veternan sherman 20 inch electric unicycle with headlight and handlebar
Veteran Sherman Max

When it comes to making premium electric unicycles at affordable prices, few companies can match LeaperKim. The manufacturer previously conquered the EUC world with Veteran Sherman and is now poised to take the next big step with the launch of Veteran Sherman Max. The all-new unicycle leaps ahead of the competition, thanks to its class-leading features that include a top-notch motor, a massive battery, unbelievable top speed, astonishing climbing ability, and superior range.

Striking Features of Veteran Sherman Max:

  • Top free spin speed – 98km/h
  • Safe riding speed – 25km/h
  • Motor power – 2800W
  • Battery – Samsung 50E 100.8V 3600WH
  • Range – 230km
  • Max gradability – 30°
  • Operating temperature – 10-80℃
  • Max load – 120kg
  • Charger – 100.8V 5A
  • Charging time – 8.5h
  • Color – Black
  • Dimension – 500mm x 195mm x 605mm
  • Net weight – 39kg
  • Pedal dimension – 250mm x 130mm
  • Pedal altitude (from the ground) – 170mm
  • Tire size – 20-inch off-road tire.
  • Trolley handle – Central mounted, build-in
  • Charge port – Dual charge ports, support 10A max
  • Headlight – 1500lm modularization light
  • Taillight – Turning, braking warning lights


Veteran Sherman Max’s performance figures put its competitors to shame. The top-tier EUC is powered by a high-grade 2800W motor that makes the riders ecstatic as they accelerate and allows them to attain a peak speed of 72 km/h (45 mph). However, if you are not someone who frequently pushes the limits, you can cruise around your neighborhood on Veteran Sherman Max at a safe riding speed of 25 km/h. The EUC’s top free spin is around 98km/h, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 120 kilograms, making it perfect for heavier riders. LeaperKim has revamped the motor with a new pedal bracket design and thicker 10AWG phase wires. The EUCs climbing ability is also a notch above the competition, and it can ascend a 40-degree slope effortlessly.

Battery and Range:

The biggest concern with electric unicycles is their limited battery range and long charging durations. Veteran Sherman Max effectively tackles these conundrums with its high-capacity, energy-efficient Samsung 50E 100.8V 3600WH battery that delivers a beyond-belief range of 230km. The EUC supports 10A fast charging and is equipped with dual charge ports. The standard 100.8V 5A charger takes around 8.5 hours to fully charge the battery. Such astonishing figures make Veteran Sherman Max the crown jewel of electric unicycles in terms of battery capacity, charging duration, and range.

Design and Build:

Veteran Sherman has the most minimalistic yet captivating design. LeaperKim has installed a metal cage around the EUC to protect the wheel against falls and make the overall structure robust and sturdy. 262 knobby tire comes as standard and provides excellent traction as well as performance. An LCD screen is also fitted to the wheel, providing all the necessary information to the riders such as speed, battery voltage, mileage, mode switching, calibration, battery status, etc. The net weight of Veteran Sherman Max is 39kg, and the dimensions of the wheels are 500mm x 195mm x 605mm. A trolley handle is also installed for better portability.

Carefully designed pedals provide enhanced grip, and a footrest clearance of 170mm allows the Sherman Max to effortlessly traverse the sharpest turns and corners. A 1500lm modularization light is added to the front of the wheel, while the rear features a brake warning light along with turn signals.

Safety Features:

Veteran Sheman Max has several industry-leading safety features that offer unrivaled protection to both the rider and EUC’s hardware. The electric unicycle has inclination protection, which prevents it from rolling when the body angle exceeds 45 degrees. The low battery protection alarm sets off at 75.6V, and the footrests start to tilt back at 74.5V. The protections for overcharge, over-discharge, and charging port short circuits are included, and the mainboard’s overheat protection triggers at 85℃. These safety features help reduce the chances of battery failure, fire, and premature deterioration.


Due to its massive battery, high-torque motor, dual charging ports, ultra-bright headlight, and advanced safety features, the Veteran Sherman Max checks all the boxes of the most competent and dependable electric unicycle. The class-leading electric unicycle allows e-mobility aficionados to relish their inter-city commutes and off-road journeys safely and conveniently.

If you are looking for a performance EUC with best-in-class features, Veteran Sherman Max is the right fit for you.

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