its influential role in China's industrial framework is highlighted by its inclusion in the top 100 light industrial enterprises.

Significantly, AIMA's esteemed reputation has been enhanced by its singular strategic collaboration with the National Brand Plan, being the only enterprise in its domain to hold this honor.

AIMA's diverse product portfolio encompasses:

  • Electric bicycles (e-bikes)
  • Electric mopeds (e-mopeds)
  • Electric motorcycles
  • Electric tricycles
  • Traditional bicycles
  • Related accessories for all their vehicles

In the North American market, FreeMotion stands proudly as the official distributor of AIMA's e-mopeds in the USA and Canada, bridging the gap between this industry giant and electric mobility enthusiasts in the region.

From its inception in 1999 to its continued global market dominance, AIMA doesn't merely represent a brand; it embodies the spirit of progress, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to sustainable and state-of-the-art transportation solutions

  • Aima Xioma S1 emoped 24h 400w white color
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    Aima Xioma S1 eMoped – Superior Performance and Sustainable Mobility

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