A Guide to Using Segway Miniplus

Segway Miniplus a smart self-balanced hoverboard riding guide.

Segway Miniplus is a smart self-balanced hoverboard with a long-life battery and is controlled by a remote. It is apt for the age group of 16-60 years. The hoverboard has a sleek design that makes it attractive to look at. Due to its high-tech mechanism, it is also known as a personal mini-robot.

Know About Segway Miniplus


Segway Miniplus, also known as S-PLUS, is made of aluminum &alloy and weighs only about 35lbs (16 kg). The steering can be done with your knee and be carried around easily. With a lithium battery of 36 V, the rider can go to 21 miles (35 km) at the speed of 12mph (20 km/hr). The tires of the hoverboard are about 11 inches which helps in keeping the vehicle steady. It is also water-resistant, so don’t worry about riding through puddles or in the rain.

A Hoverboard With A Smart Technology

S-PLUS also has smart technology. It has a Bluetooth connection that can be connected with the Segway App which helps in checking the roads ahead, connecting with family and friends, along with keeping track of the stats and the various features of the vehicle. You can also upload firmware and run diagnostics with the app.

Are you tired of riding it manually?

Then let S-PLUS follow you. The Follow Mode in the S-PLUS will allow your vehicle to follow you anywhere you want on your command. The S-PLUS has LED lights in front, back, and sides that are bright and give clear visibility in the dark.

The Segway Miniplus is easy to ride if you practice well. Here is a guide for you on how to ride the Miniplus.

Safety First

Before hitting the road, safety should be your priority. Make sure that you are wearing your helmet and other protective riding gear before you start your ride. It is also important to note that the hoverboard cannot take more than 220 lbs (100 kg) of weight. The person riding the hoverboard should be at least 4’3’’ – 6’6’’ tall.

Take Help from a Friend or Family

If riding the S-PLUS for the first time, take the help of your friend or a family member. Make sure that you do not practice on a busy road, and choose an open field or an open area. Once you have activated the hoverboard, it will automatically connect to the App on your smartphone. The App will also guide you through the learning process. For starters, keep the speed limit to 2.5 MPH and slowly increase the speed according to your confidence.

Getting Ready To Board and Ride

To start with, place one leg on the hoverboard lightly without putting pressure on the steering. You will know that the hoverboard is balanced when you will hear a beep for the balance mode. Then slowly put the other leg on the board.


You should ensure that you are putting an equal balance on the hoverboard. To control the movement, you must move forward and backward. You can now steer the S-PLUS with your knees. Remember do not bend too much as it may imbalance the hoverboard. If you are buying a Segway Mini Plus on Freemotion, then make sure you go through the manual thoroughly before you start enjoying your ride on the road.

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