Things You Need To Know About the InMotion V10 Electric Unicycle

The latest model of V10 comes with some of the major upgraded features.

The Inmotion V10 Electric Unicycle is one of the most well-known brands and the best, in its batch. It comes with a stunning design and has the most advanced features among all other Inmotion Unicycles. It has an 1800 W motor and a battery capacity of 650W.  The latest model of V10 comes with some of the major upgraded features like improved battery capacity, motor output, ride comfort, and safety, which makes it much better than its predecessors. Its high-performance and futuristic connectivity features make it a worthy choice in the electric unicycle category.

What makes it so special and different from the others in the market?


The new Inmotion V10 has a more advanced and powerful motor than all its rival unicycles and even its predecessors, because of the 1800W motor. Due to this high-power motor, one can go as fast as 25mph (40kmph) even while carrying a maximum load of 260 pounds(118 kg). The Inmotion V10 incorporates stunning engineering which is devised to offer the rider a superior grip and handling, a smooth ride, and a safer riding experience to all its users.  One can use the V10 and comfortably climb hills, and cross uneven, rocky surfaces with minimal jerking, even at steep angles. It requires a maximum charging time of six hours to give its best performance and once fully charged, a rider can drive for a maximum of 43 miles (69km) without any charging issues. 


The precision in the design can be seen inside the body of the V10 as well. It has an advanced cooling system that keeps the motor and other mechanical parts from getting heated up too quickly so that the performance that is delivered is of superior quality and the responses are quick during driving scenarios when it is needed the most. V10 also comes with Bluetooth-enabled speakers allowing the rider to listen to his favorite tracks during the ride and thus providing him with a relaxing and upbeat riding experience.

The Inmotion V10 has 2.5″ wide tires that make sure that the rider has a comfortable riding experience on any kind of surface or terrain. To quirk it up, even more, its narrow profile, the high-mounted pedals and the practical ergonomics of this electric unicycle make it the most preferred choice of the rider when it comes to crossing edgy or uneven surfaces or making really tight maneuvers.

The Light & Style


The only thing that the rider has to keep in mind is that its performance can vary with the amount of weight it’s carrying, the road conditions, battery status, and the ambient temperature. So if you need a high-performance, unicycle, the V10 is the best choice for you. All you have to do is log on to Freemotion Shop start browsing through the hundreds of models and get your favorite one!

The most delightful feature of the V10 is its lighting. The riders can customize the front, back as well and side LED lights very easily with the help of the Inmotion App. The app also provides advanced statistics to track any kind of problem that occurs due to usage or performance. The LED lighting in the new model of V10 is three times as bright and responsive, as those of its predecessors thus offering clarity in vision and safety to all its riders.

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