512Wh Battery | Up to 30 Miles Range | 23+ MPH Max Speed

While most high-performance electric unicycles are lightning quick and massively powerful, they are not that portable or easy to ride, making it challenging for beginners to master their riding skills. This is where the Begode MTen3 comes in handy like no other ewheel. It is the most stable, safe, and all-around unicycle that is ideal for rookies and younger riders.

With a 10-inch wheel diameter, it may be the smallest EUC ever made, but that certainly does not imply it’s the least powerful. The e-unicycle features a powerful 800W motor that propels it to a peak speed of 23 mph. An energy-efficient 512Wh 84V battery pack is also fitted to the EUC that delivers a whopping 25-30 miles range. With such superior range and performance, you can now hop onto the MTen3 to relish your outdoor excursions for miles and miles.

The MTen3 is no slouch in terms of features. It comes equipped with multiple RGB LED light modes, a battery indicator, a lift switch, a super-bright headlight, and an official partner app.

Salient features and specifications of BEGODE MTEN3:

begode mten3 electric unicycle with 10-inch tire
Begode Mten3
  • Brand: Gotway (Begode)
  • Model: Mten3
  • Weight: 10 Kg, 22 Lbs
  • Battery: 84V/512Watt
  • Motor: 800W
  • Max Speed: 23+ MPH
  • Max Load: 110 Kg, 240 Lbs
  • Range: 25-30 miles
  • Max Climb Angle: 20°
  • Wheel Size: 10″
  • Dimensions: 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height) (when folded).
  • Charging Time: 4 hours with a standard charger – 2 hours to 80% with an optional rapid charger


The MTen3 punches above its weight when it comes to performance and straight-line speed. Despite its small size, the electric unicycle packs a powerful 800W motor that allows it to reach a scintillating top speed of 23mph.

The MTen3 is a pretty compact and lightweight wheel, yet its 240-pound load-bearing capacity and hill-climbing ability of 20° sets it apart from the competition.

Battery and Range:

The MTen3 features a high-grade 84V 512Wh battery pack that can roughly cover 25-30 miles before running out of juice. Extracting such an impressive range from a small battery size is a wonder of groundbreaking engineering. It makes the EUC optimal for cruising around the city, enabling you to relish the scenery and the serenity of the outdoors.

The charging times are also quite exceptional. The standard charger takes around four hours to fully charge the battery, while a 5A rapid charger can fully charge the unicycle in just two and a half hours.


The MTen3 offers unrivaled portability and is compact enough to be carried in a backpack. Yes, you read that right, inside a BACKPACK! Designing the smallest electric unicycle in the world with a 10″ wheel diameter is definitely a feat of leading-edge technology and innovation. You can easily carry it in your car, stash it under your office desk, or squeeze it into your suitcase. With an astonishingly low weight of 28 lbs, you can carry it literally anywhere.

If portability is a must for you when buying an EUC, there’s no better wheel than the MTen3!

Ride Quality:

Due to its small wheel size of 10 inches, the MTen3 offers immaculate control and stability. The EUC is extremely easy to maneuver, even around the tightest turns and corners, and offers matchless agility.

The e-unicycle has a footrest clearance of 4.75″, making it easy for the riders to avoid any ground contact and falls. The MTen3 provides a smooth and relaxing ride by effectively absorbing the jolts and judders caused by the rough and uneven surfaces beneath.

Design and Build:

If you believe that simple is beautiful, the MTen3 is the right fit for you. The unicycle flaunts a sleek and minimal design that is modern and futuristic in its own right. Begode has crafted this EUC in such a unique and inspiring manner that it exudes elegance and style from every angle.

In case you believe that the MTen3 is a fragile e-wheel that can’t handle harsh or challenging conditions, you’re mistaken. The electric unicycle boasts a robust and durable frame that can withstand even the most testing terrains while maintaining a very stable ride even at higher speeds.

Overall, the unicycle’s dimensions are as follows: 

Dimensions: 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height) (when folded).

Additional Features:

An array of best-in-class features and industry-leading safety precautions make the MTen3 one of the most desirable EUCs on the market. The wheel is equipped with an ultra-bright headlight and controllable multi-color LEDs, perfect for night-time rides.

A lift motion suppression button is located on the unicycle’s handle, making it easy for the riders to transport it from one place to another in a car or as hand luggage on a train. The MTen3 is connected to an official partner app that can be used to manage several functions within the unicycle. For example, you can limit the maximum speed in the app to prevent the EUC from further acceleration. These features are especially useful for novices who are beginning to ride an EUC and have trouble controlling their pace.


All these factors make the MTen3 a top-of-the-line electric unicycle that is compact, stylish, and easy to ride. It perfectly suits the needs of beginners and becomes an incredibly potent machine when put in the hands of EUC veterans.

Without a doubt, the Mten3 is one of the most fun and easy-to-use EUCs on the market. It is fast and exhilarating, and every EUC aficionado would find it a blessing.

The MTen3 is available at for 1189$ (C$1,399)

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