Begode Monster Pro – The Zenith of Electric Unicycle

Ultimate personal commuter you can have with that advanced technology backup.

What a century of electric mobility that has arrived with all sorts of electric modes of transportation. We have seen the body of conventional scooters having electric motors, electric cars, motorbikes, even buses, and now airplanes.

All these types of vehicles have been turned into electric means but we have to see that one-of-a-kind personal Transporters i.e. unicycles are able to provide complete travelling freedom.

begode Monster Pro The Zenith of Electric Unicycles

Although electric unicycles have been around for so long, now after putting the electric motor into them their scope has extended much more than ever.

If you are that one person, who has an open mind tendency towards personal mobility with a bit of adventure in your heart, you are looking at a great piece of tech for your everyday commute.

This would be the ultimate personal commuter you can have with that advanced technology backup and to know more about that, let’s get started with our product of the day – The BEGODE MONSTER PRO ELECTRIC UNICYCLE!

Begode Monster Pro – How it Looks?

Begode Monster Pro can be suggested to anyone looking out for that pro unicycle that has it all. The Monster Pro unicycle does have that bulky but rather sleek overall footprint. It stands tall at 680mm while the length is 610mm.

If the footrests are unfolded, it would take 500mm of space and a mere 260mm when the footrests are inside. However, one needs to be extra cautious while lifting Monster Pro as it is around 45kg (99 Pounds).

gotway monster pro

What’s the Performance?

If you ask anyone with a decent commuting pattern it will not require more than a speed of 25 km/hr. That’s more than enough if one also considers the safety of the rider but let me tell you, without any load, this thing can zoom past at 106 km/hr too!

Yes, the load limit is much better at 286 Lbs (130 kg) and not to forget its never-ending range Up to 187 Miles (300 km)! That’s a lot of range on a unicycle, and you may do a week full of up-down to your office and downtowns.

Coming to the heart of the motor is the battery, which is an LG M50T 21700 battery unit that produces a very good amount of power i.e. 36000wh at 100V, and you can charge it with a 100V/3A charger in ~12 hours.

So, is there any rider protection tech?

The Monster Pro does have a beep-sounding alert mechanism to protect the unicycle and the rider. There are some beep patterns which go like this:-

When the unicycle crosses certain speed limits such as 30km/h – 2beeps/sec or 3beeps/sec for 45km/h

When the unicycle goes into low battery mode:

low voltage, <7.2km/h – 2 beeps/sec

low voltage – >14.4km/h – 3 beeps/2 sec

extreme low voltage – 1 beep/sec with a total of 5 beeps

Miscellaneous alarms: PCB overheat – 2 beeps(short)

hall malfunction – 2 beeps/0.5 sec

Also, the Begode Monster Pro will automatically shut if the unicycle leans more than 45 degrees on either side or at 35 degrees when tilted forward or backward.

So, you got an idea, of how Begode Monster Pro reacts when it gets into some sort of error or it senses that the rider may get injured.

Are there some add-on features to watch out for?

#1 Absolutely Yes! Begode Monster Pro does have those standout features to attain its cult status in the electric unicycle industry.

#2 Begode Monster Pro also has a dedicated mobile app for angle setup for that perfect riding experience.

#3 If you’re going to ride in night condition, then there is no worry as the Begode Monster Pro offers the best in class headlights for a safe night ride with light reaching up to 6000 lumens starting from 10 lumens.

#4 And such an exciting feature to dance upon!! Yes, Begode Monster Pro also has Bluetooth speakers integrated within to soothe your music craving.

Final Words!

So, we have concluded almost everything about our pick of the day – Begode Monster Pro, which is by far the best electric unicycle out there in the market which the money can buy. We are here to resolve all your queries related to Monster Pro anytime any day, Just contact us at our email and let our executives assist you!

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