Yamaha Unveils Brand New E-Scooter with Fast Swapping Gogoro Batteries

The brand new electric scooter unleashed by Yamaha is in partnership with Taiwanese electric scooter company Gogoro.

The brand-new electric scooter unleashed by Yamaha is in partnership with Taiwanese electric scooter company Gogoro. The debutant scooter is addressed as Yamaha EC-05. The partnership was formed last year, and the result is standing rightly in front of you in the form of Yamaha EC-05. Yamaha configures the outer or scooter parts whereas Gogoro has powered the inner and intensive working.

What is so new about Yamaha EC-O5?

This particular version as created by both the leading companies is expected to win the hearts of all professional riders. The scooters have been a sensation among the girls mainly. But, the trend has just transited from girls to boys also. These days even the male population finds it comfortable to ride an electric scooter. The last speculations about the electric scooter are not yet out.

Some of the credentials are out though. Yamaha EC-05 is believed to fall in the range of 85-95 km/h, i.e., about 53-60 mph. The electric scooter is expected to roll on for 62 miles (100 km) at a strike combined with two Gogoro battery packs. This is what Gogoro is known for. The power pack performance that they assign in the vehicles cannot be met by any company.

As Gogoro stands out of the box in terms of its charging stations and swappable battery packs, the electric scooter runs a peak mile. In and around Taiwan, if you are a resident there, there are thousands of battery swap stations where you can swap the battery or charge it at home whatever suits you. It should be dealt with cautiously and consciously. The lithium composition in this electric scooter is just like the other models.

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Now the energy density!

There are some standard safety equipment that you should wear while riding, such as a mouth guard, a helmet, knee and elbow straps. This equipment would protect you from any bumps, breakage, and scratches in case you tip over. In addition to these, you can also wear gloves for a better grip on the handles.

• Check the Tires

It is always mandatory to check the pressure of the tires before you start your ride. You should also check the treads for any wearouts. It is always important to check the tires as they are the main component of your scooter. Anything wrong with them can lead to uncomfortable situations while riding and the possibility of you getting tipped over increases drastically.

• Concentrate on the Surroundings

Your safety depends on your own hands. You should always concentrate on your surroundings while you are going for a ride. Always follow the traffic rules where you are riding. Look out for passing vehicles, pedestrians, and others. Try to avoid overly congested roads and places.

• Avoid Slippery Surfaces

Even though the electric scooters come with antiskid and various other advanced features to provide the riders with a comfortable and smooth riding experience on any terrain, it is always advised to avoid slippery surfaces as they are not at all a safe place to ride. Always remember to push steadily and maintain a speed limit while riding.

Benefits of Using Electric Scooters!

  • The foremost advantage of using electric scooters is that they are eco-friendly, that is, you are causing no harm to the environment while using them. Unlike other vehicles, they do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, making it polluted. The electric scooters run on battery and emit zero percent of gases which makes it the ultimate environmentally friendly ride.

  • Apart from that, as it runs on a battery, you also do not have to worry about any expenses for petrol or diesel. This makes the electric scooter a pocket-friendly ride in this era where petrol and diesel prices keep on increasing with every passing day.

  • The modern-day electric scooters come with various technologically advanced features too which provide for an enthralling riding experience. They get easily charged, can reach a maximum speed of 49.7 miles(80 kmph), carry a load of 260.1 lbs. (118kg), and various other features. All this will make every ride of yours filled with excitement and comfort.
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The energy density of its battery packs is elevated by switching to a larger backup of 2170 Li-ion battery cells. The deliveries of this particular scooter are expected to come out on the road in August. It will only be available in Taiwan in the initial days. Slowly and steadily, the electric scooters will spread to Europe, and then wherever the partnerships grow; the market will also grow.

Not just with Gogoro, Yamaha joined hands with Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki to establish swappable battery stations with the delivery of electric scooters. After the electric scooters, the company started with an electric motorcycle as well. The different developmental stages of the motorcycle can be seen in the Yamaha R1 style.

How has Yamaha contributed to the field of automobiles?

The electric scooters are the modern-day vehicles that act as great urban commuting vehicles. There are so many strings attached to the construction of this heavy-loaded battery vehicle that can run 62 miles(99 Km) in one battery charge. Yamaha has developed great vehicles since its inception. The company has tied great deals with so many customers worldwide.

Once the world demeaned Japanese companies, and here they are today with powerful vehicles owned by a variety of people. The electric scooters are saviors to the urban and congested areas. Also, the United States is waiting to launch these electric scooters soon.

Few Safety Measures to Follow While Riding Electric Scooters

There is no doubt by now that electric scooters have become famous among every age group all around the world. Electric scooters are not only fun to ride but they also have various inbuilt safety measures in them to provide the ultimate protection to the rider. However, there are a few safety measures that one should follow while riding an electric scooter.

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