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extreme bull commander electric unicycle

Extreme bull, a sister company of Begode, has entered the electric unicycle market with a bang. Their first EUC, Commander, is ready to tear apart its competitors, thanks to its stunning looks, superior range, impressive top speed, and ferocious power.

Salient Features of Extreme Bull Commander at a glance:

  • Dimension (footrest folded) – 600*510*239
  • Dimension – 600*510*459
  • Wheel Diameter – 508MM
  • Footrest Height – 160MM
  • Net Weight3 – 6.5KG
  • Handle Height – 900MM
  • No-load speed – C30 HS 104km/h, C38 HT 83km/h
  • Range – 230KM
  • Max Climbing – 30°-35° (100KG rider at 20KM/H)
  • Max Load – 130KG
  • Motor Power – 2800W
  • Battery – 3600WH / 100v ,       21700
  • Charger – 100V3A
  • Charging Duration – 12H


There are two motor options (C30 HS and C38 HT) available in Commander. The C30 HS model offers a higher top speed while the C38 HT variant provides impressive torque, allowing the riders to conquer a climb of 30°-35° with incredible ease.

The no-load speeds of the C30 HS and C38 HT variants are 104 km/h and 83 km/h, respectively, while the top riding speeds are around 80 km/h and 70 km/h. However, it doesn’t matter which variant you choose; you are still getting an electric unicycle powered by a monstrous 3000-watt motor that delivers instant acceleration and plenty of torque, allowing the riders to reach the top speed in the blink of an eye.

Battery and Range:

The extreme bull commander is in a league of its own in terms of battery and range. The electric unicycle features an enormous 3600-watt-hours LG M50T 21700 battery that offers a mind-boggling range of 230 km on a single charge. The EUC also comes with a 100V 3A charger, and the battery takes approximately twelve hours for a full charge.

Appearance and ride quality:

With a distinctive design language, striking appearance, and aggressive looks, the Extreme Bull Commander is sure to turn some heads. The electric unicycle boasts a robust and rugged structure that gives it a solid and premium feel.

The extreme bull commander can carry a maximum load of 130kg and weighs only 36.5kg. It is also highly portable and fits nicely between your legs on a bus or a train ride. The compact size also makes it easy for users to transfer the EUC from one place to another.

The extreme bull commander’s dimensions are as follows:

  • H=600mm, L=510mm, W =459mm (when unfolded)
  • H=600mm, L=510 mm, W=239mm (when folded)

With 165mm of footrest clearance, the Commander can handle the tightest corners and sharpest turns with incredible ease. The wheel has a diameter of 508mm and shows fantastic maneuverability both on and off the road. Additionally, the large wheel size helps maintain balance even at faster speeds.

The fastest electric unicycle does amazingly well when going over bumpy roads and uneven surfaces. A rugged and rough off-road track does not create much problem either, leading to a smooth and pleasant ride regardless of the terrain. The electric unicycle has a pair of LED lights on the front to brighten your outings, and the power button is hidden behind the cut-outs, preventing inadvertent shut-offs.

Safety features:

The extreme bull commander offers impeccable safety and has a very effective beep system to inform the riders of any safety hazard. Various alarm systems that are incorporated into the electric unicycle are mentioned below:

  • Over Speed Alarm – 30KM/H,2BEEPS/SEC
  • Incline Alarm – The EUC automatically shuts off to protect the rider when the wheel is leaning at 35° from the backward direction or 45° from the left and right direction.
  • Rotation Alarm – The electric unicycle automatically shuts off when in rotation away from the ground.
  • Battery Alarm – When the remaining battery is less than 20%, a one beep/sec alarm starts. The footrests begin to tilt when the battery is less than 10%.
  • Temperature Alarm – Urgent beeping set off when the mainboard temperature is over 78℃, and the footrests start to tilt.

Extreme Bull Commander is an excellent option for EUC lovers looking to buy an affordable yet powerful electric unicycle in the USA and Canada. It has all the exceptional features for recreational rides and offers superior functionality for inter-city commutes.