A Peek Into The Fastest Electric Scooters of 2021

Top-performing and fastest e-scooters of 2021 in terms of speed, acceleration, and overall power capacity.

When buying an electric scooter, speed is one of the major requirements of the users. Most users want to buy an e-scooter that is fast and has a top-class weight capacity. With such a large number of modern electric vehicles in the market and new ones coming every day, finding the fastest electric scooters can be confusing.

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But, don’t worry. We make the job easier for you by comparing and reviewing all the top-performing and fastest e-scooters of 2021 in terms of speed, acceleration, and overall power capacity.

But first, we will discuss a number of things and get to know about the various parts of an electric scooter that contribute to its performance. Let’s get started.


Like the heart is the hub to live for the human body, in the same way, the motor is the real heart of the vehicle. It gives the strength and power factor to the wheels of the electric scooter.

The engine can be mounted to the exterior side of the wheels or inside a rim called the hub motor. The hub motors are held in greater demand in terms of time, power, and torque. It is more durable than any other alternative as it is protected from splashes.


To coordinate with the functional parts of the electric scooter, you need the motherboard. It is the center of connection for all such transfers and functionality. It serves to be the center of all actions that you are going to operate with.


Like the muscles in your body, the battery acts as a muscle in the electric scooter. Your vehicle will take the required amount of energy from the battery to regulate. The batteries of electric scooters are lithium-based and that makes them more compact and powerful.


The frame of the electric scooter is like a skeleton that can withstand the weight. The frame is foldable, and this makes it portable to take in a metro train, or bus. This ensures easy storage too.


The throttle is the connective medium that sends and speeds up the signal to the motherboard. If you want to speed up the scooter, you can open the throttle and pull it towards you gradually.


The brakes are attached and wired to the wheels so that when the brakes are applied, the wires will generate friction to decelerate, giving you the option to slow down.

The fastest Electric Scooters of 2021

An electric scooter is a compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly two-wheeler that you can take anywhere with you for a safe and fun ride experience. They make a better and environment-friendly alternative to fuel-based bikes and can be used by people of all ages.

Earlier, these electric scooters were limited in power and were capable of offering a speed of not more than 10-15 miles per hour, but now with the technological evolution in the automobile industry, we have some modern models offering up to 56 mph top speed.

Today, we will talk about the best e-scooters of 2021 in terms of speed and power capacity.

Currus Panther Electric Scooter (50 mph)

currus panther electric scooter

Currus Panther is a performance-centric electric scooter designed for those who love the thrill of a bike but prefer the unique and eco-friendly style of electric vehicles.

With Currus Panther, you can enjoy one of the fastest electric scooters out there without compromising the safety of our environment.

Featured with a stylish and super-cool design, exceptional ride comfort, and extraordinary power, the Currus Panther is the answer to all your prayers for a fast and good-looking e-scooter.

It integrates a massive Max 5400-watt BLDC dual hub motor capable of taking it to a top speed of 50 miles per hour in ideal conditions.

The addition of 60V 35Ah H35E Samsung Li-ion batteries keeps the vehicle running for straight up to 75 miles on a single charge. And it takes only about 5.3 hours to fully charge with a quick charger.

When you’re riding such a powerful and fast e-scooter, safety is of course a major concern. Keeping that in mind, the company has attached Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 150mm Front Pressure Suspension to give you maximum control and stability during a ride.

Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter (50 mph)

dualtron ultra - The fastest electric scooter 2020

Dualtron Ultra is the second in line when it comes to the most powerful and fastest electric scooters of 2021. Same as the Dualtron Thunder, the Dualtron Ultra e-scooter also comes with a MAX 5,400-watt BLDC dual hub motor that can offer a top speed of up to 50 miles per hour in the best conditions.

It also has the same, yet slightly low-powered, 60-volt – 32 Ah – 1,920Wh – LG 3200 battery that can still offer a whopping mileage of 75 miles and takes about 5.3 hours to fully charge with the quick charger.

The Dualtron Ultra e-scooter comes with front and rear disk brakes along with ABS as standard for improved safety and stability. It weighs around 81 lbs and has a weight-carrying capacity of 265 lbs.

Currus NF Electric Scooter (43 mph)

Currus NF plus e scooter

With a powerful 3600 W BLDC dual-hub motor and a top speed of 43 miles per hour, the Currus NF continues to remain one of the fastest electric scooters in the market.

When it comes to design, the Currus NF has a slightly different and more aerodynamic structure than most other electric scooters. This makes it easier for the scooter to pick up acceleration and ride faster.

The integrated 60 V – 28 Ah H35E Samsung battery can keep the vehicle running for up to 100-120 km on a single charge.

The super-strong Spring 150mm suspension, the Multi-EYE LCD screen with power to control acceleration, braking and ABS, waterproof IP54, and Hydraulic disk brakes are some of the things that make the Currus NF a truly revolutionary, fast and advanced electric scooter of the year.

I hope this list helps you find a good and fast enough electric scooter for your next travel adventure. To buy the fastest e-scooters online from FreeMotionShop, just log on to our website

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