Begode – Gotway Master – Now Sit Down and Enjoy Your Ride

Unicycles have become quite a norm over the past few years as the world starts to shift to electric mobility. Whether it’s a kick scooter or a unicycle, the convenience of usability and portability makes them very popular among commuters. With enhanced motors and smart batteries, the unicycles have become more rugged, smarter, and faster. 
Electric unicycles now come in different types, and one can sit comfortably atop a Begode Master and have a smooth ride.

An Overview

Since 2014, Begode has designed and produced a range of electric mobility solutions. The EUCs offered by Begode pack great features, dependable practicality, and dependable performance. Enthusiasts have always loved their products, and with their new offering Master at the helm, the excitement and anticipation are hyped up.

The Begode has always been the trendsetter in EV mobility and surprises its customers and enthusiasts with upscale technology and exhilarating performance. The same is the story with their latest product, Begode Master. With state-of-the-art battery technology, the most powerful motor ever, an upgraded suspension system, a seat to sit on comfortably, and a perfect tire, this is one of the best electric unicycles you can get right now. It is a complete transformation and a paradigm shift over the previous model, the Hero.

Begode keeps on pushing the limits and traversing unchartered territory with their capable machines. The Master has set new trends in the EUC industry with its superb capability and exhilarating performance. With such promise and quality, competition can only pray. Including the first EUC with 134.4-volt charging and the fastest ever built unicycle, the stakes are too high. Based on the previously successful model, the Hero, Begode is combining unrivaled technology, equipment, and accessories for vertical travel with true high-end speed. Begode thinks it can win the EUC market and provide the enthusiasts with an experience they never had before. 

Master has great promise with its top quality, accessories, and performance. Let’s have a look at Begode Master in detail;

Battery and Range

Electric vehicles are slowly becoming the norm of the industry and they offer eco-friendly machines to make mobility cleaner and more sustainable around the world. However, there still remains a gap in the adaptation and mainstream use of electric vehicles. The battery technology is not so advanced and charging EVs take more than 8-10 hours. This has restricted the usage of EVs on a much greater scale and people still rely on conventional vehicles.

The Begode Master has strived to change this trend and comes with a substantial battery range and relatively less charging time. It packs a highly advanced battery, refined software and calibration system, and fast charging speed. Master is not just a dependable commuter, but an adrenaline junkie as well. It comes loaded with an MSX battery with a storage capacity of 2400Wh 134V. The battery packs are sealed during the manufacturing and assembling processes, with warnings for charging limits.

With a real-world range of 120 km on a single charge, it might not be the best in the class daily commuter. But it would get you places very quickly and still have a charge left for your next day’s ride to work

Fast Charging

You won’t have to plug in your Begode Master for the whole night or over the weekend, thanks to the MSX battery technology that charges your unicycle in just 4-6 hours. With a GX20 4P charging port and the capability of 12A charging, the charging time is shortened considerably. The DC 134.4V charging output fully charges the battery in less than 6 hours. It is also equipped with safety functions and alarms, it has short circuit protection for the charging port outlet and overheating protection. With so much convenience, don’t hesitate to join that party at a friend’s house or never be late for work again.

Power and Capability

Propelled by a powerful 3500W Torque C38 motor, Master is the epitome of performance and speed. Supported by a 20-inch tire, this particular ECU will fly you to places where other unicycles would take a considerable time to be. Master is a fast machine, which lets you enjoy all that while sitting with reliability and surety.

Top Speed: With a top-free spin speed of 112km/h, Begode Master is the fastest EUC ever built. It is recommended that the safe speed limit of 30km/h is followed all the time.

Maximum load: The Master is capable of carrying a maximum weight of up to 110 kg.

Inclination: If the inclination is up to 30o, ride confidently and trouble-free.


To enhance the comfort and user experience, Begode added a never-before-seen suspension system. It consists of adjustable dampening and air springs to make the ride less bumpy and adapt easily to tough terrains. As always, Begode going one step further in winning the enthusiasts’ hearts and loyalties with this amazing electric unicycle.


A 20” hybrid tire that comes with the Master ensures that you stay glued to the road, and firm traction avoids any slippage. The rugged material and pattern of the tire perfectly complement the high speeds Master is capable of achieving. The pedal is positioned 220mm above the ground, ensuring that you stay clear of hurdles on the road.


After using the famous “Samsonite” design for years, the Begode has certainly hit the bull’s eye with a more modern-looking machine, the sleekly designed Master electric wheel. Smart, aggressive, minimalist and a range of interesting colors gives the enthusiasts various options. What started as a design trend with Hero, this style might turn out to be the classic signature look from Begode.

IP Rating

All the electrical and mechanical parts are protected from environmental hazards using the latest manufacturing techniques. A sealed bearing ring and Waterproof connectors protect the Electric Unicycle during wet weather and rainy conditions. Be confident while riding the Begode Master that no amount of dust ingress or water splashes would hurt the key components and they are well protected and secured with proper seals. Abrams has a range-topping IP65 rating.

Hardware and Accessories

Master has sophisticated technology and unparalleled performance that comes with top-quality materials, exquisite standards of production, quality of hardware used, and convenience options offered by the company. Let’s take a look at this Begode EUC and the hardware and accessories it offers; Mainboard: The motherboard of the Begode EUC has customized connectors, and is made of 24pcs Mosfets for the best performance and processing speed with enhanced durability.

Cooling system: The cooling fan kicks in at 50o C and an automatic heat dissipation system keeps the motors and other mechanical parts from overheating by maintaining the temperature in the optimal range.

Anti-Spin Button: A centrally mounted anti-spin button gives you complete control over the motor’s behavior.

Fender and Metal bars: fenders and roll bars made of cast aluminum are installed for better safety and protection in case of an accident, or fall.

Display: A big, bright top-mounted LCD panel displays all the necessary information, including mileage, temperature speed, battery voltage and range, and calibration.

Pedal: Spiked pedals are used in Begode Master to ensure a solid grip and confident ride.  

Headlight: A 7000 lumen 25W 4pcs LED light provides maximum illumination in the dark, so you don’t have to carry extra light for nights.

Taillight: An LED taillight warns the trailing traffic and pedestrians about braking, augmented by LED turn signals. A much needed and handy safety equipment.

Seat: Probably the most contrasting feature of this electric unicycle, is a seat for you to rest while you drive comfortably. A feature not found on many other products in the market. 


1- Incline protection assist: Once the incline reaches 40o, the system will automatically stop the EUC to prevent any unforeseen situation.

2- Speed limit: The speed limit can be set via the LCD panel. Moreover, there are multiple speed alarms to alert you if you’re over the safe limits.

3- Battery protection and low battery warning: A low power alarm at 106V, an Overvoltage alarm at 136V, and finally a low power tilt back at 104V.

4- Overheat protection for the mainboard: At 50o C, the overheat protection fan starts and keeps the system within the safe range of temperatures.


The Begode Master has a lot of promise and features for what it costs. With so much capability and technology, it can easily become the market leader in EUCs. With exquisite performance, dependable range, quick charging time, and a seat to carry you around, you cannot go wrong by investing in this mean E-wheel.

It is the fastest EUC available in the market, and thanks to a superfast mainboard, you’re never going to face any glitches in the system. Looking to buy an electric unicycle? Must consider this monster Begode EUC, the Master.

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