begode mten3 electrci unicycle with 10-inch tire
begode mten3 electrci unicycle with 10-inch tire
begode mten3 electric unicycle with 10-inch tire
begode mten3 84v 10-inch electric unicycle with led lights-min

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    For those who are looking for a great EUC on a budget, look no further than the Begode MTen3 10”. Coming in at just under $1099, this nifty little electric unicycle is one of the most convenient, budget friendly, and well-rounded unicycles available, with a wide range of awesome features and quality of life improvements that make it a great purchase. But what are these features, I hear you ask…

    Appearance, Weight, and Dimensions:

    Obviously, one of the main selling points of the MTen3 is it’s much more compact and minimalist design in comparison to most other electric unicycles on the market, so let’s check out the measurements…

    Overall, the unicycle’s dimensions are as follows:  11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height) (when folded). This is amazing, as it means the MTen3 can easily fit in a rucksack, suitcase, or duffel bag, so can be taken anywhere you’d like! It will also fit on overhead storage on a train or plane, as well as under a car seat. The MTen3’s pedals have a ground clearance of 4.75” when on flat ground, which is perfect for added balance. Then of course there’s the 10” inch wheel, which is the perfect size for such a compact unicycle.

    As for the weight of the MTen3, it clocks in at just 22lbs (9kg)! To find an electric unicycle that light is almost unheard of.  This only emphasizes the portability of the MTen3. And even though it’s so light, it still packs a big punch! Let’s delve more into that next.

    Performance and Hardware

    The MTen3 comes with everything you’ll ever need out of an electric unicycle, including:

    Range and speed – Without its load, the MTen3 can race along at a top speed of roughly 23mph (29kph), if you get the 84v variant, which is perfect for casually cruising a suburban area. The MTen3 comes with a 800W (continuous) motor, which is amazing for the price point! On top of this, the MTen3 has a maximum range of up to 30 miles, which is just right for a day’s worth of speeding about and having fun cruising around.

    Carrying limit – The MTen3 is not the heftiest electric unicycle available by any means, but it can certainly carry a pretty large amount of weight and handle a decent amount of pressure placed upon it. The MTen3 has a maximum carrying weight of about 200lbs (90kg). But be warned, that with all electric unicycles, a large load will decrease performance, especially over prolonged periods of time.

    Hill climbing – The MTen3 can climb hills and inclines under 35°. Unless you plan on climbing up Mount Everest on your MTen3 anytime soon, this should be perfect for urban use, and a bit of off-road cycling.

    Battery – Keeping with the theme of compactivity, the MTen3 comes with 40x 18650 cells in the 512Wh configuration, or 32x cells in the 420Wh pack. Although this might not sound like much, these batteries are just as good as any other; they have the exact same output as Panasonic GA 3.5Ah cells. The MTen3 also comes in both 67v and 84v models. The MTen3 also comes with a rapid charger option which can charge the unicycle to full capacity in just 2 and a half hours!

    Additional Features/Quality of Life Improvements

    The MTen3 comes with a wide range of awesome features as well as safety precautions and additional parts built-in. Let’s go over all of these amazing add-ons.

    The MTen3 comes with a lift motion suppression button on the handle. This makes the MTen3 more convenient to be brought on a train or in a car as hand luggage, or to be carried from location to location if you’re in a busier metropolitan area, especially considering how light the MTen3 is!

    The MTen3 comes with an official partner app which can be used to alter functions within the unicycle.

    Lastly, let’s quickly go over the lights. The MTen3 has both a bright headlight and controllable multi-color LED’s, perfect for night-time rides; all of this can be adjusted within the app.

    Well, that was a quick overview of the MTen3 10”! All of this comes together to a top-rated electric unicycle which is an absolute must buy for any electric unicycle fanatic!

    *Keep in mind that performance can vary with load weight, road conditions, battery status, and temperature.

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    Begode Mten3 Electric Unicycle

    23+ MPH Max Speed| Up to 30 Miles Range | 512Wh Battery
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    begode mten3 84v 10-inch electric unicycle with pedals-min
    begode mten3 84v 10-inch electric unicycle with power pads and pedals-min
    begode mten3 84v 10-inch electric unicycle with led lights-min
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