begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension
begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension
begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension with throlley handlebars
begode t4 electric unicycle front
begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension with headlights

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    Note: Our Begode T4 electric unicycle features exclusive battery improvements made in partnership with a leading battery manufacturer, providing unparalleled safety and reliability. With waterproof and fire-retardant properties and an improved BMS anti-vibration system, our electric unicycle ensures a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. Order yours today and experience the future of electric riding with confidence.”

    The T4 is the first 17-inch suspension wheel from Begode that is going to take your breath away with its enthralling power, fantastic agility, and supreme ride comfort.

    The mid-size, budget EUC incorporates a potent motor, a first-class battery, a sturdy frame, and all the latest tech in an elegantly designed package that will undoubtedly catch the attention of e-mobility enthusiasts worldwide.

    Motor & Top Speed:

    With a widened and reinforced rim, the T4s high-torque, hollow bore motor really packs a punch. It churns out a substantial 2,500-Watt peak power, which is enough to accelerate the unicycle to a free spin speed of 78 km/h (48.5 mph). In real-world riding conditions, the top speed is nearly 60 km/h (37.2 mph), making the T4 an excellent choice for both beginners and avid riders.

    Payload & Climbing Ability:

    If gradeability and load-bearing capacity are essential considerations in your monowheel purchase, the T4 is undoubtedly a worthy option. The EUC can ascend 25° slopes and carry a maximum load of 130kgwithout breaking a sweat.

    Battery & Range

    Begode electric unicycles are known for extracting maximum efficiency from their battery packs, and the T4 is no exception. The EUC can drive up to 150 Km on a single charge, thanks to its 100.8V new generation BMS battery that has a sizeable capacity of 1800 Wh. Moreover, the T4 features dual charging ports, and its standard 100.8V 5A charger takes around 3 hours to fully charge the battery.


    Given that it is the first and only 17-inch ewheel with a suspension system, the T4 has a massive advantage over its rivals. The high-sensitivity, third-generation mechanism comes with adjustable damping air shock absorbers that offer a heavenly pleasant ride by soaking up all the jerks and wobbles. Moreover, the 100mm suspension travel helps the rider maintain stability and control even when riding over larger bumps and potholes. Adding this advanced suspension system to a mid-size EUC is a brilliant initiative from Begode, and for that, the company deserves all the acclaim.

    Design & Build Quality:

    Immaculate might be the right word to describe the aesthetics of the T4. The EUC boasts an aggressive design with bold looks and a domineering road presence.

    To enhance the strength and endurance of the wheel, Begode has made the entire structure out of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The finest quality 16×3.0-inch tire improves stopping distance and offers extraordinary durability and ride comfort. The 133×288mm spiked pedals come with height adjustment and the well-designed power pads aid in rapid acceleration and deceleration. The unicycle measures 450×480×660mm in size and has a net weight of 30.4 kg.

    The T4 has all the innovative features you expect from a high-end electric unicycle. The top-mounted display is big and vibrant and helps you monitor battery power, riding speed, and motherboard temperature. The 6000-lumen adjustable headlamps illuminate your way in the dark,while the LED taillights make other vehicles aware of your presence. The other noticeable features of the T4 include a comfy, spacious seat, a cleverly positioned trolley handle, and an extremely handy mudguard.

    Note: It’s worth noting that the performance of our product may vary depending on several factors, such as the weight of the load, the condition of the road, the battery status, and the temperature. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to offer fast and free shipping for both our US and Canadian customers! Shop with us and enjoy the convenience of fast and free shipping straight to your door.”

    We now offer Klarna financing for our US customers and Affirm financing for our Canadian customers. Shop now and take advantage of our convenient financing options!

    Begode T4 Electric Unicycle – Powerful and Comfortable Transportation

    Experience smooth and stable riding with a 17-inch wheel, 2,500W motor, and advanced suspension system. Perfect for urban commutes and off-road adventures.
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    begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension
    begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension with throlley handlebars
    begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension rear mudguard
    begode t4 electric unicycle with suspension with headlights
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