Veteran Sherman S – The First Suspension Wheel From LeaperKim

High-torque Motor 3500W - Top Speed of 75km/h (46mph) - 3,600 Wh samsung battery - air suspension - double-layer controller - 125V 24 x MOSFETs - maximum current of 680A

sherman s 20-inch electric unicyle with integrated suspension and dispaly
Sherman S Display

With so many high-tech, feature-rich electric unicycles available, especially in the extreme performance category, it is an exciting time to be an EUC enthusiast. These personal transportation devices are getting better and better with each new iteration, and the same is true for the Sherman-S—the first suspension electric wheel from Veteran (LeaperKim) that one-ups its predecessors in each and every category.

The massively powerful e-unicycle is miles ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and technology and comes with an improved motor and controller design, a high-capacity battery pack, and an advanced suspension system. For an in-depth analysis, let’s delve deeper into the specifications and features of this top-end unicycle.

Prominent Features & Specifications at a Glance:

sherman s 20-inch electric unicyle with integrated suspension and headlight
Sherman S
  • Model: Sherman S
  • Free-spin speed: 65 Mph / 100km/h
  • Safe speed: 15.6 Mph / 25km/h
  • Motor power: 3500W
  • Battery: Samsung 50E 2700 3600wh
  • Max gradability: 30°
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~80℃
  • Max load: 120kg
  • Charger: 100.8V, supports max 15A
  • Charging time: 3h-8h
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 570mm*210mm*708mm
  • Net weight: 44kg
  • Pedal size: 130mm*280mm~130mm*330mm
  • Control board: Double-layer control board
  • Tire size: 20inch
  • Display: Shows speed, voltage, mileage, mode, battery status, etc.
  • Charge port: Dual charge port support max 15A
  • Headlight: 2000lm 18W double lamp beads
  • Taillight: Turning, braking warning light


sherman s 20-inch electric unicyle with integrated suspension
sherman S

With an upgraded and inventive motor design, the Sherman-S has made massive performance gains over its preceding generations. The high-torque motor yields 3,500W of nominal power and 7,000W of peak power, enough to propel the unicycle to a free spin speed of 100km/h (64mph) and a top speed of 75km/h (46mph). With such impressive performance at its core, the Sherman-S can easily climb a 30° slope and offers a phenomenal payload capacity of 120kg (265 lbs). From all these figures, it is evident that Veteran (LeaperKim) has succeeded in creating an all-around wheel that will soon rule the hearts of thrill-seekers across the globe.

Battery & Range:

Range anxiety is one of the primary reasons some individuals are still hesitant to switch to electric mobility. However, with the Sherman-S, Veteran has addressed this issue once and for all. The electric unicycle is equipped with a high-quality 100.8V Samsung 50E 2700 battery that has a whopping capacity of 3600 Wh. The battery pack delivers an estimated range of 230 km (144 miles), making the Sherman-S suitable for extended road trips and inter-city commutes. The EUC features dual charging ports and supports 15A fast charging, allowing you to completely charge the battery in about 3 hours.


The Sherman-S is the first e-unicycle from Veteran that features a cutting-edge suspension system. With 90mm of vertical travel, the mid-mounted suspension is incredibly effective on uneven terrains and keeps the ewheel steady even at peak speed. With 12 compression clicks and 18 rebound clicks, the fork shock system is carefully calibrated for a smoother, more comfortable ride, and you can easily adjust the ride height with 12mm of pre-load adjustment. All in all, the Sherman-S is a fantastic new addition to the suspension wheel segment that lets you surmount challenging terrains with remarkable ease.


The Sherman-S comes with a state-of-the-art double-layer controller that has independent power sources and separated communication and driver boards. The phase wires are mounted on pure copper columns for better conduction and heat dissipation, and the controller features twenty-four 125V MOSFETs that can handle a maximum current of 680A. With this improved controller technology, the Sherman-S offers optimum performance and efficiency anytime you need it and reduces the risks of breakdowns.

Design & Build:

The Sherman-S has a much more refined look than its forerunners and boasts a beefy and muscular design that greatly complements its potent hardware. Made with high-strength Magnesium alloy, the outer shell is a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship and feels incredibly robust and durable.

The 20′′ tire offers the softest ride possible by adequately absorbing the shocks caused by cracks and potholes. Moreover, the tire has excellent strength, grip, and traction, making it ideal for day-to-day commutes and off-road adventures.

The Sherman-S features nylon-protected carrying handles at the front and back, as well as an integrated trolley handle and seat for increased comfort and portability.

The spiked paddles are adjustable in length, and an upgraded display panel at the top shows multiple parameters to the riders, including speed, voltage, mileage, mode, battery status, etc. You can also use this larger, more vibrant display to adjust the speed limit and calibration. The EUC has a net weight of 44 kg and measures 570mm×210mm×708mm in size.

Safety Features:

Veteran (LeaperKim) puts a high value on safety, and all its unicycles incorporate highly advanced safety features. The Sherman-S is no exception and comes equipped with the following protections:

  • Incline protection: Stops the wheel from rolling once the body inclines at 45°
  • Low battery protection: The alarm rings at 78V, and the tilt back starts at 75.6V
  • Battery protection: Prevents charging port short circuits and shields the battery from overcharge and over-discharge.
  • Overheat protection: Triggers at 85℃.

Additional Features:

For superior functionality, Veteran (LeaperKim) has added a bunch of very useful features to the Sherman-S. The 2000lm headlight has 18W double lamp beads to light your way in the dark, and the laser warning taillight is clearly visible from miles away. Furthermore, a mudguard is added to the rear to keep the grime at bay when riding through muddy terrains. Thanks to these subtle nuances, the Sherman-S is the most well-made and desirable EUC on the market today.

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