Kingsong 18XL VS Kingsong 16X – Some Important Common Features

Here’s a guide which you can follow to help you make a decision between the two.

Freemotion has become the favorite superstore which has brought you their wide range of electronic products. These products include electric skateboards, electric scooters, and electric unicycles. Their products come with a hundred percent guarantee in terms of quality & functionality.

Apart from that, their products come with a perfect blend of technology and style. So now make your journey comfortable and that too with style. These unicycles have grabbed quite the attention of people.

Among the entire collection, two products, namely, Kingsong KS-18XL and Kingsong 16X have become famous among most cyclists. So here’s a guide which you can follow to help you make a decision between the two.

Some Important Common Features:

kingsong 18xl electric unicycle
  • Both of them have an integrated trolley bar. Both of them are portable as well as handy.
  • They come with DIY atmosphere LEDs that flicker with the frequency spectrum. While keeping still, you can use the battery indicator.
  • Their brake lights are illuminating to ensure safe rides. It comes with 3W illuminating LEDs and 2*1W braking lights.
  • It also comes with a 12V cooling fan for ventilation. The speed of ventilation depends on the maximum climbing ability and temperature.
  • The battery is of two types, one of 1036Wh and the other one is 1554Wh. It can go up to 65 miles (105 km) per charge.
  • Both of them come with low battery protection. When the charge of the battery goes down to thirty percent, the speed will automatically decrease linearly indicating that it needs to be charged. When the charge goes down to as low as five percent, there is a voice alarm that will be activated. In case the unicycle is in motion during that time, the frontal part of the pedal would rise in order to decelerate until it comes to a full stop.

Some differences between the two:

1. Top speed:

The top speed of KS-16X is around 24mph (40 kilometers per hour) which decodes to 31mph (50 kilometers per hour) after 124 miles (200 kilometers) of total mileage. The top speed of KS-18XL is 31mph (50 kilometers per hour).

2. Mileage:

For KS-18XL, if the battery is of 1036Wh then the mileage is 59-65miles (95-105km) but if the battery is of 1554Wh then the mileage is 74-86miles (120-140km). The KS-16X gives a mileage of 86-99 miles (140-160km) with a battery of 1554Wh.

3. Pedal Altitude from the Ground:

It is 160mm for KS-18XL and for KS-16X it is 180mm.

4. Tire size:

The tire size of KS-16X is 16 inches and a diameter of 440mm. The tire size of KS-18XL is 18 inches and a diameter of 480mm.

5. Net weight:

The net weight of KS-16X is 51lbs (23.5kgs) while the net weight of Ks-18XL is 47lbs (21.6kgs) and 51lbs (23.5kgs).

Summing it up!

It can be clearly noted that both of them have more or less the same features. They differentiate only on specific sections. You can easily follow this guide if you are confused regarding which model you should go for. Both of them are technologically advanced as well as very stylish to use. So go ahead and pick the one that meets your specific requirements! You can also find more varieties of EUCs and electric scooters on Freemotion. Just log in and start browsing!

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