inmotion v11 electric unicycle
inmotion v11 electric unicycle
inmotion v11 electric unicycle
inmotion v11 electric unicycle
inmotion v11 e unicycle handlebar
inmotion v11 electric unicycle

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    The InMotion V11 is one of the most advanced and powerful electric unicycles that you can buy in 2020. The V11’s cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features make it ideal for both regular and long-distance commuting. This wheel is a real cruiser.


    Powerful – With a category-leading 2200-watt motor, the InMotion V11 is a powerhouse. As a successor to the V10F, it has been upgraded with a more advanced and powerful motor that gives a top speed of 34 mph (55 km/hr). Add to this a leading edge, and try a modal cooling system (convection, conduction, fan) to keep the motor cool, and the V11 will keep delivering top performance even in bad road conditions or hot weather.

    Portable – The V11 is not the smallest unicycle out there at a weight of 60lbs/27kg. The weight contributes to the stable feel of this EUC. However, it is still a unicycle and can be carried upstairs and for short distances.

    Large Battery – At 1500 Wh (1.5 kWh) capacity, The V11’s batteries are bigger and more powerful than the predecessor and is capable of offering a best-in-class riding range of 75 miles (120 km) on a single charge.
    Stunning Design – The V11 unicycle looks strikingly beautiful with a true 21st-century design that ensures a safer, smoother, and more comfortable ride experience.
    Built-In Adjustable Suspension – With the world’s first air-spring pedal suspension, the V11 unicycle can easily absorb any bumps or dips with up to 2.75 in / 7 cm of vertical travel. The suspension is air-tuned to the rider for the optimal riding experience.

    Safety and Comfort – The V11 unicycle features a narrow and ergonomic profile and high-mounted pedals to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The air suspension minimizes bump shock to the unicycle. This means the unexpected speed bump is no longer a danger. As well, the suspension presses the wheel to the ground resulting in a positive feel and good traction with the road.

    The V11 has an automotive-quality headlight with a 4800 lux output, the very best in the industry.

    The V11 has bright responsive brake lights, an anti-spin motor kill-switch built into the handles, and extra-wide pedals, so you’ll have a safer and more confident ride.
    *performance can vary with load weight, road conditions, battery status, and temperature.

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    InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle

    Inmotion V11 Power Packed E Unicycle, 120 km Max Range, Built-In Adjustable Suspension
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    2020-inmotion-v11-84v-2000w-1420wh-16-inch-air-suspension-electric-unicycle-new -min
    new-inmotion-v11-84v-2000w-1420wh-16-inch-suspension-electric-unicycle -min
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