A Look at the Top Two Electric Unicycles of the Year!

The 5 best unicycles of 2021 are discussed which you can easily buy online, so read on and just pick the perfect unicycle for yourself.

Electric unicycles are something that probably won’t be the primary thing you consider when you are thinking of non-conventional modes of transportation. Your mind will probably wander toward electric bikes or electric skateboards.

However, there’s this charming straightforwardness about having the option to ride an electro-mechanical unicycle which one needs to experience. Here, the 5 best unicycles of 2021 are discussed which you can easily buy online, so read on and just pick the perfect unicycle for yourself.

• The Inmotion V8

A standout amongst the top electric unicycles is the brand-new Inmotion V8. There might be a touch of perplexity encompassing each Inmotion V8 since it is named and marketed as the unicycle Solowheel Glide III. In any case, both of these are for all intents and purposes similar items and are made by similar factories. The Solowheel Glide III is a standout amongst many and probably is the best unicycle that you can go and purchase today.


The general structure is excellent, it’s very dainty and looks decent with its smooth and fashionable design. The very erratic side lighting might possibly blend well to your taste, however, Inmotion has developed an app for your phones that would enable you to alter them to fit your specific taste with some modern colors and modifications or basically turn them off by and large. It comes with a 16-inch wheel along with an off-road tire. Its engine is rated at 800W which can get you to control the cycle up to a top speed or velocity of 19 mph (30.5 kph).

The Inmotion V8 functions amazingly. It isn’t exactly the quickest but excels at rough terrain rides or for the most elevated range, yet the mix of all that it offers gives the rider what we consider to be the general best value for their money. The general build of it is likewise awesome and the structure and extra highlights are elegant and really valuable. For every one of these reasons, we’re glad to state that this is one of the best electric unicycles of 2021 that you can purchase today.

• GotwayMsuperx 1600WH Electric Unicycle

This is one of the most famous and top-rated electric unicycles which has satisfied riders from every part of the world. Apart from high performance, it is a combination of extreme stability, elegant design, superior power, higher load capacity, a large battery, and various other modern-day connectivity features.


Even though it is lightweight, with its amazing powerhouse capacity, the rider can comfortably go for a short distance travel on it. The top speed of it is 24mph (40kmph) and the riders can travel distances of more than 124 miles (200km). In addition to all these, it also comes with a cooling fan which ensures that the motor does not get heated up during use.

It has a lithium-ion battery of 1600Wh. The 5A fast charger allows it to get charged up to eighty percent in just 4 hours. It also comes with app functionality options that allow the riders to connect the unicycle with iOS or Android Bluetooth.

• Gotway Nikola 1600Wh Electric Unicycle

This Begode electric unicycle comes with a single motor and delivers superior performance through an amazing output of 2000W. With only a single charge, the riders can ride up to 112km (69 miles).


It can carry a load capacity of up to 150kg(330 lbs.). But, to make the ride more fun and thrilling, it also comes with two 25W powerful speakers which provide a rich and smooth music experience.

The wheel of this electric unicycle is 16 inches with a 3-inch width. This offers maximum maneuverability and versatile stability even during rides on rocky and unpaved surfaces. It also comes with powerful rear and front LED light lamps which the riders can adjust using the power button.

• Inmotion V10 Electric Unicycle

It sports 2.5” wide tires which ensure a completely comfortable ride on any terrain. In addition to that, the Inmotion V10 comes with a narrow profile, high-mounted pedals, and practical ergonomics.

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