What are the Best Electric Unicycle Brands?

Electric unicycles are one of the most innovative creations so far in the range of cycles. They are currently in high demand and are replacing the old traditional bicycles. They can be used for touring the local streets and even through a long terrain. The electric unicycle of most of the brands give the speed of up to 22 mph(35kmph) and offer wheels tough to withstand adverse road conditions such as sand, rock, etc.

In this article, you will know about some of the best electric unicycle brands.

1. InMotion

InMotion brings in modern features, functionalities and implies them on to its Electric Unicycles. The speed boundary for most of InMotion Electric Unicycles is up to 20 mph (32kmph). While considering the speed, the ride on the unicycle is usually gentle, even in the adverse road conditions. The electric unicycles are made durable enough to pass over the gravels and rocks gently. InMotion gives more emphasis on making its products weather-resistant to prevent water, dust, rock, mud from affecting the functionality of the unicycle. Most of the products, such as InMotion V8, come with a handlebar that makes it super portable to carry along with you almost everywhere. InMotion has given top products such as V10F, which has a high battery life and an increased speed of up to 25 mph (40kmph) with large pedals for better foot grip.

2. KingSong

KingSong is also a leading electric unicycle brand that manufactures the best-in-class unicycles. The latest electric Unicycle of KingSong, 16S, is one of the most advanced and high–end unicycles to date. KingSong believes in challenging the latest creations of all other brands with KingSong16S. The unicycles of KingSong obtain almost the same speed of 22mph (35kmph). It also offers a gentle ride and attains the maximum speed at less time. With the right amount of charge, the KingSong electric unicycles can go further up to 60 miles (96kms) distance. KingSong makes all its products by referring to different types of riders. The KingSong 16S can withstand the rider’s weight up to 330 lbs.(149kgs). Not just that, but it can also climb on a 30-degree angle with the same weight on it. Most of the unicycles of KingSong have an additional Bluetooth speaker system and embedded LEDs, operable through a mobile application.

3. Gotway

Gotway is also one of the leading brands in the range of electric unicycles. Gotway is known for its manufacturing of aesthetic design with the latest features embedded in it. Gotway makes use of carbon fiber shell for providing strength to the body of the Gotwayunicycle. The newest product of Gotway V3 consists of Nikola Pedals that comes with a better grip tape to avoid foot-slipping during wet conditions. Gotway offers more features in its Electric Unicycles, such as bright headlights, Bluetooth speakers, monster logos, and thick charging wires. These are the few of the many brands that manufacture the best-in-class electric unicycles. Check out the site of FreeMotionfor all the product details of these brands along with other top brands ruling the market. Make your purchase from FreeMotion at an affordable price and enjoy a fun cycle riding experience.
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