InMotion is a world-renowned tech company that is driving e-mobility forward with its highly advanced, top-tier personal electric vehicles. The company was formally established in ShenZhen, China, in 2012 by a team of highly skilled and technically sound professionals with vast experience in robotics and vehicle dynamics. To give you some perspective, a win at the RoboCup 2007 Competition in China sparked the interest of these talented individuals to start a company where they could push the boundaries of innovation and showcase their true potential to the whole world. That's exactly what they did, and they haven't looked back since.

Today, the company focuses on the R&D, production, and marketing of electric unicycles, electric bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards, that are sold in more than fifty countries worldwide.

The pioneering team at InMotion is still working closely with R&D and design experts to develop high-quality, best-in-class products that can shape the future of urban transportation.

InMotion's Path To Glory:

In 2013, InMotion launched the world's first sensor-controlled, self-balancing electric vehicle, the R1N. Thanks to its unmatched portability, stunning looks, and leading-edge technology, the product became an instant success among men, women, and children. The vehicle is still in production and offers a great riding experience with its lightweight and adjustable driving modes.

The company launched its first electric unicycle, the V3, in 2014 and its first electric scooter, the L6, in 2015. Both these e-mobility devices initially triggered the EV mania that is currently sweeping the world's major cities.

In 2018, the next set of revolutionary products came in the shape of the world's first hover shoes, the X1, followed by a high-end electric unicycle, the V10.

Continuing its legacy as a trailblazer, InMotion unveiled the V11 in 2020, the world's first electric unicycle with a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system. In 2021, the V12 made its debut, featuring the world's first LCD display on an ewheel.

Why Are InMotion Products The BEST?

InMotion has won a special place in customers' hearts with its relentless quest for quality, reliability, and innovation. The company has always adorned its products with the most futuristic designs and latest tech features. Furthermore, the products are easy-to-use and have become an emblem of performance, versatility, and excitement for EUC lovers across the globe. The key features of InMotion scooters and EUCs include potent motors, embedded batteries, bright headlights, responsive brake lights, kickstands, class-leading cooling system, fast charging, improved control board, large pedals, built-in stands, and high-grade suspension.

Some Noteworthy Accolades Received By InMotion:

Given the number of accolades InMotion has earned, its headquarters in China might run out of space to house them all. Jokes apart, all these honors and achievements show the company's commitment to transforming the face of transportation in the near future. The detail of all such awards is listed below:

  • 2014 Technology Innovation Award of the Consumer Electronics Industry
  • 2015 World Green Design Product Award – Silver Prize
  • 100 Most Potential and Innovative Internet Company
  • 2015 FORBES CHINA 30 UNDER 30
  • China RED Star Design Award and the Highest Popularity Award
  • China Red Star Design Award 2016
  • Master Brands Awards 2016
  • 2016 IF Design Award
  • National Leading Brand for Intelligent Travel Industry
  • National Demonstration Enterprise for Products and Service Quality
  • V11 electric unicycle wins IF Design Award
  • V11 electric unicycle wins Reddot winner
  • V11 electric unicycle wins Upstyle design
  • L9 electric scooter wins IF Design Award

What Are The Company's Plans For The Future?

In the coming years, InMotion aspires to redefine urban transportation by providing well-rounded and innovative e-mobility solutions that are lightweight, eco-friendly, and accessible to all.

Featured InMotion Products On FreeMotion:

Check out the wide selection of InMotion EUCs listed on FreeMotion. Click on any of the links below, and you will get a detailed description of each electric unicycle that you can purchase to ride into the electric future.

InMotion V8F electric unicycle

InMotion V10F electric unicycle

InMotion V11 electric unicycle

InMotion V12 electric unicycle

  • inmotion v11 electric unicycle
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    InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle


    Sale! $1,899.00
  • inmotion v12 electric unicycle with front headlight and side rgb lights
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    Sale! $1,999.00
  • inmotion v13 challenger 22 inch electric unicycle
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    InMotion V13 Challenger – The Revolutionary Electric Unicycle


    Sale! $3,999.00
  • inmotion v8f 16-inch electric unicycle with rgb lights-min
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    InMotion V8F Electric Unicycle


    Sale! $999.00
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