News on Huawei and INMOTION Starting A Strategic Cooperation on Personal Transportation IoT

Huawei chooses INMOTION as their perfect strategic partner for manufacturing best electronic mode of transportation.

Today, when there is a rage of the personal short-distance mode of transportation, Huawei chooses INMOTION as their perfect strategic partner to help consumers from every corner of the world to have access to the best electronic mode of transportation which is affordable and comes with technologically advanced features.  

inmotion v5f electric unicycle

INMOTION’s founding team with innovative strength first carried out a developed and independent research in China for a self-balancing vehicle technology. Inmotion Electric Unicycles has amazing service and sales capabilities, manufacturing, and integrated R&D all around the world. Apart from that, the headquarters of INMOTION and Huawei are both located in Shenzhen which offers a huge geographical advantage. This allows for a powerful and guaranteed rapid response accompanied by an effective communication system. INMOTION dominates about 70% of the entire micro-mobility industry in the world.

 Scope of Co-operation

In conformity with the public information, INMOTION and Huawei will be cooperating in areas that include artificial intelligence, smart operating systems, and big data while sharing channels & conducting joint marketing. Apart from that, to achieve a seamless connection between INMOTION products and Huawei mobile phones, both sides are opening a channel between the Huawei HiLik and INMOTION APP for achieving rapid control between all the things.

inmotion app

This is the future!

The rise in the usage of sharing bicycles in the year 2016-17 among people from across the country shows how people are accustomed to riding cycles for short distances. As sharing bicycles has become outdated, traditional mechanical vehicles are not in a position to meet the traveling needs of the current times. New private vehicles are needed urgently. In addition to that, the country has now changed its maximum speed to 15mph(25 km/h) and a motor power of up to 400 Watts.

All these policies are met easily by the advanced & unique electric unicycles manufactured by INMOTION. They manufacture products that are not only of high-end quality but are fitted with various safety measures that would prevent the riders from getting into any serious accidents of sorts. Their products are sold to all the major countries including Germany, France, Australia, Canada, the United States, and more.

The need for IoT

In the large cities of China, traffic jams are already irreversible. That is why, in the near future, it will be impossible for traditional vehicles to meet the requirements of all the complex urban roads to which China is home. Huawei also understands clearly the need for a smart mode of transportation that can fit the competition and the complexities the future holds.

In regards to that, INMOTION is the perfect solution to the problem that China is facing in terms of urban travel. Huawei and INMOTION thus agreed on strategic cooperation between them to provide for smart balancing and an advanced mode of transportation that is environment-friendly and pocket-friendly and can be easily connected to Huawei mobile phones which are mostly used in China.   

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