Don’t know Which Electric Unicycle Is Right for You? Take a Look!

Choose the electric unicycle that fits your needs completely

An electric unicycle is a personal transporter that can self-balance itself on a single wheel. By leaning forward or backward, the rider can control the speed and steer by simply twisting the unit by using his feet.

While buying these unicycles you must keep in mind the habit for which it is intended, as different urban commuters have drastically different needs in comparison to those who need a unicycle for pure outdoor adventure purposes. Here is a guide to help you make your selection easy.



INMOTION V10 electric unicycle is by far the fastest in its batch but that doesn’t make this an obvious choice for everyone. One also has to take the price, size, and overall weight into consideration. It is remarkably thin and sleek looking and can make your ride both exhilarating as well as comfortable. It comes with cushioned pedals and advanced firmware ride mode customizations.

It can carry up to 220lbs(99kgs) and yet give a great performance. Its structure is made to support a maximum weight of 260lbs(117kgs), but riders above the 200 – 220lbs(90-99kgs) range will notice a little degraded performance in terms of speed and range.



INMOTION V8 is one of the most popular models in its batch because it has a powerful punch that satisfies most riders’ needs, while at the same time, it has an attractive price point. Though it’s not the newest model, it has tons of innovative and convenient features. V8 is small, slim, and has a light design. You can take it with you anywhere and it even fits into gym lockers. Its wheel is more nimble as compared to that of V10. It gives the rider a more punchy acceleration of up to 20 mph as well as a shorter stopping distance.

It can carry a load of up to two hundred and fifty pounds and still provides an excellent and smooth performance. It comes along with a mobile application that allows the riders to control their speed during their ride. 


The GOTWAY MSUPERX 1600WH is extremely portable and one of the most affordable unicycles. This electric unicycle with its 19″ wheel is still large enough to provide a very smooth ride.  In an urban environment where portability is the most important factor, the GOTWAY MSUPERX 1600WH serves as a last-mile solution as it’s really hard to beat its small form factor. Its structure can support weight up to 264lbs (120 kg).

It comes with a powerful motor of 2000 W which offers a maximum speed of 12mph (20 kph). It also incorporates a lithium-ion battery of 1600 Wh which can be easily charged with the 5A fast-charger. Riders can travel 80 miles (130 km) without facing any difficulty in just a single charge.

Therefore if the aforementioned points about the different models are kept in mind, then you can actually get the right electric unicycle which will be a great match for you. Just log on to Freemotion and get the unicycle you need!

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