Inmotion V10 – Specs, Features and much more!

An advanced and well-designed electric unicycle to ride with style.

Are you looking for an advanced and well-designed electric unicycle to ride with style? If yes, then Inmotion V10 is a perfect option for you. It is designed and developed in such a way that it will offer a maximum level of performance. The unicycle is developed by Inmotion and comes with some fantastic features which are missing in its previous version.

When it comes to riding comfort, motor power, and battery capacity, this little unicycle has all the things to offer. So, don’t think much now,just grab one and ride your own unique style. However, let’s have a look at some amazing features and specifications of the new Inmotion V10. 

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    Exploring the features of the unicycle

    • A powerful motor

    As per the company, this time, it has offered a powerful motor with the new Inmotion V10. In fact, it is quite powerful than the Inmotion V8 model. Taking about the power, it has a herculean 1800 W motor. So, now you can travel faster. Besides, the engine offers a top speed of 25 MPH(40kmph). Talking about the load capacity, it can easily support a load capacity of 260lbs(118 kg). 

    • An overpowered battery

    For a seamless and unique riding experience, along with a 1800 W powerful motor, the Inmotion V10 has a 650 WH battery. It takes less than 6 hours to get fully charged. Once fully charged, it can cover around 43miles(70 kilometers). So, ride it with pride and forget about the charging. 

    • Inmotion V10 brakes and handling

    This time the company has offered all the things with it to let the rider enjoy a comfortable ride. It is carefully designed to provide users with better handling. There is no doubt that you will enjoy a safe riding experience. Take it to the hills, rocky surface, and other places without much hiccups. 

    One of the best things about this fantastic electric unicycle is, it comes with the cooling system. That means you can now enjoy a continuous ride without worrying about the overheating of its motor and other parts. Throughout your journey with the Inmotion V10, you will enjoy a better performance. 

    • Lighting

    When it comes to Inmotion V10’s lighting, well, you will find it quite unique. It has lights on the rear, side, and front. Now coming to the amazing part, the lights can be customized with the app that you will get with the unicycle. Besides, the app will also show your daily performance. The advanced statistics and features let you analyze your usage habits. 

    • Music and connectivity

    If you are a music lover and love to listen to music while riding, then you will enjoy your journey with the Inmotion V10. It has an in-built premium speaker and Bluetooth connectivity features. Connect your device with the unicycle and play your favorite song and keep riding. 

    It can be said that it is a small package with an impressive power. So, go on and order it today online at the best price. 

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