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Why Walk When You Can Ride? FreeMotionshop Is Here With The Ultimate Solution!

It’s the 21st-century. Why use 20th-century technology to get around? Electric mobility is easy, efficient, hassle-free, and ecologically friendly. Electric scooters save time and money for the traveller or commuter.

FreeMotionshop is the premier place to purchase an e scooter or other electric mobility device in the United States or Canada. The customer service team at FreeMotion can assist the customer to make the right decision when considering 21st-century electric mobility.

Free Motion offers the latest technology in electric scooters and other mobility solutions. Why walk or search for a parking space when you can ride your own 21st-century transportation?

A scooter for an Adult?

Think only kids love our vehicles? Well, you are wrong!

An electric kick scooter (eScooter) is an adult kick scooter powered using 21st-century electric motors and computer systems for control. It has become obvious that electric mobility is the wave of the future. FreeMotion stands at the forefront of this emerging technology. eScooters provide high-speed, reliable, Urban transportation for the working adult.

eScooters can use bike lanes and are not subject to urban traffic jams. They do not cause pollution. In the case of Stairs or other obstacles, the eScooter is foldable and can easily be carried over the obstacle. Then set it down and start riding again. The price of an eScooter is generally less than the yearly maintenance cost of an automobile. And parking is no worry; take it up to your office. eScooters have a very short learning curve and most people can ride one minute after seeing it.

FreeMotionshop is the premier online website to shop for eScooter for adults in North America.

But are eScooters worth it?

This is a resounding YES! But there are things to consider. An electric scooter or other electric mobility device carries you physically from place to place, sometimes at speeds exceeding a fast run. For this reason quality is important.

FreeMotion has a great battery-powered scooter option that you can choose from, for example:

  • the Currus NF Electric scooter
  • the Dualtron Raptor Electric scooter
  • the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

All of the above are very stylish & speedy commuting machines. These eScooters are solidly built but they represent the heavier end of the eScooter line.

Consider Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters

Perhaps you do not commute to work but would want to enjoy outdoor outings with your family and friends. Then a lightweight foldable electric scooter would be a great option,  These lightweight folding mobility scooters make all your regular activities more enjoyable and easy.

lightweight mobility scooter is compact and can be transported and used easily. These portable scooters for adults will increase your mobility and give you the independence to move around conveniently.

Of course, the FreeMotion shop offers some of the best lightweight electric scooters available in the market.

The fastest Electric Scooters in 2020?

The Dualtron Raptor is the fastest e scooter of 2020. With its dual motors of 1300 watts, it is faster and more powerful than most scooters. Even with its small form factor, the motors provide a total output of 2600 watts. This enables the scooter to ascend an incline as steep as 25 degrees.

Because of its small size, it’s a great choice for commuters who want to avoid traffic. The fastest electric scooter of 2020 is still a sustainable means of transportation. It doesn’t contribute to global warming and is ecologically friendly. So, go ahead and start browsing for brand new stylish electric scooter models on FreeMotionshop today.

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