currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter
currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter
currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter side
currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter side led light
currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter rear light

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    Electric scooters have begun increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, and it’s thanks to awesome products such as this one; the Currus NF Plus. The NF Plus is a beast of an electric scooter, from its design to its variety of incredible features, this is one of the top-rated electric scooters and one of the most impressive products to date. Let’s take a deep dive into the NF Plus and how and why It sets the new standard for what a top-of-the-line electric scooter should be.

    A Collaborative Effort

    The NF Plus wasn’t just produced by Currus but was actually a joint project between Currus and the South Korean company Minimotors. Minimotors are the kings of the electric scooter market right now, so this collaboration was never going to disappoint scooter enthusiasts.

    However, unlike Minimotor’s solo projects, Currus manufactures 100% of their scooters in Incheon on the outskirts of Seoul. This will ensure a better-quality scooter and manufacturing processes will be well above the standards of Chinese factories, which represent 99% of the existing production of electric scooters on the market at the moment.

    Power and Hardware

    One of the most powerful aspects of the NF Plus design is the insanely strong battery.

    The NF Plus has a battery pack made of SAMSUNG SDI cells, fresh and direct from Samsung HQ in Korea. The 28 AH 60 V allows you to ride in ranges up to 120 KM with just a singular charge! All of this juice is going into powering the dual-motor, 3600W motor. This beast of a motor really gives the NF Plus an edge over the competition.

    This bulky motor allows the NF 10 Plus to reach a top speed of over 44mph (70kph), making it the fastest electric scooter on the market! The NF Plus is perfect for all situations; whether it be a gentle cruise around town or zooming through the great outdoors.

    But with all this insane power, you need to have a scooter that is built to handle it, so how does the design of the NF Plus keep up with this power? Well…


    There’s no need to worry about the sturdiness of the NF Plus, due to its 10-inch by 3-inch wide tires; these hefty wheels will keep you balanced even when traveling along uneven roads or traversing rocky hillsides.

    Both the front and rear wheels are fitted with 140mm brake discs, meaning slowing down won’t be an issue if you think you’re picking up a little too much speed. Both discs are controlled by a fully hydraulic system that doesn’t put pressure on the frame of the scooter.

    The handlebars are neatly and conveniently laid out, and you can control the settings from the LCD “eye” control pad, where you adjust acceleration power, power of the electromagnetic brake, and ABS among others.

    The folding system works with a large pin mechanism that fits into the metal mass. It’s so simple a child could do it. And after the pin has been inserted, the scooter has a key system to lock the machine.

    Additional Features

    The NF Plus also has some pretty nifty add-ons and cool features such as:

    The NF Plus comes with a 4500-lumen front light which is nice and bright for night-time rides around town, or for the winter months when it gets darker earlier. The light can be toggled on and off from the handlebar.

    Not only does the NF Plus have an extremely convenient headlight, but it also comes with an LED taillight placed under the deck extension at the rear side of the vehicle. This is a neat little add-on and is great for health and safety reasons.

    Well, that was a rundown of the Currus NF Plus, and why it’s definitely one of the best electric scooters available at the moment! If pricing isn’t an issue for you, then it’s 100% worth buying this outstanding electric scooter!

    *Keep in mind that performance can vary with load weight, road conditions, battery status, and temperature.

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    Currus NF Plus Electric Scooter

    Multi-EYE LCD Dashboard | Up to 43 MPH (70 KM/H) | Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    3 User Reviews
    currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter with front headlight
    currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter side
    currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter side led light
    currus nf plus 10-inch dual motor electric scooter rear light
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