Veteran Abrams – All you need to know about the new EUCs king

veteran abrams 22-inch electric unicycle
Veteran Abrams

Like the shift of the automobile and transportation industry to electric mobility, personalized vehicles adapted as well. One example is the ever-popular electric hoverboards that everybody loved. An adaptation of these is the more rugged, and practical electric unicycles that can be of much better service and offer more practicality.


Leaperkim made some serious shockwaves in the EUC industry with the launch of Veteran Sherman in 2020. Their unicycle became an instant hit with its great features, practicality, and durable performance. So much so that people started to shift to electric unicycles from other means of individual transport and commute.

Leaperkim was considerate enough to listen to their customers and surprised them with a new product, Veteran Abrams. They took inspiration from the US Army’s progression from the legendary M4 Sherman tank to the much more refined and sophisticated M1 Abrams. Veteran obliged their consumers and promised an upgraded experience with the launch of the all-new Veteran Abrams, the next big thing in the EUC market.

Popular for amalgamating premium build quality with outstanding performance and ensuring safety in the meantime, Leaperkim has a serious contender to win the EUC battle with their Abrams. While you cannot deny the usability and performance of Sherman, Abrams has so much to offer and such potential that you won’t be able to keep your hands off. Answering the call of EUC enthusiasts, Leaperkim has enriched their new product with all the great features that previously missing in action. With state-of-the-art technology, accessories, tires, batteries, top IP ratings, and quick charging, let’s uncover why you must get a Veteran Abrams right now.

Battery and Range

No doubt e-unicycles are environmentally friendly machines and make mobility greener around the world. However, there is a hindrance in their growth and adaptation among the masses due to a real-world limitation, range anxiety. The not-so-refined and advanced battery technology and prolonged charging hours restrict the long-distance use of EVs, and people still prefer to use gas-driven engines.

The Veteran Abrams challenges this opinion and offers a considerable battery range and less charging time. All thanks to its state-of-the-art battery technology, advanced software, and quick charging, Abrams is a pretty dependable commute partner. It is equipped with a 21700 Samsung 50E battery with a storage capacity of 2700Wh 100.8V. The modularization sealed battery packs are well protected, with added warnings for overcharged and over-discharged. A low-battery alarm is also included, which beeps at 75.6V and tilts back at 74.5V.

With such a sophisticated battery pack and quick charging available, always be in motion with a real-world range of 150-200 km.

Fast Charging

Forget the overnight and long charging hours with Abrams, all credit to the new 21700 50E battery cell technology that is capable of fast charging. It is capable of either 12A or 15A charging, which substantially reduces the charging time. The DC 100.8V charging output charges the battery to full in just 3 hours, with 12A charging. For your safety and protection of the vehicle, it comes with short circuit protection for the charging port outlet. With such refined technology, plug in your unicycle at home or office and get ready to roll.


Powered by a massive 3500W motor, an upgrade of a 1000W over the Sherman, Abrams is all about performance and dependability. Complimented by a 22-inch tire, this unicycle will get you places where other EUCs can’t dare to go. Abrams is a highly capable machine, which you can rely on at any time.

Top Speed: It has a top-free spin speed of 100km/h, which means it can take you up to 80 km/h. The veteran recommended a safe speed limit is 25km/h.

Maximum load: Abrams can carry a maximum payload of up to 120 kg.

Inclination: It can conquer an incline of up to 30o.

Operating temperatures: Whether it’s super freezing or sweaty hot, Veteran Abrams will always be at your service with an operating temperature range of -10o to 80o C.

Tire: A 22” knobby tire makes sure that you stay clear of little hurdles on the way, and that traction is maintained. A tubeless tire means you won’t have complaints of a flat anymore, and the option to lower the PSI pressure is the first of its kind in a EUC, making your ride more customizable and maneuverability much easier. A paddle height of 180 mm further makes the ride safe and movement smoother.

IP Rating: To make sure that the top performance figures of the Abrams reciprocate on the roads, and the Veteran’s claims stand true in the real world. All the electrical components and crucial parts are protected well during the manufacturing process. Waterproof connectors and a sealed bearing ring ensure durability during wet weather and damp conditions. You do not have to worry about dust ingress either, as the key components are secured. Abrams has a range-topping IP65 rating.


All this promising technology and matchless performance come with premium quality materials, top manufacturing standards, type of hardware used, and convenience added by the onboard accessories. Let’s have an in-depth look at the Abrams’s hardware and accessories;

Mainboard: The main ECU of the Abrams has customized connectors and stable fixed wires augmented by 12pcs Mosfets for better durability.

Cooling system: The automatic heat dissipation system works flawlessly to keep the motors and other mechanical parts at an optimal operating temperature. It is made of an integrated aluminum alloy.

Motor axle and Pedal pillar: made of aluminum-carbon alloy, designed for convenient usage.

Trolley handle: Central mounted and retractable trolley handle for easy usability.

Fender and Metal bars: Aluminum roll bars and fenders are used in case of an accident, or fall, for added protection.

Display: An LCD panel mounted on top shows all the important information, including speed, mileage, battery voltage and status, calibration, range, and switching between modes.

Pedal: To ensure a strong grip, integrated spiked pedals are offered. These pedals prevent the rider from slipping or falling over at high speeds.

Headlight: The 2800-lumen 25W modularization light provides optimal illumination in the dark, with the added convenience of adjustable angles and brightness based on your requirements.

Taillight: A necessary safety equipment. An LED taillight warns the traffic behind about braking, and turn signals as well.

Screws and Bolts: To make sure that Abrams keeps performing well in routine use and tough terrain, all the screws and bolts are made of 304 stainless steel. These are tightened to the optimal position using torque wrenching and do not rust like the cheaper metals.


The software is as important as the other components to keep the unicycle running optimally. Let’s have a look at some of the important aspects and features of the veteran Abrams;

Incline protection feature: To protect the rider from falling off, this feature prevents the unicycle from rolling once the wheel body inclines to 45o. A feature that is not available among other competitors.

Speed limit: Through the LCD panel, the speed of the Abrams can be limited to a certain number. This is very important for beginners and the areas with strict laws.

Battery protection and low battery warning: To protect the battery from overcharging or discharging, the system is calibrated to stop charging or beep when the battery is too low.

Overheat protection for the mainboard: At 85o, the overheat protection system of the Abrams kicks in and prevents the ECU from any damage.

Calibration: Calibration of the system, especially after a service session can be done through the LCD panel. All the electrical systems need to be in sync with the mechanicals, for optimal output.


The veteran entered the EV market with a bang, offering a classic in the form of Sherman. It was an instant hit and consumers loved what it had to offer. But they went a step ahead with their next offering, Abrams. Loaded with a lot of tech features, improved mechanics and ergonomics, more power, and a dependable range, it was warmly welcomed by EUC enthusiasts.

If you’re in the market for an electric unicycle with top features, build quality, and safety features you can rely on, Abrams should be at the top of your shortlist. With not so expensive price tag, fast charging, and easy maneuverability, you cannot go wrong with the Veteran Abrams.

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