begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle taillight
begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle taillight
begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle with large pedals
begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle

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    Note: Our Begode Mten4 electric unicycle features exclusive battery improvements made in partnership with a leading battery manufacturer, providing unparalleled safety and reliability. With waterproof and fire-retardant properties and an improved BMS anti-vibration system, our electric unicycle ensures a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. Order yours today and experience the future of electric riding with confidence.”

    The “Monarch” of entry-level electric unicycles is finally here!

    Begode has once again disrupted the beginner electric unicycle space with its latest release, the MTEN4. The company has come out with all guns blazing, creating a fast, fun, and compact EUC for those eager to start their e-mobility journey.

    The MTEN4 is perfect for novice riders due to its extraordinary stability, safety, and ease of use. The tiny unicycle is simple to control and offers matchless functionality in everyday life. Moreover, it hits the sweet spot between performance and range, making it ideal for leisurely rides and short-distance commutes.


    Don’t be fooled by the MTEN4’s relatively small size; its highly capable motor generates 1,000W of scorching power that is enough to amaze you every time you hit the road. The acceleration is superb, and you never get a feeling that you are riding a mini electric unicycle.

    Top Speed

    For a small EUC primarily designed for beginners and inexperienced riders, exceeding expectations in terms of top speed might seem a long shot; however, the MTEN4 does it with flying colors. The free spin speed is close to 57 km/h, and with a rider onboard, it comfortably hits its projected top speed of 40 km/h. Riding at such cruising speeds makes the e-unicycle considerably easier to control and allows the riders to relish their commutes and take in their surroundings.

    Battery & Range

    Your adorably reliable mate for city rides and day-to-day commutes, the MTEN4 is an overachiever as far as battery capacity and range are concerned. The unicycle comes with a top-grade 750Wh 84V battery that holds enough juice to travel 50–70 kilometers on a single charge.

    The state-of-the-art BMS technology extends battery life and maximizes the system’s overall performance, efficiency, and safety. Upgraded temperature sensors eliminate overheating and fire hazards, while a standard 1.5A/84V charger cuts the charging time significantly.

    Design & Build Quality

    With an incredibly delightful and appealing design, the MTEN4 is possibly the cutest EUC ever. The compact EUC looks unique and fascinating, and there is nothing like it on the market.

    To complement the MTEN4’s captivating aesthetics, Begode has paid special attention to its build quality. Each component feels refined and premium and is sturdily constructed to withstand the harshest riding conditions. The 246×124mm spiked pedals offer a footrest clearance of 128mm, and a highly durable 11-inch knobby tire is optimal for supreme comfort, traction, and stability.

    Another standout feature of the MTEN4 is its considerably low weight. The EUC weighs only 13kg (28 lbs.) and comes with a grab handle for superior portability.

    Additional Features

    For improved daily life usability and a joyful riding experience, the MTEN4 is brimming with category-exclusive features. A large, rounded headlight is present up front, while a distinctive LED taillight is fitted to the back. Lastly, a bright display is mounted on the top to show all the essential parameters.

    Note: It’s worth noting that the performance of our product may vary depending on several factors, such as the weight of the load, the condition of the road, the battery status, and the temperature. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to offer fast and free shipping for both our US and Canadian customers! Shop with us and enjoy the convenience of fast and free shipping straight to your door.”

    We now offer Klarna financing for our US customers and Affirm financing for our Canadian customers. Shop now and take advantage of our convenient financing options!

    Begode MTen4 Electric Unicycle – Lightweight and Powerful Transportation

    Experience effortless riding with a 11-inch wheel, 1,000W motor, and 31-mile range. Perfect for commuting and recreational use
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    begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle taillight
    begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle with large pedals
    begode mten4 11-inch electric unicycle
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