Top 5 Best Kingsong Electric Unicycles You Can’t Afford To Miss

Kingsong manufactures high-quality electric unicycles (EUCs). Here are the 5 best Kingsong Unicycles of all time

KingSong is a well-known brand name in the world of electric unicycles. KingSong not only markets but manufactures its electric scooters as well. Starting from 2012, Kingsong has been putting out high-quality electric unicycles (EUCs).

Earlier, Kingsong specialized in the development of power bank protection boards. This same expertise is being used in the manufacturing of safe & secure electric unicycles, E-scooters, and two-wheel balance scooters.

This article will give the reader information about some KingSong EUC products, specifically the five top-rated Kingsong electric unicycles in our opinion. The reader can use this information in his or her decision to buy a high-quality PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle).

best kingsong electric unicycles collection


white kingsong ks-14s electric unicycle

KINGSONG 14S High-Performance Electric Unicycles is one of the most stylish EUCs on the market today. Also, the Kingsong 14S is very practical due to its 840Wh battery. The battery is the single most important component of any electric-powered product. The 14S battery combines lightweight with a decent range.

The Kingsong 14S can hit 18.6 Mph/30 kph as a top speed and has a 43-mile/69 km range. This range is achievable even when there is a 200-pound load on it. Another great feature is that the battery can be fully charged in just 2 hours, going from zero to 100%, which is a godsend for those who are on the move.

The Kingsong 14S has an ergonomically designed trolley handle for transport. Its smaller size allows beginners to learn to quickly control the unicycle. This wheel sports a ton of safety features, a speed alert, a battery drain alert, regenerative braking, back tilt for speed, and control board protection.

Combine all of the above with good quality tires at 2 1/4 inches wide allowing for increased traction. In addition, the 14 S has programmable LED arrays that allow the user to display lighting patterns in the dark, making one much more visible. There is a dedicated mobile app to fully control this EUC. Connecting to the wheel by Bluetooth, the app allows the rider to see speed, battery level, and volume level, and run diagnostics on the wheel.


kingsong ks-16s electric unicycle
King Song KS-16S Electric Unicycle Balancing One-Wheel Scooter 840Wh 1200W Motor

Now we come to the next Kingsong electric unicycle on our list, the Kingsong KS-16S. This compact and cutting-edge EUC is another great from the house of Kingsong Unicycles. The Kingsong KS-16S can tackle most terrains with ease as its 1200W battery is able to ensure optimal performance, allowing a rider with a weight of up to 330lbs/150kg to achieve up to 22 mph/35kph top speed with a range of up to 43 mi/75km. This is sufficient for an everyday commute. It has a maximum incline climb of 30°.

The Kingsong KS-16S uses a 16-inch tire which smoothes out the bumps for the ride or is lucky enough to be riding this wheel. KingSong uses its R&D department to ensure the tires are optimal for an electric unicycle.

One can see the Kingsong KS-16S is a real cutting-edge device when one notes features such as a speed limit control option via the dedicated mobile app, emergency and regenerative braking, brake lights, and bright case-embedded headlights.


kingsong 16x electric unicycle
The KS-16x is perfect for commuting traveling or having fun with friends. Even beginners can learn how to ride easily. It provides 1554Wh, 84V with Smart BMS, balancing, over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection.

The ultra-modern futuristic-looking Kingsong KS-16X brings sheer joy to the rider of this electric unicycle with its packed feature list. The heavy-duty 1600Wh battery, along with a 2000W motor, can easily put most of the electric unicycles running on the streets to shame when looked at side by side.

The Kingsong KS-16X is able to achieve a 70 mile/110+km range which is quite impressive for single-wheel personal mobility. This wheel is for long-range drivers.

Battery charging can be slow with some EUCs. This is solved by the inclusion of a 5A fast charger enabling KS-16X to charge up to 80% in under 4 hours. , the KingSong 16X electric unicycle has dual-charging ports for the simultaneous use of two charges. The weight of Kingsong KS-16X is manageable, and its magnesium alloy retractable trolley handle means moving with this wheel is a breeze.

Other smart features include headlights and bright rear lights for riding in the dark, and high-rise pedals to isolate riders from muddy terrain and protect them from pedal strikes in the event of sharp turners.

Who doesn’t want to listen to the music on the go? So let’s add Quad-5W speakers with a 10W subwoofer to give riders a groove.


kingsong 18xl electric unicycle

The Kingsong KS-18XL comes with a fast charger included which made it the flagship of the Kingsong line at the time of its release. The Kingsong KS-18XL brings the best of Kingsong electric unicycle technology to customers who are into the serious electric wheel adventure. The big 2200W motor is matched with an 18-inch tire creating a phenomenal riding experience safely.

The steep angle climbing of 35 degrees is superb for mountain, hill, and rocky terrains. This wheel can handle paved and unpaved surfaces. It can zoom past others at a top speed of 31mph/50kph which is sufficient for everyday commute allowing for a quick commute with headroom on the high end. .

And to put a cherry on this EUC cake, the range of Kingsong KS-18XL is 85 mi/140 km! This is made possible by a large 1554Wh battery,, manufactured by LG and Sanyo.

Again, bigger 18-inch tires make sure that riders are safe on their gliding adventures and provide more reliability. Other safety features include brake lights, speed limit alerts, regenerative braking, road lamps, and a bright headlight. The unicycle can be controlled by a dedicated mobile app available on IOS and Android, allowing full control and monitoring and offering multiple ride modes.


white kingsong s18 electric unicycle with air suspension

OK, let’s get this out of the way. The Kingsong S18 is, by far, the most aesthetically pleasing, futuristic-looking PEV on any market, available in a light grey or matte black finish. The visuals of this EUC are OFF THE SCALE. In this category, there is simply no competition. The frame of the S18 makes it look as if it had been designed by the designers of a Hollywood sci-fi movie.

The KS-S18 is well-fitted with a powerful 2200W motor which is able to reach its peak at a staggering 5000W output. Pair this with an 1110Watt hour 84V battery, this electric unicycle is able to propel the rider at speeds rivaling most top-end EUCs.

There are only three wheels on the market with an active suspension system. The Kingsong S18 has the best suspension system on the market, with larger travel and the ability to finely adjust the suspension. Suspension makes a huge difference on an electric unicycle, not only in ride comfort, but suspension systems increase traction and can be thought of as a safety feature. Suspended the UCs are the most advanced EUCs on the market and the Kingsong S18 has the most advanced suspension system in the EUC world.

Also able to carry a payload of 265lbs/120kg, the s18 is more than enough for almost any rider. On top of this, the EUC weighs just 48 lbs/20kg. The S18 has an 18-inch tire with a 3-inch width making the ride smooth and stable.

The headlight on KS-S18 is a 1600-lumen powerhouse, illuminating the road in front of the rider. It too has safety including brake lights, speed limit alert, regenerative braking, and a light strobe mode for maximum visibility. Like the other Kingsong electric unicycles, the S18 can be controlled by a dedicated mobile app available on IOS and Android, allowing full control and monitoring and offering multiple ride modes.

The owner of the Kingsong S18 could say the S18 is the finest EUC on the market and he might be right.


We have not listed all of the Kingsong EUCs nor have we discussed EUCs from other manufacturers. All manufacturers have their specialist areas and Kingsong’s is reliability and safety. Kingsong EUCs are rarely the fastest or have the biggest wheels, but they are well made with the lowest failure rate in the industry. And with the release of the S18, they have the undisputed best-looking device on the EUC market.

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