Gotway Monster Pro and the Veteran Sherman are power wheels which will serve any rider well.

This is a comparison of the two fastest Electric unicycles ( EUCs ) on the market. The Begode Monster Pro and the Veteran Sherman.

This analysis will go through all the features and highlights of these top-speed rivals of 2020, the fastest EUCs at the time of this writing (End 2020).

Which Electric Unicycle is “Best”?


This is the most commonly asked question and the hardest to answer. The best is determined by which of these monster wheels fits the rider’s needs and desires. Both the Gotway Monster Pro and the Veteran Sherman are power wheels that will serve any rider well. One way to answer about best is to give a point-by-point comparison.


The Veteran Sherman retails at $3399 which is at the same level as the Begode Monster Pro which costs around $3,339. The specifications of the wheels will give us somewhat of a determination as to the value. However, specifications can not address the intangibles of the wheels, like the way a rider feels when riding the differing EUCs.

Range on a charge (Mileage)

The Veteran Sherman is rated by Veteran with a range of 128 miles/ 205 km on a single charge. Gotway rates the Monster Pro at 120 miles/ 200 km. The range on these devices is also determined by the rider’s weight, ride style, Ride speed, and environmental factors like temperature and wind resistance.

Here we see these devices are almost identical in range.


Gotway Monster Pro has a 3500 Watt/100v Hollow motor which allows for larger gauge cables to go to the motor because they don’t have to go through a small axle

The Veteran Sherman has a 2500-watt/100v motor. The larger motor of the Gotway gives it the edge in the motor department.

Top Speed

These wheels were designed to be the speed leader of the market. The EUC rider needs to remember that the top speed of the wheel will be determined by many factors. These factors include the rider’s weight, wind load, temperature, and road condition.

Gotway rates the Monster Pro at ~45mph/72kph as a cruising speed. The No-load Free Motor Spin speed is 61mph/100kph. Veteran rates the Sherman at ~50mph/80kph with a 62mph/ 106km No-load free spin speed. In actuality, these wheels are pretty evenly matched in the speed department.


Veteran Sherman is rated for a rider weight of 330 lbs/150 kgs Gotway rates the Monster Pro at 290lbs/130kg. Either of these wheels will transport a large rider from one place to another.

EUC weight and portability

These wheels are not the most portable on the market as they have large batteries and large motors.

The Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle has a lower weight, 77 Lbs/35 Kg, than the Gotway Monster Pro of 99 lbs/45 kg. The Gotway has an integrated trolley handle and a lift-wheel cutoff switch. The Veteran has a trolley handle but no cut-off switch.

Grade of Climb

Electric unicycles can be used for commuting or off-roading. The ability of the EUC to make a steep climb can be an important factor. Here the Veteran Sherman Max Climb Angle is 30° which gives it a slight edge over the Gotway Monster Pro whose Max Climb Angle is rated at 20°. However, the Gotway will not shut down the engine until a grade exceeding 35%.

Charge time

Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle Charging Time is around <6 hrs to an 80% charge via the included 5A Charger.

The Begode Monster Pro Battery charging time is 12h with the included 100V, 3A charger. However, the Gotway can support two simultaneous chargers and the charge ports are rated at up to 20A! This means this MONSTER wheel could conceivably charge faster than a normal household circuit would allow.


The Veteran Sherman sports a Kenda K262 20″ knobby tire. This wheel could take you anywhere. The Gotway has a huge 24-inch tire making big bumps into small bumps.

Lights and Sound

The Gotway has a headlight rated at 100~6000 lumen. This is almost the level of the new InMotion V11 headlight. The Gotway has built-in Bluetooth speakers allowing the rider to jam to their favourite music while riding!

The Veteran Sherman has a 1500-lumen light and a bright rear light with turn signals on it.

Other “bells and whistles”

The Veteran has an integrated metal roll bar similar to a race car to protect the plastic wheel case if the rider should drop the wheel. It also has a full-function LCD, built into the case, capable of displaying speed, battery voltage, and mileage. The LCD enables mode switching, calibration, battery status, etc. without an app. This is good as there is no dedicated app for the Sherman.

The Begode does have a dedicated app for monitor and control. The app allows for control of the tilt angle of the pedals. It has an integrated wheel stop function which stops the freespin if the wheel is lifted off the ground.


Doing a comparison between the Gotway Monster Pro and the Veteran Sherman is easy if one simply posts specs. Both these electric unicycles are highly capable on their own and making a decision between them is simply a matter of personal preference. Some riders will appreciate the military sturdiness and simplicity of the Veteran. Others will prefer the bells and whistles, and huge tire size, of the Begode Monster Pro.

One thing is sure. With the purchase of either of these self-balancing wheels, the rider will experience the pinnacle of EUC technology and performance available in 2020.

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